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Fortnite will debut Kpop band BTS's new music video and two new dance emotes

New BTS dance emotes are coming too

Fornite is lighting up its party island for another big musical event. This time Party Royale—the Fornite offshoot meant for chilling instead of killing—will host the debut of a new music video by Kpop band BTS for their single Dynamite. You can catch the grooves this Friday, September 25th.

Dynamite already has a music video (and also a second music video?) but this new version will be the "music video choreography version" Epic Games say in their announcement for the event. Presumably that means more focus on the group dance moves. Fitting then, that Fortnite will also be getting two new emotes choreographed by BTS.

If you just can't wait for that, on Tuesday there will be a Creative Mode world based on the original Dynamite music video where you can bop around playing minigames with friends. Spot it up there in the header with yer Fortnite fellas posing in front of the disco from the original Dynamite music video.

The Dynamite event will debut on Friday, September 25 at 8pm EDT / Saturday, September 26th at 1am BST. If you miss it the first time around, Epic Games say the event will be re-broadcast 12 hours later. As for those new emotes, they'll go on sale in the Fortnite item shop starting Wednesday at 8pm EDT / Thursday at 1am BST.

If you've missed 'em in the past, musical events are a thing Fortnite does now. Their first official Party Royale event was headlined by Diplo. Before Party Royale properly launched, they also hosted a Travis Scott concert in Fortnite and Marshmello Fortnite concert.

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