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Fortnite Vault: Vaulted items, Bolt-Action Sniper, Burst Rifle, SMG, Heavy Shotgun

In yet another quick fix to Fortnite, Patch 7.30 adds a few more weapons to the Vault, namely the Bolt-Action Sniper, Heavy Shotgun, Burst Rifle, and the SMG. It also takes the suppressed SMG out of the vault. It can be confusing as to what's currently available, so here is a list all of the Vaulted items, reasons why they were vaulted if there were any, and when they were patched out of the game.

Fortnite vault guide

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Fortnite full Vaulted items list

Without further ado, here is the full vaulted items list. It comprises of a lot of weapons over the past few seasons, with some being vaulted due to their overpowered nature, while others just weren't used enough. The ones that are there that have no reason for being vaulted however should be kept an eye on, as these ones could make a comeback in the main game at some point, as has happened in the past with at least a couple of weapons. Below then are all the items currently vaulted:

Weapon VaultedVaulted as of versionReason for VaultingReplacement weapon
ZapotronEarly Access 1.6.4Didn't fit with the state of Battle Royale.None
Burst Rifle (Common/Uncommon/Rare)V7.10 Content Update 3Lowering number of weapons in the game. Not great guns.None
Submachine Gun (vaulted version)Patch 2.5Made inferior by Tactical SMGSubmachine Gun
Tactical SMGV5.0 Content UpdateToo powerful.Submachine Gun
Light Machine GunPatch 6.00Tore down structures very quickly, especially metal walls.None
Smoke GrenadeV3.5One of the least used items in the game.Stink Bomb
Drum GunV5.40 Content Update (Currently Unvaulted)No reason given.None
RevolverPatch 5.40Lack of use and high damage.Six Shooter
Six ShooterV7.10 Content Update 3No reason given.None
Guided MissilePatch 6.21Seen as a bit broken.None
CrossbowPatch 4.0No reason given.None
Double Barrel ShotgunPatch 7.00No reason given.None
Infinity Blade14th December 2018None, but players did complain about it.None
Smoke GrenadePatch 3.5Lack of use.Stink Bomb
JetpackPatch 4.4Limited Time itemNone
Impulse GrenadePatch 6.00 (Currently Unvaulted)No reason given.Shockwave Grenade
Semi-Automatic Sniper RiflePatch 6.21 (Currently unvaulted as of Patch 9.10)No reason given. (Came back because Thermal Rifle and Scoped Revolver were vaulted.)None
Shockwave GrenadePatch 7.00No reason given.None
Remote ExplosivesPatch 6.00Overpowered.None
ClingerPatch 7.00 Patch 9.00No reason given.Grenades (Patch 9.00)
Traps: Ceiling Trap Wall Dynamo Jump Pad (Up) Jump Pad (Directional) Bouncer ChillerN/AN/AN/A
Quad Rocket LauncherContent Update 7.20No reason given.N/A
Port-A-FortressContent Update 7.20No reason given.N/A
GrapplerContent Update 7.20No reason given.N/A
Port-A-FortPatch 7.00No reason given.N/A
Bolt-Action Sniper RiflePatch 7.30No reason givenN/A
Burst RiflePatch 7.30No reason givenN/A
Heavy ShotgunPatch 7.30No reason givenN/A
SMG (Common, Uncommon, Rare)Patch 7.30No reason givenSuppressed SMG (Unvaulted)
BoomboxContent Update 7.30No reason given.N/A
GrenadesPatch 7.40 (Currently unvaulted)No reason givenClingers (Unvaulted)
Sneaky SnowmanPatch 8.00No reason givenN/A
Chiller GrenadePatch 8.00No reason givenN/A
X-4 StormwingPatch 8.00No reason givenN/A
Shopping CartPatch 8.00No reason givenN/A
All Terrain KartPatch 8.00No reason givenN/A
Bottle RocketsPatch 8.01No reason givenN/A
Buried TreasurePatch 9.00No reason givenN/A
Pump ShotgunPatch 9.00No reason givenCombat Shotgun
Poison Dart TrapPatch 9.00No reason givenN/A
Scoped RevolverPatch 9.00No reason givenSemi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (Unvaulted as of Patch 9.10)
Suppressed Assault RiflePatch 9.00No reason given.N/A
Thermal Assault RiflePatch 9.00No reason givenSemi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (Unvaulted as of Patch 9.10)
BalloonsPatch 9.00No reason givenN/A
Compact SMGPatch 9.01Due to the recent addition of the Drum Gun and the brand new Tactical Assault Rifle, we wanted to reduce the availability of high rate-of-fire weapons.Tactical Assault Rifle/Drum Gun

This concludes our vaulted items guide. You can take a good old gander at the weapons that are still available in the game, along with the stats and strategies for them in our Fortnite weapons guide. You can also get more tips on building in our Fortnite building and editing guide.

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