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  1. Namco Bandai sues CDPRed
  2. Where do you see gaming in the future?
  3. To pirate or not to pirate?
  4. Planetside 2 Trailer!
  5. borderlands - can anyone send me a save game?
  6. ARMA II - Get it free !!!
  7. Micro Adventures - an early demo of my indie game.
  8. Project Zomboid coming to Steam
  9. Server List
  10. Bioshock Infinite gameplay trailer.
  11. Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite (Speculation)
  12. Character Class in Mass Effect
  13. NASL Starcraft matches today
  14. Outcast & Questions regarding "Where Maw Monaye Goes Tew"
  15. Splinter Cell far too linear -- does the franchise change this?
  16. 31 Flavors of Digital Distribution Platforms - Unique Value Propositions
  17. Decent opensource games
  18. Gorky 21 announced
  19. X3 - Terran Conflict
  20. Hipocrisy - thy name is DLC
  21. Make your own Magicka robe
  22. My little pony - Flash Game
  23. How do you organize your game playing?
  24. A lovely Witcher 2 rebalance mod - makes the difficulty curve sane again!
  25. Kerbal Space Program -- Dangerously Underfunded Space Program Simulation
  26. Windows 8 will allow you to play Xbox 360 games on your PC
  27. Whats the deal with HL2 Lost Coast?
  28. XenoRaptor - a top down indie shooter in which one fights rocket propelled chainsaws.
  29. Help remember the name of a Space game.
  30. Steam's Dead Space 2 Broken by free DLC - Possibly due to Valve / EA Spat.
  31. 2K Games: "Strategy games are just not contemporary"
  32. Space Trading/Exploration Games
  33. Trip Hawkins: Developers "don't own the land that they are tilling."
  34. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
  35. Mount and Blade Warband advice (single player)
  36. Kingdom Of Loathing Emailer
  37. Alpha Protocol - First Playthrough
  38. Z (yes *THAT* game) released for I-Pad
  39. Dungeons of Dredmor - New roguelike-like RPG for less than 5 *anything* now on Steam
  40. Golf game recommendations requested
  41. ...I'm just here for the scenery
  42. Biometrics and gaming
  43. Rsi
  44. Mod: Project Teamwork (Er, I mean Project Reality!)
  45. Cracked.com on "When I were a lad..."
  46. Today is "Post Cargamegoom GTAIV" day.
  47. Saints Row The Third UK Steam
  48. Need help finding a game
  49. Games to play with non-gamers
  50. Almost free minecraft
  51. The Binding of Isaac
  52. Trapped Dead released
  53. Pirates of New Horizons is now a thing and no longer a prototype.
  54. FYI, the first chapter of Dead Cyborg released.
  55. Rugby Challenge Coming to the PC yay for PC Sports fans.
  56. Dungeon Siege 3, Fallout New Vegas.. Alpha Protocol.. does this mean..
  57. Free, awesome indie games
  58. Halp! Battlefield 2: Bad Company. WTF?!
  59. Zeboyd Games revenue from Steam exceeds 1yr+ XBLIG revenue
  60. Battlefield 3 not to appear on Steam?
  61. Konjak games Noitu Love...? yes? no?
  62. Steam problems for many
  63. Gamersgate-gate?
  64. D2D and Doctor Who Episodes
  65. Places Indie Devs Hang Out
  66. The Bureau - An Interactive Real-Time Murder Mystery Game
  67. Female or male Shepard.
  68. In defence of health packs
  69. Planetside 2 opens up for preorder
  70. Subscription MMO with no box fee?
  71. Help with grognards! (HOI3 and whatnot)
  72. Dredmor Build Discussion!
  73. Bf3 leaked alpha footage
  74. Postponing Witcher 2 stuffs.. or not?
  75. No BF3 on Steam. No Origin. Join the boycott. Be one of the early adopters.
  76. Is The Witcher Sexist?
  77. Blitzing through the Witcher 1.
  78. What's so great about Deus Ex?
  79. Ars increasing PC game coverage.
  80. Battlefield 3 Alpha PC
  81. Games where you have to escape
  82. Single .exe games
  83. Dwarf Fortress on NY Times
  84. Battlefield 3 HW Requirement Hinted
  85. Hivemind Enquiry 020-593092
  86. From Dust UbiDRM???
  87. Chantelise
  88. Psycho kills 90 in Norway, news reports "plays WoW"
  89. SW:OR Delayed Outside NA/EU
  90. Milk
  91. Witcher 2 1.3 Patch - Absolute Mess
  92. Guilty Pleasure Games...
  93. TotalBiscuit's Starcraft 2 Tournament
  94. Randomness
  95. Mass Effect 2 DLC
  96. OLD rts game
  97. Great New IPs of the Last Generation
  98. My definition of a RPG is.....
  99. Help I need games
  100. Drm
  101. Shattered Horizon - Worth Getting?
  102. Dead Cyborg EP1 Released! (The FP-text adventure)
  103. Films wot influenced Games
  104. Online Class Dwarf Fortress at the Reddit University
  105. Spacial paradoxes in games
  106. Fool's Errand has a sequel coming...
  107. Here we go again.
  108. Magic 2012
  109. Biohazard: Operation Raccoon City New Singleplayer trailer
  110. The ill health of the turn-based RPG
  111. Renegade Ops = Jungle Strike?
  112. Humble Indie Bundle 3 Discussion.
  113. Let's get some servers going for this sweet, sweet consonant
  114. PC earns more Non-GAAP Revenue for EA than PS3, Xbox360 Q1 FY12
  115. [E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy] Deus in the Shell 40K.
  116. looking for minecraft server (survival)
  117. Nightmare House (Fear-like half life 2 mod) - any good?
  118. Legend of Fae: Another game on my list of criminally unnoticed games.
  119. Red Faction: Armageddon bomba ---> THQ kills franchise
  120. Ah! New Worms game coming
  121. Section 8 Prejudice - On Sale now (with new mode!) + Meetup
  122. Anachronox turns 10!
  123. Help me bluff my way in combat flight sims
  124. SWTOR: Classes
  125. What other gaming sites do you read?
  126. Single-Serve Games
  127. I Completed A Game!
  128. Potential for a GameStop mass-market gaming PC?
  129. CivWorld
  130. What Makes A Great Game!
  131. VTM: Bloodlines is on sale at steam for $4.99!
  132. The Different Versions of Deus Ex Human Revolution
  133. The DLC Thread!
  134. QuakeCon 2011
  135. Capsized, is it worth it?
  136. We need more AAA games
  137. BF3 delayed?
  138. Hard Reset gameplay trailer out.
  139. Western substance with Japanese style?
  140. Any LoL players out there looking to try HoN?
  141. Emulators. Do you use them?
  142. Game Purchase Requst Help
  143. Dawn of War 2 : Retribution
  144. Pandora's Box / Puzzle games for my mom
  145. Roller derby game?
  146. If You Buy Diablo 3, You're Contributing to the Worsening of PC Gaming
  147. Suggestions for ArmA 2 coop missions?
  148. Are You Addicted to Games/The internet?
  149. The "unlimited detail" guys are back and show a year's worth of progress
  150. Renegade Ops - Anyone want in on a 4-pack?
  151. Desktop Dungeons Beta
  152. Anyone making Portal 2 maps?
  153. If you don't Buy Diablo 3, You're probably going to be the only one
  154. Games That Have Inspired You
  155. DCS: A-10 Warthog
  156. Kinect on PC
  157. Interesting indie game: Blade Symphony
  158. After TOR and GW2, what then?
  159. The "Play and Discard" culture
  160. Ascendency
  161. Best PC Game that's not on the PC?
  162. Destructoid article on DirectX and Steam.
  163. A rebuttal to JWalker's "Single Player People are Better" post
  164. Moar indie games
  165. Vampire Bloodlines: Masquerade Haunted House
  166. Pirates of the Black Cove
  167. How do you find reviewers outside the gaming community?
  168. Does the gaming press use "casual" as a synonym to "idiot"?
  169. The Past is the Past
  170. Ace of Spades
  171. Which shooter to get in the coming months?! (RO2vsBF3)
  172. Do a Let's Play of my Knytt Stories level and I'll gift you a Steam game!
  173. Screenshot thread!
  174. Last Stand Union City
  175. Osmos is HARD
  176. Brink: Agents of Change DLC/Update
  177. It was good until it sucked
  178. Hey Gearbox, we can see your lips moving!
  179. Piratey Sailing Games?
  180. For adventure games: first or third person view?
  181. Elemental War of Magic
  182. A good MMO to keep me distracted for a month?
  183. Steam - Weekend Deal - Spiral Knights
  184. Worst/Most Bizarre game idea
  185. King's Bounty -- whatup
  186. Good Non-RPS Writers
  187. Analysis:Limbo and what it all means
  188. Pre-purchase Bastion now on Steam!
  189. Best AI you have come across.
  190. lol, metro
  191. It's Sylvari Week for Guild Wars 2. Yay.
  192. ZeniMax/Bethesda/id receive letter from Rage Against The Machines lawyers
  193. EA, Gaiki, and streaming game demos
  194. A Must Read for Deus Ex Fans / Impressive Feats of Gaming Lunacy Thread
  195. "Steam packs are ripping us off"
  196. John Carmack's Quakecon 2011 keynote
  197. EA: "BF3 won't be on steam"
  198. Your first bad game?
  199. Dark Messiah
  200. Snarks
  201. Non combat mission based flight sim....
  202. Kyrandia (and other DOS games) on Android.
  203. Games better with your own soundtrack
  204. Borderlands
  205. Police brutality in GTA IV
  206. Indievania
  207. You know who else wanted to directly support their customers?
  208. Best Non-Steam Digital Distributor?
  209. A couple of VtMB questions (and almost certainly some SPOILERS)
  210. What is the deal with Game Informer?
  211. Fallout: New Vegas?
  212. Best Limited Edition packages?
  213. Bloodlines Resurgence - The Demoes!
  214. More fluid action-RPG combat?
  215. A room of one's own, and rising to the top
  216. The Small Stuff
  217. Deus Ex: New Vision Released
  218. My friend is a fairly well-known illustrator who wishes to contribute art to a game?
  219. RE: Blizzard lolDRM, Steam boycotts, EA DD
  220. GTA 'inspires' London riots
  221. Gamefly is going to offer "Unlimited PC Gaming" this fall
  222. The End - Your results
  223. Editing a Borderlands save.
  224. Extra Dirt 3 Steam key, looking to trade
  225. TRAUMA -art game that is good, or good game that is art, or just not a game-
  226. Track digital sales - how?
  227. Atom Zombie Smasher - Strategy?
  228. Steam Trading Beta
  229. Steam trading
  230. ShopTo.net's terribad digital service
  231. Company of Heroes...
  232. Quick Mount and Blade question
  233. Best race simulator for PC?
  234. Dragon Age Origins - Steam
  235. Battlefield 3 open beta starts in September
  236. So I broke down and pre-ordered The Old Republic
  237. id - You don't speak for us
  238. Mediocre Games that You Find Surprisingly Enjoyable
  239. To Alpha Centauri fans: what is your deal?
  240. Frozen Synapse finally got a demo
  241. Risen 2 Moving Pictures looking good
  242. Right: Path of Exile beta betaing today
  243. So how many Ubisoft games do YOU own?
  244. All future major EA titles to require Origin?
  245. Anyone know how GMGs referral system works?
  246. Play GTA San Andreas with GTA IV Graphics
  247. Quick visit to SOLDNER
  248. Onward to Fallout 3, a step at a time.
  249. Cs3
  250. New Game for a beginner PC gamer