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Petroglyph's Forged Battalion rolls off the production line

Petroglyph, the stratheads behind real-time strategy games from Star Wars: Empire At War to Grey Goo, today launched their latest effort in clicking on men to make other men kill them. Forged Battalion is its name, and customising your units with wacky weapons and wheels is its game. Fraser Brown quite liked tinkering with that when he prematurely evaluated Forged Batallion in its early access days and now, seven months later, the game is now officially finished and out.

The big fanciness of Forged Battalion is being able to customise units with different weapon types, locomotion units, elemental doodads... build whatever the heck you want. Fraser wrote about the satisfaction of climbing the unlock tree:

"After a couple of games, I had mechs that spewed toxic gunk at enemies, and after a couple of hours they were accompanied by drones that dropped gas bombs, mechs with toxic grenade launchers and rocket tanks. It's especially cathartic to be able to go into a mission again, this time bristling with new weapons, and get some revenge instead of just relying on plain old wisdom and experience."

Along with a singleplayer campaign, Forged Battalion has ranked and unranked multiplayer, skirmish matches against AI bots, and a map editor with Steam Workshop support - the RTS usuals.

"We want to say a huge thank you to you, our players, for all your time and feedback during the Early Access period," the devs said today. "Your experiences helped us craft, balance and develop Forged Battalion during Early Access into what it is today."

Forged Battalion is out now on Steam. A 20% launch discount brings it down to £12.39/€15.99/$15.99 until Tuesday the 21st. It's published by Team17.

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