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Ubisoft offer big list o' For Honor bug workarounds

Have you stabbed Brendan yet?

Hey, you. You with the war axe slung over all three of your jacked shoulders. How's your stabbing going? For Honor [official site] launched yesterday -- our Brendan will tell you Wot He Thinks of it after a shower, when can type without his bloody fingers sticking to keys -- but the medieval stabfest has suffered a few technical problems. While Ubisoft poke at patches, for now they do offer a long list of workarounds (not fixes) for a number of problems, from controller problems to the game not even launching.

This forum post talks about known issues, which include Easy AntiCheat errors, the game not launching with certain early GeForce Titan X cards, gamepads not working, gamepads swapping buttons, the game stuttering when you're hit, trouble with parties, problems with parties mixing players from all over the world, menu issues with 21:9 resolutions, and more.

They don't offer fixes yet but do suggest possible workarounds for some. Some of these are practical. Some are irksome explanations rather than solutions, like suggesting you don't play with people who have certain Internet configurations or live in other regions. Some simply have no workaround for now.

(I do like that the workaround for the game not quitting to desktop is to, er, restart the game.)

This is a known issues list, mind, so while it's not great to see some of those problems, listing them is the function of this whole thing. It's a step towards (hopefully) fixing them.

Ubisoft also have posts and pages with more information and solutions to problems of the game not starting, connectivity woes, and Easy AntiCheat errors.

How's the game been for you, gang? How are you finding it? Have you murdered Brendan yet?

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