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Fortnite Chapter 2 has started its spy-themed second season

And it looks like there's a Deadpool crossover ahead

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 starts today, and Epic have released a couple of trailers to show what's waiting for us on the island when we drop into the new update. One of those things is a top secret base with a disturbingly buff cat man and a tuxedo-clad Peely residing inside, as the new season is all about secret spy stuff. You'll find new spy bases defended by security systems and NPC agents, new spy gadgets, the plenty of new outfits. That old cameo favourite, Deadpool even sneaks in.

There are now secret hideouts waiting for you on the island. "Infiltrate enemy bases, neutralise the henchman guards and face off against their leader to get unique and powerful weapons," Epic say. You'll need to "take out auto turrets and security cameras, and use new gadgets like decoy grenades, proximity mines, and disguises to sabotage rival agents."

As can be seen in the next trailer, the aforementioned buff cat man is named Meowscles, and he'll be one of the skins you can grab as part of the new battle pass. He's joined by golden boy Midas, Maya with her new outfit parts unlocked through challenges, and a few more agents to join you in your special top secret lair.

On top of all that, Deadpool is just straight-up bathing in a pool of V-Bucks at the end of this next trailer. At the very least, he is a secret unlockable outfit in the new battle pass. Perhaps it'll develop into another substantial Marvel crossover at some point this season.

You get these skins and access to a special "Agency" base when you buy the Season 2 battle pass. Each of the new skins we've been shown has a bonus variant too, letting you choose between "Ghost" and "Shadow" versions by completing missions. Epic also tease some limited time operations that "will change the fate of the island forever"

The free Season 2 update is live right now, so it's all ready to play as long as you've downloaded the patch. Epic did note that the patch size for this new season is a bit bigger than normal though, so start your update soon if you haven't already.

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