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  1. We Are Going to Have New Xbox...... XboxEs?!
  2. My little brother threw all my playstation game cases away
  3. SOPA news: Video about the people behind SOPA distributed the software.
  4. Wizardry: The Labyrinth of Lost Souls
  5. Armadillo Aerospace News
  6. So I received the most amazing gift...
  7. Your Christmas Loot
  8. iPhone.. worth getting?
  9. Today I did something I've been meaning to do for a long time....
  10. Red Orchestra 2: The state of things
  11. "The Coming War on General Computing"
  12. Homemade fig newtons
  13. PS3 Owners, advice required
  14. Settlers of Cataan on Kindle
  15. The Chuch of Kopimism
  16. Playstation 2 suggestions
  17. Prima's Skyrim Guide Book
  18. Shy People
  19. Nook or Kindle?
  20. UK Netflix hidden gems
  21. Upcoming Movie Red Tails
  22. What can us international people really do about SOPA and PIPA?
  23. Megaupload closed by FBI
  24. Resident Evil: Revelations demo (3DS)
  25. Giving away Orange Wednesday codes
  26. OK, so lets talk about piracy... i'm conflicted.
  27. The "I found a deal today" thread
  28. Yahoo~~~ Happy Lunar New Year
  29. Shameless Plug! My brother and I's silly little Let's Play channel.
  30. Rock Paper Shotgun Zombie Killing team?
  31. Fan Made Star Wars
  32. Watch The Grey movie online
  33. Watch One for the money online
  34. Sun storm??
  35. ACTA, the new Danger after SOPA, help defeat it
  36. Climate Change - It's What's For Dinner
  37. That Asian Flavour - Anime & Manga
  38. Titles: Something About Stuff.
  39. War Photos in ARMA 2
  40. Need your help finding a certain japanese movie!
  41. Did you just see that tennis match?
  42. Microwaves - It's whats for dinner
  43. Nintendo hints at 3DS DLC
  44. adventure games puzzle quiz
  45. Superbowl Sunday
  46. Ssx
  47. PS Vita
  48. College debate on foreign policy towards Iran.
  49. Broken, but it ain't Busted. My 'durable' iPod's screen cracked
  50. This is a Griffin / Gryphon, crafted from wool, and coffee
  51. Game Prototypes I've Made
  52. UK MPs call war against Internet - breeding ground for extremist activity, terrorism
  53. These people have so not read any Lovecraft
  54. Anyone else here playing Soul Calibur V?
  55. Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars.
  56. Watchmen Prequels
  57. Iron Sky
  58. Looking for a game
  59. Jazz - Lets hear your favorite things
  60. Spammers
  61. This City Is Crying
  62. Stupid lists
  63. Share One of Your Bookmarks
  64. MGS:HD Collection
  65. Forget SOPA/PIPA/ACTA, this is worse
  66. Coffee and Women
  67. Webbed Feet Unite!
  68. MAME - arcade machine emulator
  69. LF friends for SSX on PS3
  70. Introduce Yourselves
  71. Top Gun 2 announced by Lockheed engineer
  72. My favourite piece of music
  73. Money Maker (or poem for Jim)
  74. Watch Being Flynn Movie Online | Download Boy Movie
  75. Watch Boy Movie Online | Download Being Flynn Movie
  76. Your Top 10 Albums EVER!
  77. Quick question: Name of well-known chainstores in the UK?
  78. Recommend some iPhone games?
  79. Contest : Containment - The Zombie
  80. @Phil Fish/FEZ - Have you heard of Nintendo?
  81. KARA - Quantic Dream
  82. The Boy Who Cried Wolves
  83. NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island Hack
  84. So yeah, that's it. The mission in Afghanistan is over.
  85. The Grey
  86. What the BBC thinks of Warhammer 40K (feat. Kieron Gillen)
  87. Why are 5 of the top 6 trending Android apps about whips?
  88. Honor Among ThXXXXX
  89. Dragon's Crown--PS3 & Vita
  90. Kickstarter Indie Bundle
  91. Journey
  92. What!? Peggle HD beats Super Mario 3D Land
  93. I made an Everything-Bagel Bacon Sandwich; it was super fancy; look at it!
  94. Help me choose a smartphone because I am Mr Lame and can't do my own research
  95. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - "A girl with kaleidoscope ass"
  96. Hackers (Gamers with brains) using unreleased on-disc SFX Tekken DLC in online play
  97. Mecha movies!
  98. Web Host Reccomendations?
  99. The "share a podcast" thread
  100. Hope for Shenmue Return
  101. Game industry Market research
  102. Weapons: Clouds of smoke
  103. It's joke time :)
  104. Real Life Resident Evil?
  105. Setting the bar -- or "what makes a game worth playing?"
  106. Rumour - PS4 won't be backwards compatible
  107. Wanted: Clever Wordplay
  108. Anyone a fan of RiffTrax?
  109. High top quality engineering adopted by these products
  110. PS3 reviews/news?
  111. Star Wars Kinect - They wouldn't do that to Han Solo would they?
  112. More Chen: "Our games make us assholes."
  113. Arizona attempts to criminalize internet trolling
  114. Is anyone else scared of moles?
  115. EA "Proudly Present" the Historic Moment......
  116. I'm running a marathon for char-i-dee
  117. Firefly Kickstarter
  118. Kickstarter removes project because it's targeted by the creator's stalker
  119. Real Life FPS
  120. NEET Population in South Korea Exceeds 100 Million
  121. PS3/XBox360: Dragon's Dogma, anyone else getting it?
  122. Apps - The New DotCom Bubble?
  123. Can anyone suggest a RPS-like ps3 news site?
  124. The Thread Where Funny Stuff Goes
  125. Food Thread!
  126. Finally, Diablo 3 Coming to Xbox
  127. Tough Mudder Fund Raising- Help me please!
  128. Improve Eyesight without Glasses
  129. MegaUpload Will Likely Never Get to Court
  130. Adventure Island card game identification
  131. Crime pays
  132. Has anybody here ever been made unemployed before?
  133. Watch the twilight saga a fantasy
  134. Goodbye Fourth Amendment
  135. Password Managers
  136. Ho Lee Fuq! The Unfinished Swan
  137. Conversational Metaphors: Rape vs. Other Bad Stuff
  138. New Timesplitters 4 Petition
  139. What COMIC BOOKS/MANGA are you reading [ Comic Book/Manga Edition)
  140. Drawing! Need some tips
  141. Let's talk all things sport
  142. Looking for somewhere to write
  143. Awesome interview with lead on Goldeneye and co-founder of Free Radical, David Doak
  144. Snapshots from Fallout: New Vegas
  145. Torture, from a BBC article on the 9/11 trial
  146. Them Androids Games?
  147. Some UK ISPs Is Going to Block TPB?
  148. Pay Before You Play Is Immoral
  149. Looking for earplugs - Advice/experience much appreciated!
  150. Recommend me some World Wide Webomics!
  151. Exploding Robot
  152. I See That EA Is Quite Keen To Enter Animation Industry With Its Gaming Franchises
  153. The God Delusion
  154. Wii U controller button position
  155. Name my son
  156. RIP Family Guy
  157. Dragon's Dogma
  158. Recommend books on PC gaming
  159. A cry for help to all you Facebook savvy people out there.
  160. Desert island game soundtracks
  161. International Differences that Fascinate You
  162. Remember Stuxnet? Turns out it was created by US and Israel.
  163. For the Germans: WASD-Magazine #1
  164. I'm streaming original D-Day Invasion radio reports right now.
  165. Live FPS: Patient 0
  166. PrometheusProblematic?
  167. Internet trolls beware, your days may be numbered
  168. Attn Chumps: Water Bears
  169. Where would you love to get a tour of?
  170. Touche Apple - retina display on laptops\desktops
  171. PC Low Settings Screenshot Thread from NeoGAF
  172. Xbox 720 design doc leaked?
  173. Best ACTION movie of all times goes to.. ? ??
  174. Post some film idea's
  175. Okami HD coming to PS3
  176. Self-healing/bleeding plastic
  177. Anyone else work night shift?
  178. Atomic Robo: Last Stop. Thoughts?
  179. Can't pirate anymore
  180. PC gamer buying a PS3, Anything important to know?
  181. Is the Free-To-Play model the cure for piracy and DRM?
  182. 3ds xl
  183. Google announces 7" tablet from USD $199
  184. the perfect gamepad
  185. English people I need your help
  186. "Explain what is wrong with the current economy and why, in 20 words or less"
  187. Unusually painfull things
  188. Films with glaring plot holes. (maybe spoilers)
  189. Sierra Zulu
  190. Fidgets
  191. Rape jokes taboo?
  192. they are killing the badgers
  193. Ted
  194. Would you rather....
  195. Batman
  196. The most honest 1 1/2 minutes of television.
  197. The General Americans-Love-Guns-and-Killing thread [Dark Knight Rises shootings & on]
  198. Animated Shorts Thread
  199. Inventor/wearer of digital eye system assaulted at Paris McDonald's
  200. Super Slim Playstation: Not Just the Physical Size, But the Price TOO!
  201. Your favourite internet videos of days gone by
  202. Chernobyl: The true scale of the incident.
  203. Home Internet access a basic human right?
  204. Dune books
  205. Where do you lot get your news about TV shows from?
  206. Draw something random in 20 minutes
  207. Ever painted a wh40k or some other miniature? Share some pics.
  208. Fighting Movies - Suggest me something good!
  209. digital magazines
  210. Good site for space related stuff?
  211. Game Save for lego batman 2 on the Wii
  212. Languages in your life survey
  213. Help me find this tune played during SA vs Eng test match
  214. Festivals
  215. Unsettling Coincidences
  216. Something Interesting...
  217. Maid Cafe Should be EXCLUSIVE to East Asia
  218. Rock Paper Fantasy Foot To Ball
  219. Syrian Civil War
  220. Geeks and Nerds of the world are united - Tesla Musuem incoming??
  221. The declining mental state of Dave Mustaine...
  222. Nokia N95 8GB
  223. Nationalism and You!
  224. Playstation Vitas
  225. What books would you recommend to anyone who likes a given game?
  226. Rest In Peace, Mr. Armstrong, Your Legend Will Be Forever.
  227. Post GREAT OST SONGS!
  228. Moving to Wales, looking for an ISP.
  229. Piracy, Crativity, Money and You
  230. Grogheads.com update
  231. Meet The SuperGrafx
  232. Guru Meditation Origin Story!!!
  233. Photo taken at 1 Trillion FPS
  234. Samurai Business School Graduation ?
  235. Shameless Showing Off - Check Me Out!
  236. Neo-aboriginal Educational Methods
  237. PC Parts for sale :)
  238. Resident Evil: Damnation Is Surprisingly Great CG Movie
  239. Smartphones kind of suck
  240. Fringe has entered its final season--Discuss!
  241. The Tiki: A PC that even Apple fans appreciate (are jealuos of)
  242. Can someone recommend me a good MP3 player?
  243. English People--A Linguistics Question!
  244. Re-Volt re-released on iPhone/iPad
  245. Oh Crap! "Illegal" Download in Japan Is Now Criminal Offence
  246. The Twitter BacknForth by RPS.
  247. Sick Kids Save Point - Charity Gaming Marathon
  248. Be a Hero to My SO
  249. Any people in their late 20's/early 30's love RE4?
  250. What's so special about a bee's knee anyway?