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Fnatic's brilliant miniStreak gaming keyboard is £15 off today

Today only.

The Fnatic Streak is one of the best gaming keyboards I've ever tested at RPS, so it's always pleasing when you can grab one for a bit less than usual. Today, there are two versions of its tenkeyless sibling, the equally brilliant Fnatic miniStreak, that are enjoying a rather nice £15 discount right now (the Cherry MX Red model and new Kailh Speed Silver edition), bringing this normally £100 mechanical keyboard down to a much more enticing £85.

Admittedly, Amazon Prime Day is only just a couple of weeks away at the moment, so you may want to hold off for a bit and see if you can get even bigger discounts on this excellent mechanical keyboard during Amazon's big two-day sales bonanza. Both the Streak and miniStreak have been on sale multiple times this year, and the miniStreak in particular has been cheaper in the past - dropping as low as £75 back in March.

Indeed, there are just two versions of the miniStreak on sale today - the traditional Cherry MX Red model and the brand-new Kailh Speed Silver edition which is even quicker than Cherry's nippy MX Red switches, which does limit your choice somewhat depending on what type of mechanical keyboard switch you prefer. There's also a louder, clackier Cherry MX Blue model and a tactile Cherry MX Brown version of the miniStreak, but the former is still stuck at its full price of £100 at time of writing, while the latter is currently unavailable, according to Amazon.

All models of the full-sized Streak, meanwhile, are all at their top price of £120. There's a chance that these might fall in price over Amazon Prime Day, too, to be honest, as these have also frequently dropped in price over the last nine months. The cheapest these got was just £65 back in January, although subsequent price drops haven't been as generous, varying between £75, £85, and £95. It's still a fantastic gaming keyboard, though, and well worth snapping up on the cheap if you can.

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