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  1. New Sci-Fi MMO by SubaGames, Bounty Hounds Online
  2. Cabals:The Card Game - F2P - Collectible Card Game
  3. New turn based strategy game title Kickstarter project
  4. Will Fight for Food = RPG + old school beat 'em up
  5. Running with Rifles
  6. Gaming Bar For London - Loading: Drink, Relax, Play
  7. London Gaming Bar, 'Loading'
  8. Maia
  9. AdventureX 2012, London - for adventure fans & developers
  10. Last Knight
  11. FortressCraft2D : Hardcore Zombie Survival
  12. Sirius Online: EMPIRES RISING - Shoot, Build, Explore, and do fancy space stuff!
  13. Shoe String Shooter
  14. Lepton's Quest. Our LD24 jam game
  15. Quantangled
  16. [RELEASED] Wake Up Call - surrealistic coma experience
  17. Pimping for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress
  18. Gratuitous Profanity
  19. Kickstarter: Project Gorgon (AC1/EQ1-Like Indie MMO)
  20. Xenonauts - New X-COM-like game
  21. Gears of Glory: Apex Ace - Pick-up-and-play competitive racing
  22. Solar War - Turn based sci-fi strategy
  23. Eador. Masters of the Broken World
  24. bit Dungeon a flash game that took me over a year to make over 1million plays so far.
  25. "Distance" - The new game from the developers of "Nitronic Rush"
  26. Betas.co
  27. Timber and Stone
  28. TowerClimb is on Steam Greenlight
  29. Dota 2 Database - New Dota 2 Wiki and Community Website
  30. Shadowgate
  31. Time Slash: Clash of Eras! Indie Release
  32. Our new trailer
  33. Lost Marbles - Puzzle Platformer, Bringing Lost Vikings into 3D!
  34. Gimbal - Build spaceships. Multiplayer. Physics.
  35. The Gatekeeper on the Docks
  36. Lockdown Protocol (public alpha)
  37. Dragon's Lair NES Remake Project
  38. Crashtastic is on Steam Greenlight
  39. Fantasy FPS "Nightrealm Tales": Community Driven Game Development
  40. Objecty - indie made 2D game development tool
  41. Spocean - It's Back! Now with fleets and Unity
  42. The Ship: Full Steam ahead
  43. Fields of Fresh - Featured in KickStarter Katchup!
  44. NS and NS2 fan
  45. Blog posting about mining data from the Steam community API
  46. Solenttar (kickstarter) - 2D RPG + toolset gold box-esque
  47. RELOCK - Kickstarter needs support ASAP! Free demo out!
  48. Sir! You Are Being Hunted!
  49. Hustler's Tale - Teaser
  50. Spud's Quest - One for the retro fans
  51. Fields of War
  52. Greed Monger
  53. Bloom - Action Adventure / RPG hits kickstarter! :D
  54. [IndieGoGo] Xeni Games Presents: The Iternus System and Aetherium
  55. The Evolution of Quake
  56. Indie game project FORCED - A fast-paced arena combat game
  57. Fin37
  58. TimeSplitters
  59. Blog posting: Anomalies in Steam community data
  60. UFO: Alien Invasion needs your vote
  61. Chaos Chronicles (Turn-Based cRPG)
  62. IndieFort Countdown Bundle
  63. Forsaken Fortress - Squad based defense and exploration RPG
  64. Moments of Silence needs $5600 in 8 days to have hand-painted environments
  65. Anyone working on a game and want it reviewed or previewed?
  66. Steam Needs A Budget Greenlit
  67. Warblade MK II Crowd Funding
  68. Zafehouse: Diaries (turn-based survival horror / post-apocalyptic strategy)
  69. Telepath Tactics [ Now on Kickstarter! ]
  70. HIII - Hyperspace Invaders II (under heavy construction)
  71. RealF2P.org - A Directory of Real F2P MMO/MO Games
  72. DieCrypter - Tactical Stealth Action
  73. MouseCraft, a tile-matching puzzle game, available for free in pre-alpha version
  74. Legend of Dungeon 1-4 player co-op Roguelike Beat'Em'Up + Free Demo
  75. Blog posting: How to visualize steam gamer achievement profiles using R
  76. A solution to the age-old "surround sound from S/PDIF or coax" problem
  77. "Kata vs. Kata" -- a two-player hotseat fighting-game I made this past week
  78. Topia Online - sandbox MMO with scripting, permadeath and more (and a Kickstarter)
  79. Freeworlds: Tides of War [Star Wars Mod for Freelancer]
  80. Zombica: A Zombie Survival Experience from the RTS Perspective
  81. Underrail, an old school turn-based isometric RPG
  82. Galaxy for Hire - Giant Samurai Chicken vs Robot Army
  83. Rekoil[FPS]
  84. Crasleen: Drums of War
  85. Sentinel
  86. thematick
  87. HabitRPG - Treat your life like an 8bit RPG!
  88. Enemy: An X-Com-inspired roguelike made from a mashup of classic games
  89. RPG - The Role Playing Gem
  90. 99 Spirits (a puzzle RPG on IndieGoGo and Steam Greenlight)
  91. Rogue System now on Kickstarter
  92. Pixie, The Psychedelicolor Dream Cat
  93. Counter-Terror [free game inside!]
  94. Requiem of the Night: A modern nights Vampire game Kickstarter
  95. New 1000 AD..A free strategy game
  96. Halved-Circles Mine: 2D platformer with destructible terrain and physics simulation
  97. Galaxy Chomp
  98. Starlife - an indie sci-fi 4X in making
  99. Auti-Sim: A simulation of auditory hypersensitivity
  100. A Jumper's Tale (IOS+Android) Kickstarter Campaign
  101. WarCluster - MMO social game on Twitter
  102. Level 22 on Steam Greenlight Concept
  103. Infra
  104. Exodus Unknown - UO
  105. Civitas: a city-building game that's not the SimCity reboot
  106. Exile Online - Dystopian Cyberpunk Sandbox MMO
  107. So I made a game (sort of...)
  108. The Missing Ink - strange cartoony/minecrafty type MMORPG
  109. Relock on Greenlight. A Receiver like multiplayer game.
  110. Schein - an indie puzzle plattformer
  111. Battle Worlds: Kronos
  112. Very Little Monsters
  113. Battle World: Kronos - Looking for Battle Isle rebooted?
  114. Let's make Fallout New York real!
  115. Graviteam Tactics: Operation Hooper released
  116. Days of Valor
  117. Promo for game devs!
  118. Please Check out my Game: The Epic Space Game | MMO
  119. Hack Attack on Kickstarter...
  120. Frozen State - is a survival based RPG set in a post apocalyptic Siberia
  121. Master of Magic like game on KS
  122. Undead monster collection RPG
  123. Sanguine Nights: Darkest Blood Kickstarter
  124. BackSpace a Space Simulator
  125. Deadly Walkers: Zombie FPS (PC/Mac)
  126. iKuh - Browser Puzzle Game w/ cows!
  127. Statues - atmospheric Flash game
  128. Dinosaurs are coming to STEAM! (April 15th)
  129. [Preview] Big Bang Battle - Multiplayer Pong/Windjammers-like
  130. Flowstorm - A super tricky 2.5D thrust-style game (Playable web prototype included!)
  131. EFFING DEAD - a survival action in RE4 style
  132. Rally Shift Extreme on Kickstarter
  133. Sacred Line (Free Surreal Thriller, PC/Mac/Linux)
  134. 'ORION: Dino Horde' now on Steam (Dinosaurs!)
  135. Monster Truck Racing Arenas
  136. Curated Indie Games for Cheap!(Doom and Destiny)
  137. Alchemist Academy - Kickstarter
  138. Pangeo (A C# Game Indev)
  139. GMod Mod Platform (Kickstarter)
  140. "The Noise Under", Neonoir/Cyberpunk MMORPG, on Indiegogo
  141. [PC/Linux/OSX] Jagged Alliance: Flashback
  142. Road Rash coming back on Kickstarter!
  143. Dusty Revenge - The Art of Revenge Kickstarter
  144. [PC]This game dev released a cracked version of their own game on piratebay
  145. Bloc - Cybernations with genocide (multiplayer cold war political simulation game)
  146. Revival of a cult classic : kickstarter for 'Starstruck'
  147. "The Noise Under", Neonoir/Cyberpunk MMORPG, Teaser on Indiegogo!
  148. Help a student out and give me some feedback on my app!
  149. House of Correction, playable prototype
  150. Lacuna Passage - Mars Exploration Game
  151. 8-Bit Lane: Custom Gaming Creations by Delphi
  152. D.F battlefield (top down shooter game)
  153. TinyKeep - A 3D Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler with focus on AI (Kickstarting!)
  154. Life of Pixel - a journey through 8-bit game systems on Kickstarter
  155. Vindicator: Uprising
  156. 2d Platformer prototype (Dustforce/SMB inspired!) Demo/video included
  157. Moon Rift - 2.5d pixel shooter now on kickstarter
  158. Reja, the free to play Card Game Board Game for PC
  159. K.I.S.A Alpha (v1.0)
  160. Holdfast: Record of the Dwarven Kingdoms Kickstarter
  161. TrapThem - A new Game to Review
  162. Like Doom? System Shock? Dead Space? Check this out!
  163. The Dragon Empire's - Hallows Arena Kickstarter
  164. Fans of Blood Bowl? Fans of Kickstarter? Fans of Dice? Of Gobbos? Check this out!!
  165. Frozen Hearth: RTS/RPG hybrid that just plain kicks ass
  166. Alternate Reality X - A remake of the Alternate Reality RPG series
  167. Hybrid Strategy Game - Artifact Red-X
  168. Kickstarter for Necromancer, The Fight For Life (Monster Collection RPG)
  169. Epic Space Online - Infinite Universe Sandbox
  170. Angry Farmer - real time strategy cross-platform social game
  171. Reprisal - Download for FREE! 24 Hour Green Light promotion
  172. Heavy Gear Assault - MekTeks new game
  173. New Indie Game: D-Shift
  174. Counteract 3D/2D Retro 3D/2D arcade fantasy RTS/FPS (simplified).
  175. The Mims Beggining - floating island strategy
  176. Frozen Hearth-An incredibly ambitious indie RTS/RPG game that needs YOUR help!
  177. THE GRAVE DIGGER - 3rd person ghost-evasion simulator
  178. Endica VII The Dream King - Co-op Metroidvania Game
  179. Will Love Tear Us Apart
  180. Survivor Squad - Strategy Action PC Game
  181. My exploratory narrative game "Postmortem" moves to Beta with a Release Date!
  182. The Shopkeeper
  183. Tesla Breaks the World!
  184. Kickstarter Project: PSYBLOCKS + Q/A
  185. Rezzed meet up
  186. Merciless for XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  187. Void Destroyer Kickstarter, Space Combat Sim RTS a la Battlezone?
  188. Dragon Royale free public Alpha release [MULTIPLAYER]
  189. Darkmatter Xbox Laptop & DIY Kit
  190. A Dark Room - An experiment in minimalism and paced narrative
  191. War,the Game
  192. School of Dragons Coming Soon!
  193. Looking for a Web wizard to help me with a game related project
  194. Cube Sync - An Android, IOS, PC, & Linux Game. Synchronicty with music...
  195. Student Developer Diaries What is SneakPunk?
  196. Rascal Rider - take part in a violent, futuristic motorcycle racing series
  197. The Great Gaias - old school JRPG
  198. CDF Ghostship - Demo Released & IndieGoGo campaign Started
  199. WorldAlpha Social Strategy MMO now in Open Beta
  200. Unrest, unconventional RPG set in ancient India
  201. Gates of Horizon - A cross-platform sci-fi strategic MMORPG
  202. Banshee - Multiplayer Survival Horror - Kickstarter
  203. Why games communities are ace and not just full of horrible bastards
  204. Brain Storm - Genia
  205. Project Sweat - 2D ARPG from Humid Games
  206. Polycraft - 3D action tower defence game
  207. Never Future - old style adventure mobile game
  208. Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel Adventure game based on 1930's B&W cartoons [DEMO]
  209. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Kickstarter
  210. God Factory on kickstarter
  211. Live Camera reaction The Corridor Gameplay
  212. Broken Dreams- new 2d platformer, funny trailer , indiegogo
  213. Subject: Wars and Battles, a brand new turn-based strategy game soon on Kickstarter
  214. God Of War Ascension Walkthrough HD
  215. Race To Mars - tb economy game about space exploration just launched on KS
  216. Looking to create a team for a mid sized indie game
  217. Indie blend of rpg/tower defense/hack&slash on kickstarter. Free DEMO available!
  218. SOF Studios Presents H Hour: Worlds Elite
  219. Official Trailer + Beta Signups for "Postmortem", free indie adventure playing Death!
  220. 7dRTS - game jam
  221. Not game related at all: Eastern Europe Cooking Recipes Channel
  222. Kickstarter - WARMACHINE: Tactics
  223. Spellcreepers a puzzle game with rpg elements
  224. Skyrim Panoramas
  225. Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly
  226. Hyphen - A game by FarSpace Studios
  227. WildStar themed blogsite starting the first community interview series Sunday Sit dow
  228. Freetiful.com, The new network for FREE - Find Free Food, Events and more near you
  229. german indie developers
  230. Vote on Greenlight for our free indie narrative-adventure game playing agent of Death
  231. Protocol E: A New Paradigm for Real Time Strategy
  232. Iron soul
  233. 7 Days to Die - Zombie Survival Game on Kickstarter looks good to me
  234. re/Action fundraiser on indiegogo
  235. GMDX: Gameplay Mod. Final version Released
  236. Extinction Limit on KS
  237. My Guild Wars 2 Blog
  238. Legends of Firestorm! A hack and slash MMO
  239. Indie shooter 'ORION: Dino Horde' receives MASSIVE Jungle-themed update!
  240. Cataclysm: Metal Gear Solid (ROGUELIKE)
  241. Kickstarter campaign Colonisation: Moonbase
  242. Amihailu in Dreamland- Get lost in a dark and surreal adventure
  243. New Gameplay Video Channel
  244. Pretty awesome Binding of Isaac shirt only $11 for 24 hours today
  245. Demon's Revenge
  246. Supreme Commander Posters (Cybran, UEF and Aeon) Signed by the dev team (See Inside)
  247. Ghost Song coming 8/05/13 to Kickstarter (Metroid/Dark Souls influences) GIF HEAVY
  248. Super Techno Ninja
  249. SPAI - A hacking themed competitive block sliding game
  250. Survival Horror Game "Middle of Nowhere"