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For A Song: MirrorMoon EP Expands, On Sale

Reflecting glory

To coincide with a week-long Steam sale, the enigmatic MirrorMoon EP has expanded its repertoire of planetary structures, adding objects that pay homage to various games, including Kentucky Route Zero and Gone Home. It's entirely possible that I made a huge mistake when I allowed this one to slip off the frighteningly extensive list of games that I intend to play. I did noodle around with the prototype, which introduced the puzzling concept hinted at in the game's title, but have only visited the full release a couple of times. It reminds me somewhat of Starseed Pilgrim, in that it lacks guidance or instruction but is constructed around concepts of puzzle and play rather than being a 'go for a walk' experience. The game is currently £4.19 through Steam, a 40% discount that firmly plants it in actual EP territory.

How does it all work? I don't really know but it starts like this - the player is upon a planet with a single moon hanging in the space above like a malevolent and mysterious disco ball. Strange objects and structures are strewn about the surface of planet and moon alike and the discoveries on either one are mirrored on the other. Initially obtuse, the full release punched me in the neural tissue, but as exploration through the galaxy continues, the journey is a bit like sorting through the spilled remnants of a thousand alien toyboxes.

We just pushed to Steam our latest update for MirrorMoon EP, hopefully fixing some of the issues you might have encountered and adding some extra secrets especially for those of you who have been exploring extensively in the last few months.

Join us in Season 32 to discover new, extremely rare, artifacts! Thank you for playing!

I'm determined to learn more of its secrets but am slightly intimidated by the fact that I've already missed out on 31 'seasons'. They're all available to play with and, if I understand correctly, a new season is opened as soon as certain planets on the current galaxy are discovered and named by players. There's no continual narrative to catch up on but the community currently scouring the planets and their moons have probably evolved into star children - do they really need me to join them, scratching my head by the side of my Commander Keenesque craft?

For more on MirrorMoon, read the fine words of Duncan Harris. That article also mentions Captain Blood, which automatically makes it one of the best articles.

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