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Complimenti, Bella Atmosfera: Forgive Me

Andato a casa

I'm firing blind to some degree here, as 1) the trailer's in Italian 2) the website's poorly translated and 3) the demo they sent me a) isn't made public yet and b) doesn't include much more than going for a walk.

However 1) That and the cheesy music reminds me of Inspector Montalbano 2) well, this one's no bastion of English grammar either 3) a) most of it's in the below video b) I like going for a walk.

While Dear Esther, Proteus and Gone Home comparisons are likely unavoidable, Forgive Me is more precisely a semi-open world adventure game about suicide, mystery and a spooky, possibly mystical tower in some very pretty but bleak countryside that reminds me a little of Morrowind.

And that probably makes it sound as though I understand what the game is about. I don't! This is all I know:

"Forgive Me focuses on the story of five suicides that have made ??the ultimate gesture of love, to despair, to racial prejudice, for heroism and ask for forgiveness. Every suicide, lived at different times, however, has a feature that is common to others. But to discover this mystery, the player will have to break down the boundaries of Death and really know what lies beyond the light. A journey that will change the fate of your own soul.

The game, an adventure open world will be based on the solution of a single quest to solve to enter the interior of the immense tower that dominates the game's world. This precluded the souls who had just arrived, will be opened thanks to the awareness of the player to discover why his soul is tied to that of five other suicides that preceded it. Forgive Me has been in development for several months and will be available for both PC and Mac platform, at the beginning of 2014."

Um. K.

I have played the aforementioned demo, which should be made public soon, but it didn't further illuminate me much and there isn't much more to it than nosing at some nicely-realised terrain, with rain and plains and trees and hills and some scraps of semi-incomprehensible plot. A lot like this, in fact:

The first YouTube comment on that is "Complimenti, bella atmosfera", which is a truly wonderful phrase. The language of romance indeed. I shall be appropriating that myself for future usage.

The demo is a lovely if currently almost pointless experience, rich in the tranquillity of nature-gazing and technically proficient enough to have me interested in this game despite the language barrier issue.

Forgive Me is the first game from the anachronistically-named Gangster Games, based out of Bologna in Northern Italy. Speaking of Italy, here's that Montalbano-evoking story trailer too:

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