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  1. New Game for a beginner PC gamer
  2. Recommendations while waiting for Wargame EE
  3. Portal 2--Plot Holes?
  4. CS:GO - Will Valve milk it? That's a given right? So what crap will they flog us?
  5. Free Origin Games for Pre-ordering BF3
  6. Does anyone here play... (multiplayer hookups)
  7. Bethesda Forum Breach
  8. Dota 2 looks pretty
  9. Revolution Under Siege
  10. Be Generous gift someone a game!
  11. Serious Sam 3
  12. 40 minutes of skyrim footage from QuakeCon
  13. "Doom... for £6.99?" and low end game recommendations
  14. Civ 5 mods
  15. Dancing is good for your health.
  16. Bastion is out tomorrow, a zoop zoop zoop!
  17. Space Marine Demo, Early Access and UK Steam Users. NOT COOL!
  18. Gaming subcultures
  19. 48hr gaming marathon for childs play charity
  20. Are you kind to noobs?
  21. Games being removed from steam
  22. Witcher 1: Ending (Spoilers obviously)
  23. Celestial Mechanica
  24. Wonderputt - Crazy golf meets Grow
  25. Homeworld 1 and 2: mods?
  26. Can't comment, help!!!
  27. 11-11-11, The Best Day in Media Enjoyification?
  28. Age of Empires Online
  29. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - No imported version for you!
  30. Risen
  31. Trackmania 2 preorder & beta-access is live
  32. The Witcher 2 2.0
  33. Is the DotA2 Shopkeeper Meant to Be Bobby Kotick?
  34. Woot - Clash of Heroes is coming to PC (Sep 22nd)
  35. Kindled Boot Paint Competition!
  36. Steam vs Origin
  37. Dota 2/General MOBA thread.
  38. From Dust, a bumpy PC landing
  39. What do old school CRPGs mean to you?
  40. 'Rule of Cool' and your game enjoyment.
  41. RPS' Anti-Conformists
  42. Minecraft meets Metal Gear!
  43. Troubles with GAME shop - activation codes nicked
  44. Mystery Game Swap
  45. Who got bitten by the DXHR region lock confusion?
  46. Did you buy 'From Dust' on the PC? Good news!
  47. Help needed: research into gamers' cognitive processes!
  48. Might IV Heroes Of & Magic demo available now
  49. Battlefield 3 PC Version Doesn't Have In-Game Server Browser (Console Version Does!)
  50. Quick Question: Which is the best Turn-based Tactics game?
  51. Diablo 3 May Have Game Console Versions
  52. Witcher 1 first time
  53. One handed games
  54. Deus Ex HR now on preload
  55. So these Elder Scrols games and that
  56. RPS Xbox Indie Outreach Program Request
  57. Star Wars Galaxies
  58. Warhammer 40k Space Marine demo?
  59. Crusader Kings
  60. Gothic 3
  61. EA vs. Activision: the PR War
  62. TF2 Style Hats for Sale on PS3 Soon. Probably.
  63. Why the Industry Always Skip the Summer?
  64. I need a good PC Baseball game.
  65. Which S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game should I play first?
  66. The Nature of SW:TOR
  67. Been under a rock for three months. What have I missed? What were the highlights?
  68. TF2 Trading
  69. Owlboy demo is out
  70. Hunted: The Demon's Forge co-op
  71. Notch coding live
  72. Just Cause 2 gives me headaches
  73. Alpha Centuri... so whats so good about it?
  74. Which Anno game is the best?
  75. Thoughts on abandonware
  76. 'From Dust' DRM to be removed in the next 2 weeks
  77. I still have a Humble Bundle 3 gift code left and want to give it away here
  78. Deus Ex, STALKER, Doom, Fallout 3, Morrowind, Bloodlines, Thief, Jagged Alliance 2...
  79. Finally: Red Orchestra 2 gameplay trailer.
  80. SPAZ, General Impressions?
  81. Avadon now on Steam, cheap
  82. Minecraft Bladerunner Mod
  83. PBEM game recomendations
  84. Minecraft meets Team Fortress 2!
  85. deus ex human revolution issues
  86. Portal: No Escape
  87. Portal: No Escape
  88. Rock of Ages Live Demo Stream
  89. Cardinal Quest
  90. Steam offering refunds for From Dust after all?
  91. Anybody playing/played any Ludum Dare #21 submissions?
  92. Risks, rewards, & loot in RPGs (and FPS-RPGs)
  93. Origin Spyware Issue
  94. From Dust - Steam refund requests -
  95. Deus Ex Paris Savegame (does somebody have one?)
  96. Square-Enix as Publisher
  97. Buying the Witcher 2 Second Hand
  98. Buyer beware: GameStop and Deus Ex.
  99. Games as a service
  100. Video Game Television Shows
  101. Crimecraft: Bleedout
  102. IntKeys
  103. Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO
  104. In case you haven't heard of Firefall, let me tell you about it...
  105. Overrating indies? The Bastion factor.
  106. Devils Advocate - Same sex relationships in games are not necessarily a good thing.
  107. Sonic CD Re-release
  108. The Gothic Series
  109. RPS - Can you use your huge girth and massive thrust to do something about this?
  110. Spocean!
  111. Dungeon keeper 2 Just arrived on Good old games!
  112. Bring back Startopia!
  113. Behind the Curve - the Place to Be?
  114. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - First impressions (only very mild spoilers)
  115. Borderlands GOTY only $7.50 on steam this weekend!
  116. CS:GO Trailer
  117. Post Bargain search Engines,Shop experiences,Misc Gamelinks.
  118. DX minor technical issue
  119. Games similar to Dawn of War 2?
  120. Razers Min-Liang Tan cracks me up!
  121. Free $50 gift card for anyone who bought Deus Ex from Gamestop
  122. Wrack
  123. Video Game Addiction - This is my story
  124. Steampunk X-Com.
  125. What game do you play the most?
  126. Hunter Blade - Let's play a Chinese F2P Monster Hunter clone, because Capcom hate us!
  127. Space Chunks II (indie arcade style space shooter)
  128. Bethesda You Idoit!! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC Available First on Xbox 360
  129. BF3 at insomnia43 tomorrow! (sunday 28th)
  130. On the subject of regurgitated press releases...
  131. Human Revolution - Ending(s) and story (Big spoilers, duh)
  132. Scrolls Trailer: Same Mindset
  133. Petition: RPS Content on Sundays too Please! Or else!!!
  134. $crolls or Scrolls?
  135. Looking for recommendations for a game gift
  136. DVD-ish yotube menu for Total Biscuit videos.
  137. The Gaming Therapy - games that help with stress management, anyone?
  138. Notch and Steam
  139. Mari0 is a real game!
  140. Gabe Newell - “Premature monetization is the root of all evil”
  141. Fantasy
  142. Deus Ex: HR ARG
  143. Red Orchestra 2 Beta
  144. Nightwatch/Daywatch?
  145. [WARNING: mechanical spoilers]
  146. Gamification of Books - Bookification of Games...
  147. Chain reaction puzzle games
  148. German DOOM is cell shaded. Also contains Cyberdemonesses?
  149. Indie Stone / Project Zomboid Hacked?
  150. Drmrage
  151. GamingAnchor - looking for suggestions and feedback
  152. "Interview: Talking NES Homebrew With Battle Kid 2's Sivak"
  153. How to succeed at Deus Ex: Human Revolution boss battles (spoilers marked)
  154. New CoD Mw3 Weapons
  155. POLL: RPS and Console Gaming
  156. Airmech!
  157. Ultima Forever
  158. Moments in gaming that make you feel proud of the industry, and moments of despair
  159. Let's hear it for the Let's Players
  160. Skills that Matter
  161. Facebook and Games
  162. Skyrim on Steam UK
  163. Something for Minecraft fans...
  164. Survivors of Ragnarök Now Open For Preorder
  165. There's a time and place for sidequests...
  166. Tropico 4?
  167. DX: HR and the need for skills
  168. MW3 - Is there going to be a Hardened Edition for PC?
  169. Special Editions of Deus Ex HR
  170. Firefall Beta
  171. Valve games on Origin?
  172. Genre 2.0
  173. IGN: "It is wrong to kill pretend children."
  174. Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Trailer
  175. Deus Ex 3 Hit Me Hard With 3D Game Syndrome
  176. A small (1gig or less), fun, cheap game on Steam for a quiet Sunday afternoon?
  177. What games did for me: Spider's Bane
  178. Battlefield 3 vs Cod, age old question lol
  179. Compare Steam Games in Common
  180. A thread for roguelikes
  181. DXHR: My hopes for the future of this game.
  182. Has a game ever affected/"moved you" you emotionally?
  183. Using boredom as a game-balancing mechanic.
  184. Videogames corrupting the Youth. Only this time, via liberal indoctrination.
  185. From Dust mouse acceleration?
  186. "I'm always playing DOOM" - Point made
  187. How Can I Get the Deus Ex: HR soundtrack?
  188. Think RPS is a little too harsh on Splinter Cell?
  189. The Future?
  190. FPS Becoming MMO :/ GRIND!
  191. Cooptopus
  192. Thousands of DIRT 3 Activation Keys Leaked!!
  193. GAME.co.uk Madness.
  194. Chauffeur - GTA IV
  195. Teamwork and other Interactions in MP Games
  196. Win a free copy of Rock of Ages - from the creators of Zeno Clash
  197. Starfarer -- spacey sim-type, worth your time
  198. Mini-Troopers
  199. Walkthroughs?
  200. Stone Age Consumerism in Modern Gaming
  201. 4x style campaign structure for a top down shooter
  202. New game by Illwinter (of Dominions-fame)!
  203. You what!?
  204. Hard Reset: no DRM
  205. What's the deal with CD key stores?
  206. Help with an Older Game (Medieval II: Total War)
  207. Games with satisfying progression?
  208. Bought Achron? Have another copy free!
  209. "Faux Futurists Want To Keep PC Gaming In The Past"
  210. Bipolar Game PC Edition Published on Desura
  211. Game length / Space Marine
  212. Rock of Ages
  213. Moddable city-management game?
  214. ArmA II's many variants
  215. Deus Ex 3 Is Going to Get DLC "Missing Link"
  216. Dead Island FOV
  217. Cave Story? I'd pay $10 for that.
  218. One bug and I'm out
  219. The Glorious YouTube Dump of Gaming - For Your Entertainment™
  220. Kenshi
  221. The Void/Turgor
  222. The Army of Skyrim!
  223. Eastern Europe Thrives in Gaming Industry, Why?
  224. Dead Island impressions?
  225. Your first indie game
  226. About the DX:HR trouble we had regarding drm.
  227. Blam Blam Bazooka -- a game by Fritz Camelot
  228. Looking for MSc formation or similar.
  229. Charr plushie!
  230. Good (mature) gaming podcasts
  231. Post deletion due to graphic image?
  232. Suggest an excellent 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up
  233. Looking for game recommendations -- finding it tricky to name the genre
  234. Minecraft 1.8 pre-release
  235. The Last Remnant demo
  236. God damn it.
  237. Argh! Syndicate lives! (and it's a FPS...)
  238. What would your perfect patchwork game be?
  239. City-building simulation and procedural generation: a match made in heaven?
  240. computer brahs help me decide
  241. Wizorb - Breakout + The Legend of Zelda?
  242. A Voyage in PC Retail
  243. What was/is so great about syndicate?
  244. No One Lives Forever
  245. Legions: Overdrive
  246. Unites States Providing Tax Breaks for Game Devs
  247. Will all versions of BF3 need Origin ?
  248. Warco
  249. "Why aren't there any civilians in military video games?"
  250. Populous reboot revealed as FPS