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Fortnite: Battle Royale's rocket riding is here to stay

Suicidal surfing

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s latest update adds a new gun, the silenced SMG, some weapon rebalancing, and a plan is being worked on to deal with naughty team killers, but that’s all incredibly boring. I’m a lot more interested in rocket rides.

Some ingenious players have been using pumpkin rockets and grenades in ways that they weren’t exactly designed for. Essentially, players having been riding them. It’s a surprisingly good way to traverse the map and reach enemies faster, and it’s certainly stylish. The dream, of course, is to fire a rocket from on top of another rocket, and that’s exactly what streamer Vikkstar and his teammates did in the video below.

“We’re going to try to support it as a proper feature of the game," says lead systems designer Eric Williamson. "Unless we find any game-breaking issues, it’s here to stay.”

I bounced off Fortnite pretty quickly, but surfing on rockets is making my return pretty likely.

Back to the update itself: Epic’s changed the drop rate of the stealthy bush, which should make it easier to get the drop on your enemies. Continuing the sneaky theme, a new silenced SMG has also been introduced, making those base infiltrations just a wee bit easier. SMGs in general have also been tweaked, so they're a bit more powerful and boast a larger magazine.

Team killing is being addressed, too. Epic’s not got a plan to deal with bad boys and girls yet, but it intends to create more methods to remove troublesome players from matches. In the meantime, keep reporting them.

Finally, more weapon changes are on their way, but Epic’s still testing them before unleashing them on the live version of the game. You can read the most recent patch notes (from last week) here.

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