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Check out this tornado-riding cool murder in Fortnite

Trolley Riders on the Storm

As video game cool murders go, a burgerman shooting someone from atop of a trolley he rode up a whirlwind (while dancing the twist) then rolling off the floating island and back into the vortex must rank pretty highly. That's the cool murder one Fortnite Battle Royale player bagged this weekend, and it's such a cool murder I'm pointing it out here. Even those curmudgeons who grumble that the kids of today should be playing real games like Gary Grigsby's Supermarket Stockroom Manager will surely appreciate coolness of this murder.

Observe this Horace-certified Cool Murder from Fortnite player "notnellaf":

Professional Drive By from r/FortNiteBR

(If that embedded video doesn't appear for you, click on through.)

Ridiculous scenes, made more impressive by the fact that it apparently happened in the middle of a real match with real opponents.

If you've paused your game of J. R. Hartley's World Of Fly Fishing to watch this and don't understand, I'll try to explain the pieces in play here. So! Fortnite has shopping trolleys as vehicles, which players can push or ride (or push to get moving then switch to riding). It also has an island floating through the sky thanks to a mishap with a giant runed cube, which has started roaming across the map since the start of season 6. Fall into the vortex around the island and it'll push you up (which I have enjoyed riding). And Fortnite, as you might have noticed from their proliferation across all of culture (last week they hit that cutting edge of comedy, Saturday Night Live), has dance emotes.

Combine all those and you get a fella building a platform out to the vortex, riding a trolley into it, dancing atop the trolley, landing briefly on the island and rolling along, shooting a player dead, then rolling off. A cool murder.


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