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Fortnite Week 8 Battle Star location: Between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed

With yet another Battle Star hidden in the Fortnite map, we've seen a description that requires you to look between a "mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed". This does require a bit more thought than the others so far, since a few of these locations are duplicated (there's two hatches I've seen in the map). This guide will give you the correct Battle Star location on the map, and precise directions of where you need to be to pick it up.

Fortnite Week 8 Battle Star location guide

Please note that this page is for a challenge that is no longer active in Fortnite. For a full list of currently active challenges, please go to our Fortnite week 6 challenges page.

With the game being the global sensation that it is, there's a lot to learn about not only getting that all-important "Victory Royale", but also the changes to the map as the seasons progress, and the challenges you can seek to complete. Head over to our Fortnite guide hub for every single thing you need to get started. Alternatively, you can head back to our Fortnite week 6 challenges guide for an overview of all the weekly challenges for this Season in Fortnite.

Map with the location of the Wailing Woods battle star circled. It's to the east of the named location.

Search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed

For this one, the mysterious hatch is within the trees to the eastern part of the Wailing Woods. You can head directly to where the circled location is east of Wailing Woods. You'll know you have the right place when you spot the patch of stone on the peak of the hill.

The mysterious hatch in question in the Wailing Woods.
This is the hatch that the clue is talking about, not the one in the south-west island.

When it talks about a mysterious hatch, the quest is referring to the one north-west of the Battle Star location, while the "flatbed" refers to a truck balanced on the edge of the cliff to the east of the mountain. The giant rock lady on the other hand is south-west and can be seen from the mountain peak.

This concludes our guide to the location of the Battle Star near Wailing Woods, but there's plenty more challenges to complete in Season 7. The previous week had a challenge where you needed to visit all of the expedition outposts on the map, so head to our Expedition Outpost locations guide for all the locations on the map.

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