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  1. forum related question
  2. Blu-Ray Drive Recommendations
  3. Calling all Canadian Computer Builders!
  4. Simple, Wireless Gaming Mouse
  5. Is there a point in overclocking my PC?
  6. Where do I buy a NON-gaming PC from?
  7. Wireless 5.1 headsets
  8. Monitor recomendations?
  9. Choosing a new Motherboard
  10. Keyboard Stands
  11. Hey, can someone give me a hand with this?
  12. How to Tell the Life Expectancy of Battery for 2nd Hand Notebook?
  13. SSD Troubles. Anybody have any ideas?
  14. Buying a new PC. Recommendations.
  15. Video Cards: Buy now or wait for new-gen?
  16. blowing up the piggy bank
  17. Nvidia RGB HDMI issue
  18. Please help me pick a PC!
  19. Weird WoW latency issue
  20. Please help me buy a new PC!
  21. Getting a PC Headset to work with a PS3
  22. Windows Vista User Account Control
  23. Windows 8 graphics drivers? Needed?
  24. Reliable online laptop parts store in the EU?
  25. Logitech G400
  26. Which build to get?
  27. Help me with specific high-end build
  28. Setting-up a new monitor
  29. Weird thing with GPU power reqs...
  30. 450 GTS SLI to 570?
  31. Can you ever go back!? :)
  32. Digital Storm?
  33. Multiple users on a Windows PC?
  34. Heeeeey RPSers (micro-ATX question)...
  35. Preferred Screen-Capping Utility
  36. State of AMD vs nVidia GPUs
  37. Can't play Max Payne 3
  38. GMail notifications in Chrome
  39. Building a pc: hardware compatibility & extras
  40. The right time to upgrade: 2014
  41. Submerged Liquid Cooling
  42. Need a new mouse
  43. Tell me how I should upgrade from my ancient computer!
  44. Cheap ready-made gaming PC - can you better this?
  45. Backing up Steam games
  46. Optimal approach to downgrading video settings
  47. Cheapest laptop that could run DOTA 2?
  48. Microsoft could have overtaken Valve's Steambox, 12 years ago...
  49. Modem Bottleneck
  50. Microphones
  51. Buying a pre-built system - advice please
  52. SSD and Torrents
  53. Changing my motherboard
  54. PC turns off then on then off then on
  55. Recommend a mouse to me?
  56. Squeezing the remaining life from my pc.
  57. Constant NVIDIA crashing issue
  58. External hard drives/gaming from one
  59. Cheap graphics card replacement
  60. WH40K Chaos Gate - anyone able to install the patches?
  61. Looking for a CPU Fan replacement
  62. Bottleneck Detection - help me work it out!
  63. Overclocking i5-3570k "just a little"
  64. SSD Caching and partitions.
  65. UK GPU deals
  66. Expansion slots - are they a dying requirement?
  67. Would appreciate some CPU, MOBO upgrade advice
  68. Recommend a headset
  69. Recommend me a router please
  70. GTX670 suicide
  71. Browser Based RSS reader
  72. AM3+ Mobos - chipsets and what you really need?
  73. CPU & mobo recommendations please!
  74. Dark Souls : prepare to return to desktop
  75. Display Driver Crashes
  76. Getting a new gaming PC
  77. Suspiciously Cheap GPU - spot the snag?
  78. Steam - Checking for updates dialog every time PC starts
  79. Printer that doesn't bone you on ink costs?
  80. Laptop Recommendations?
  81. Running 16-bit installers
  82. Text Editor advice
  83. Explorer.exe stops responding on startup and continues to endlessly.
  84. Local game streaming - Does it exist already?
  85. Periodic Frame-Rate drops.
  86. Brother building a new PC
  87. Mini-ITX Mobos and cases
  88. screen brightness 1920x1080
  89. Steam download and broadband speed quandary.
  90. PC spec again...
  91. Any G600 or Roccat Kone users - any other 'big mouse' users?
  92. Best software for compressing video and audio?
  93. Vibration feedback in Windows 7 for XP-era peripherals
  94. Phil Fish foils me again, fool me once...
  95. Clean re-install advice sought
  96. New system advice
  97. So my Gamepad Broke Today
  98. Asus surge protection triggered on new build
  99. Registry hacking nerds: Is this possible?
  100. People Are Recently All Excited by New Nvidia GTX770/780
  101. Backing-up LARGE DRM-free DD games...
  102. Help with file hosting
  103. wanted: 60FPS+ webcam for FaceTrackNoIR purposes.
  104. Fraps, my voice sounds like I'm stoned!
  105. Trying to extract audio from Bioshock 1
  106. Various Games Failing to Launch
  107. How to arrange copy between two USB3.0 drives with only 1 USB3.0 socket
  108. LF awesome cheap wifi PCI card
  109. Surge Protection
  110. Screenshot utility for both desktop and games?
  111. Thoughts on Windows 8?
  112. A word about power supplies
  113. Forcing resolutions for games
  114. Laptop fan is rattling
  115. Please Help Save Me From PS4
  116. Yes, another upgrade question! Processor + Motherboard
  117. Question about testing for bottlenecks
  118. How to Keep Computer Cool in Summer?
  119. My PC suddenly shut down and I'm not sure why
  120. Arma 3-able PC for a low budget
  121. Is My Monitor Dead?
  122. Running out of ideas. Any fresh ones that you guys can think of?
  123. AVG Software & Windows 8.1
  124. Decent, yet cheap joystick for novice flight sim player
  125. Is there an EASY way to watch other region DVDs on windows (8)?
  126. I've got 1,500 to spend on a new monitor
  127. Recommend me a mouse!
  128. Hi Python Guys, How Long You Learnt to Be Proficient?
  129. alarmingly slow laptop
  130. Fuel savegame across multiple PCs (warning: GFWL)
  131. Anyone use wireless signal repeaters?
  132. PC is failing to boot up.
  133. New Rig Needed: $1500 maximum. $1000 optimum. Suggestions please.
  134. What do them with them old partz?
  135. Looking for a new case/advice
  136. No video.
  137. Monitor connections and switching
  138. Windows explorer stopped working :|
  139. RPS - No Longer Works on Mobile Phone
  140. Sapphire 7950, crashing and rebooting all of a sudden. Scary!
  141. To blog or not to blog...
  142. Magsafe or other trip resistant connector for the PC?
  143. Vertical mice
  144. Laptop shutting down at high battery charge level - solution
  145. Monitor advice
  146. MP3 Cutting Software
  147. What is it with me and noisy PSUs
  148. The Outlooks of the GPU Market During the Next Year Or So-ish
  149. Monitor Program enabling me to monitor texture fill rate Loadout and Shaders. ?
  150. Laptop for playing games around 500?
  151. A laptop that works like an etch-a-sketch (you'll like this)
  152. Well, i have a mouse wich the Compan has no driver for.
  153. Performance issues on BF3
  154. Disappearing graphics card problem
  155. Components Purchasing
  156. Graphics Card 2013: Which One?
  157. Sodding BSODs
  158. Router recommendations for gaming (especially p2p)
  159. About to buy a new computer, need advice on the offer
  160. ASUS Smartdoctor
  161. New Build 1000-1500 (+upgrade route)
  162. Medion Akoya S1003?
  163. Windows has convinced itself that I have written a virus
  164. New build advice
  165. Lost my thumbnails
  166. Need to build a new computer for a friend
  167. YA New Build Thread - Quietish
  168. Looking for critique on a new 1000 build
  169. Hey Einstein, help me think about my machine!
  170. RAM & Motherboard
  171. Maintance of USB Portable HDD
  172. Recommended graphics cards based on my specs
  173. Help me create a monster!
  174. HTPC build
  175. Heads up: 'Tested' PC competition & $2000 PC build
  176. A challenge! How little of an upgrade can I get away with?
  177. Advice on computer upgrade
  178. Asus P8Z77-V Pro WLAN AP mode
  179. Recommended Headsets
  180. Advice on new PC
  181. Monitor Doesn't seem to detect input properly.
  182. Portrable, gaming capable Laptop.
  183. Building a PC for a difficult customer
  184. Is 1366x768 ok for a new TV?
  185. Potential upgrades
  186. Building a 1500-2000 gaming PC
  187. Wot you sit on/at
  188. How Does Windows 8.1 Perform?
  189. Case questions: Fractal design Define R4
  190. [help needed] Building a cheap and small "secondary" PC
  191. Cheap Laptop for Gaming
  192. CPU for virtualization purposes
  193. Hard Drive Recommendations
  194. Music from iPad to PC - how?
  195. Problems showing video, possible hard drive issue?
  196. Very Cheap Computer / Thin-client advice?
  197. Windows OEM refuses to activate
  198. What should my next upgrade be?
  199. The additional features in paid antivirus - useful?
  200. CPU starts overheating after reinstallation
  201. A quiet desktop PC
  202. GTX 670M Problem! GPU Usage Drop = Frame Drop
  203. Problems Getting a New Rig to Work
  204. Windows 8 startup stuck at black screen
  205. Nearly new gaming PC for sale
  206. What Exactly Causes Planetside 2 Error with Code G9?
  207. Things to look out for when replacing a PSU?
  208. Linux gaming thread
  209. Help me get my nephews and niece into programming!
  210. Checking for actual spyware (keyloggers, etc.)?
  211. Experiences with built-to-order laptops
  212. The ATI R9 GPU series - soliciting opinions
  213. Changing WLAN properties in Windows 8.1
  214. "Affordable" 4K Display From Dell
  215. Google Play and credit cards?
  216. Give me your cheapo monitor advice
  217. Internet connection issue
  218. Will 8 thread CPUs become relavent for gaming?
  219. All Frostbite engine games locking PC after 15 minutes...
  220. Windows 8 won't boot: c: drive now appears to be e:
  221. Windows 8 won't boot: c: drive now appears to be e:
  222. Effective for the price graphics card replacements for dying card?
  223. Will the NVIDIA GTX650Ti 1GB be capable of playing the next gen of games at 720p+?
  224. Installing Windows on Linux
  225. Best Laptop for 500gbp?
  226. Intel 1150 motherboard shopping
  227. Windows 7 native Blu-ray burning?
  228. Keyboard and mouse to Xinput?
  229. To Frap or not to Frap
  230. Complete newb to PC building seeking advice.
  231. Very strange series of problems
  232. Anyone used google music from outside the US/UK?
  233. Can I Install Stalker: Clear Sky in Windows 7?
  234. Energy Efficient Computing
  235. Hackintosh?
  236. Poo to you with your modern multi-core hyperthreading PCs - today I repaired a....
  237. Quiet computing - it's really not bad
  238. This laptop has died?
  239. Obligatory new PC advice needed.
  240. Budget PC - quick advice required
  241. Newbie PC advice
  242. Windows 8 tablet: To have or not to have? 2014 edition
  243. Gaming mouse: Logitech or Mad Catz Cyborg?
  244. Fans and airflow - what's your take on things
  245. Need advise on a professional sound system
  246. Youtube On Firefox Keep Crushing My Computer
  247. Cheapo QNIX PLS 27" 2560x1440 or Branded 27" 1920x1080?
  248. xfire
  249. DAWs: Cubase vs Logic vs Propellerhead vs ???
  250. New Rig for a friend.