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Football Manager 2018 announced for November

We've got the secrets

Football Manager 2018 [official site] is a game which exists and will launch on November 10th, publishers Sega announced today. Football Manager Touch 2018 also exists and will also launch on November 10th. That is about all Sega say. What's new with this year's instalment? They won't tell us until September. As Sega won't offer details, we've turned to our trusted secret sources [it's Ian Video Games wearing an assortment of fake moustaches and a Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet -ed.].

"The first details of new features and updates in Football Manager 2018 will be revealed in late September" Sega said in today's announcement. They could have done that today but they don't want to. Myself, Pip, and Adam have reached out to our trusted sources and can confirm the following details:

  • Cheese strats, lane pushing, earmuffs, dance parties
  • A futuristic mode called Football Mañanager: The football manager of tomorrow
  • Newly promoted Huddersfield will win the Premier League every season from now until the end of time
  • Players will not be allowed to pick which team they manage. Taking a cue from FIFA's The Journey, players will start managing a local youth team before breaking into Essex Senior League, up to the National League, and into the EFL League One, then suffering a fatal slip on the icy steps of Keepmoat Stadium and having to start over with a new character
  • As well as pre-ordering, you will be able to buy a lifetime subscription and even write Sega into your will to ensure your heirs receive Football Manager for life
  • The Premium Gold Spite Bequeathal tier will let you lock someone's Football Manager to a team of your choosing - perhaps force your least favourite child to play Gillingham for life
  • Sonic the Hedgehog joins the roster with perfect stats, but players will mistake his spindash form for a ball and corner him by the flag and quite simply kick his guts out

Our sources weren't willing to confirm it as fact, but rumours say that the Skaven are a playable faction.

Football Manager 2018 and its streamlined counterpart, Football Manager Touch 2018, will both come to Windows, Mac, and Linux on November 10th. Seeing as Football Manager is largely the same every year, you can read Adam's review of FM2017 and basically know what it's like. Read our communal pass-and-save diary and you'll know how quickly a team can go from riches to rags.

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