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  1. What book are you reading?
  2. What are you listening to?
  3. Last.Fm?
  4. NGP/PSP2/PSVita
  5. What TV shows are you watching?
  6. Idiot sells organ to buy a fad device
  7. RPS Collaborative Spotify Playlist
  8. Off today as well
  9. British people! What beer do you drink?
  10. Operation Red Sand - Bad Company 2 Machinima - BE THE VOICE!
  11. What podcasts do you listen to?
  12. The Cricket Thread
  13. Omfg tintin
  14. Children killing children. Well, allright, yeah?
  15. The Haiku Thread
  16. Witcher, the BOOKS
  17. Good Podcasts
  18. Punk in drublic, the general punk rock appreciation thread
  19. Console Gaming
  20. Nude gaming party
  21. Gaming Artworks
  22. Minecraft + Call of Duty (an ingenious video you should watch)
  23. Minecraft on lesser formats
  24. Yeah, yeah I'm proper drunk and that!
  25. Stalker P&P RPG in English
  26. Terrablox
  27. The 'Things you will NEVER understand' Thread.
  28. Raising level of lawn
  29. Life is fucking cool moments
  30. Wot films are you watching?
  31. Thread of Metal
  32. Wii U
  33. Cracked: 6 Glitches That Accidentally Invented Modern Gaming
  34. Board Games
  35. Go
  36. What's in your PC? (specs)
  37. The Extreme Sports thread
  38. Comedy
  39. I need to stop buying games. Advice?
  40. To get us to the Sunday Papers -here are the Friday Links
  41. Phobile Mones- Getting the best deal?
  42. Avadon for iPad
  43. Plug Your Stuff!
  44. Tea? TEA!
  45. Albums of the year so far
  46. Whisky? WHISKY!
  47. Just Cause 2 - 11 million deaths, visualisation
  48. A hacker in the justice system
  49. Lulzsec site taken down.
  50. Armo(u)red Core and other giant robot games
  51. GamesByte Bite-sized Gaming News & Updates 3 Times a Week!
  52. CardBoard Fathers
  53. Australian Game Prices
  54. Portable gaming
  55. Descent
  56. Crustypunks - accounts from the edge of society
  57. The Problem With Artists with Horrible Views
  58. Hugh Grant should have been in LA Noire
  59. Scott Pilgrim vs the World starring Jesse Eisenberg
  60. Vlambeer dev rami ismail held up at gunpoint, ipad stolen
  61. Nottingham GameCity
  62. VGA Colour Cycled Artwork in HTML5
  63. Album Of The Week
  64. Wot music r u listning 2 right now
  65. What do you do for a living?
  66. Citizen Radio
  67. Tim Schafer meets Cookie Monster
  68. WTF Japan- Linda 3 Cube Again cutscenes
  69. Books to buy
  70. New Games Journalism
  71. Rules of Risk
  72. The Doom Comic
  73. Breaking Bad
  74. Free computer inside.
  75. "The Women of Punk" A 5-day video curation
  76. Great 360/PS360 exclusives
  77. Is Bethesda/Zenimax not the monster that gamers think it is?
  78. Blasting through One Piece..
  79. Strange goings on
  80. Need some gaming headset suggestions
  81. Found on the Tape ARG
  82. Sell your childrens for $$$ money
  83. Craig Lea - System of a Solar [OST / Ambient Techno]
  84. Japanese men dating virtual girls
  85. Fantasy Flight gets Star Wars license
  86. "Government drops website blocking"
  87. Awesome Youtube Thread of Youtube and Awesomeness
  88. Bungie Anniversary Video
  89. Thunderstone expansions
  90. Google problem in Firefox?
  91. My brother is better than yours
  92. Riots
  93. Anyone into riding horses?
  94. Rock Paper Fantasy Football
  95. First Person Savior - Somalian Hunger Relief
  96. Books about the Templars/Crusades- Recommendations?
  97. That Kinect thing? seems to work :-O
  98. What Would You Do and Feel If You Lost 1TB of Files?
  99. Thank God for Blu-Ray
  100. Noel Gallagher <--- Hypocrite
  101. Minecraft Pocket Edition
  102. Green Man Festival
  103. Angry Peasant - The ARMA2 Webcomic about a man who just wanted to repair his tractor
  104. $5,000,000 Hard Drive
  105. ADRIFT (Working title)
  106. Is it just me or does anyone else see this?
  107. Computer chips that emulate the brain
  108. Ridley Scott to revisit 'Blade Runner'
  109. My God, HP Is Going to Exit PC Market!!
  110. The Perfect Gamepad
  111. My bike got stolen . . . this is my childish response
  112. No hats included: Deus Ex HR has a real life fashion line
  113. The RIAA: Defenders of copyright -- except when they're not!
  114. Not Team Fortress news: Rebel wear stolen Gafafi hat
  115. Anyone interested in making a game together?
  116. Android games
  117. Plastic Children
  118. Hurricane
  119. Phones in the UK & Google plus ??
  120. Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor - a dedicated blog
  121. Combine the Thread Titles!
  122. Mansions of Madness
  123. Poll of polls
  124. Dear History Channel,
  125. Video Game Orchestral
  126. Deus Ex:HR on PC or Xbox 360?
  127. Learn GIMP today.
  128. Bank of America to close 600 branches
  129. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Review
  130. Colour - Can U C It???
  131. Rugby World Cup
  132. Best iPod Touch/iPhone games
  133. Susan Coffey = Femshep?
  134. And you thought the Scrolls lawsuit was silly?
  135. So, Crysis 1 Finally Receives Console Ports
  136. NHL 12 is the first game in the series to let you play a female player
  137. Online Customer Service
  138. God Save Us from 2012!! Explosion at French nuclear site
  139. Sweet Video - Battlefield vs Call of Duty - In Real Life
  140. Vintage solid-state audio?
  141. Sony removes right to join Class Action Lawsuits
  142. Playing King Arthur made me yearn for UK backgrounds..
  143. Pirate Party set to capture seats in Berlin Parliament
  144. Bereznek, Tait and the Dickwolves Saga (Sunday Papers)
  145. "Stealing life is basically murder"
  146. Breaking news! Hardcore gamers want gravity guns in real life!
  147. Johnny did you hear about this one? R.E.M. Breaks Up
  148. Android, or Help Me Rom The Shit Out Of My New Phone.
  149. Is Apple Trying to Build a Cult in Hong Kong?
  150. I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Love The Big Bang Theory!
  151. Too much WIN?
  152. So How's the "Occupy Wall Street" Going?
  153. A request! Who was at Earl's Court the other evening?
  154. Dark Souls
  155. EA sues EA. Over negative ionized wristbands.
  156. Sony wins the internet with PS3 advert
  157. Neal Stephenon writes an article.
  158. RIP Steve Jobs.
  159. Your Theme Song
  160. Opera Browser - anyone using it?
  161. Games World TV Show
  162. Who was Redeye?
  163. Life without the internet
  164. The Internet summed up in one single comic.
  165. Lady Popular and sexism.
  166. Guide to writing a game review
  167. David Cameron's Porn Filter
  168. So Microsoft's Zune Is History Now...
  169. Questionnaire for my college course
  170. RIP Dennis Ritchie
  171. Wen laughing cause your chest to hurt.
  172. Lovecraft Q.
  173. what podcasts are you listening to
  174. To Build the Ideal Nation, Joint the Zeon Military!!
  175. Gaming book help.
  176. Information Junkie, Looking For Interesting Blogs
  177. Book question: Man in the High Castle, ending? (spoilers ahoy)
  178. If Assassins Creed were real..
  179. Stalker Snork costume
  180. something interesting
  181. Conducting research on the topic of in-game stores
  182. Gadhafi is Dead!!
  183. Thai Flooding Affect HDD Supplies??
  184. Nick Bostrom's Fermi Paradox article
  185. Kickstarter for awesome boardgame: Mutant Meeples
  186. Cocksucking
  187. TLJ coming to iOS!
  188. Is Raven Games Still in Business?
  189. Comic books and comic books
  190. Have Any of Your Countries Practised Rationing Before?
  191. Best RPS advert ever :)
  192. NearbyGamers.com
  193. Team RPS vs Movember
  194. Kickstarter
  195. Ultraviolet, DRM for Blu-Ray movies
  196. Angry Birds Downloads Pass Half-Billion Mark
  197. Anonymous Member Previously Kidnapped by Mexican Drug Lord Was Released
  198. Super Mario 3D Land = The only reason you need to buy a 3DS
  199. Ffs
  200. Codex Seraphinianus - an otherworldly encyclopedia on archives.org
  201. 1337 killers or vice versa.
  202. Buildings of Awesome
  203. Covert video to ASCII
  204. Smashing Pumpkins - Brixton Academy, November
  205. Super Mario 3D Land Review 9/10
  206. developers announcing sequels to games almost immediately after the game is released
  207. Priceless
  208. Skyward Sword
  209. What Are Your Favorite Novels & Comics?
  210. "Tribute" alter egos.
  211. PETA - Not aware that Mario'sTanooki Suit isn't real. It's not even faux ffs.
  212. Blog service recommendations?
  213. Ipod 4/Iphone apps
  214. Help with some research
  215. Lets talk about the death penalty
  216. Reggie on DLC: Consumers deserve "the complete experience".
  217. War of the Ring 2nd Edition
  218. My gaming rig is back!
  219. Steam Game Pricing Australia
  220. "More MRSA Found In U.S. Retail Meat (Turkey, Too)"
  221. MP3 Players
  222. Happy Thanks Giving American RPSers!
  223. Albums and Songs Of The Year
  224. Real "nonlethal" Tech has overtaken DXHR.
  225. Help with website
  226. If Being Ill, the Last Thing You Should Do is to Stay in Bed in the Afternoon.
  227. Britain's Getting a Bit Bleak
  228. We're doing it for the artists
  229. This is why smartphone gaming sucks hard.
  230. Worst Songs/Albums/Films/Books of the year
  231. Minecraft Lego seems a bit redundant to me.
  232. Christmas!
  233. Is it possible to gift books on amazon kindle?
  234. Snooker
  235. Quitting Smoking
  236. You Mates Read a Story Book Called "The Second Conquest"?
  237. Minecraft Pocket for 0.10
  238. Help with stance in London
  239. US UAV Recently Got Hijacked and Subsequently Captured by Iranians?!
  240. Metal Gear Rising new trailer
  241. PS3 Recommendations
  242. ZanGrief- Zangief takes boxing lessons... Kinda
  243. Desperately in need of cat sitter this Christmas (London)
  244. Christopher Hitchens
  245. "Game" company Zynga goes public, stock drops immediately
  246. Need an authentic fish batter recipe
  247. Kim Jong Il is dead
  248. To Wii or not to Wii, that is the question.
  249. 007
  250. So here's the Ali- err, 'Prometheus' trailer