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Forge, Apex Legends' beefiest boy, arrives with Season 4 next month

Welcome to the gun show

Has it been a year already, Apex Legends? Blimey, it feels like just yesterday we stared at a grassy hill on Twitch for hours, waiting for those Respawn scamps to unveil not-Titanfall 3. 12 months on, and ApeLegs is gearing up for its fourth season, Assimilation. With a powerful new sniper rifle, some high-stakes changes to ranked play and the absolute unit-ness of new legend Forge, Season 4 welcomes one and all to the gun show - starting February 4th.

The ApeLegs crew took to an anniversary devstream earlier today to fawn over the last 12 months of murderdiving, before filling us in on the thickest slice of beef this side of the final frontier.

Jimmy "Forge" Beefcakes - real name unconfirmed - is a five-time space-MMA champion with a hatred of shirts and a shoulder pad that'd make Rob Liefeld blush. He's also a total sell-out, working under sponsorship from giant robot firm Hammond Robotics, the folks wot build all the titans in Titanfall. While he'll get a full reveal closer to season 4's debut, he's briefly teased as an "up-close and personal" brawler.

No shit.

Apex janitors have also been given a new gun to litter around the arena next season, the Sentinel, A new bolt-action sniper rifle, the Sentinel boasts a charge mechanic that lets more patient assassins hold their shots.

Ranked matchmaking is getting some changes in Season 4. Apex Predator rank is being moved to an Overwatch-style "top 500" bracket, awarded to only the best 500 players on each platform. To give a little breathing room between the almost-best and very-best, a new Master rank has been added above Diamond. The next ranked series is also being broken in two, with a soft rank reset between each split. The first half will take place on World's Edge, ApeLegs' newest fire-and-ice arena, with the second returning players to good ol' launch map King's Canyon.

Finally, Season 4 also comes with a few anniversary presents, with a lovely origami gun charm and birthday cake banner to adorn your banner with if you log in between February 4-11. Your first win of the day in that period will also net you a lovely 10k XP point bonus.

Season 4: Assimilation kicks off on February 4th. That'll also be when the current battle pass swaps over for a new one. Better get a move on if you're wanting any last rewards off that.

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