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10-09-2011, 07:19 PM
What the title says basically. Most of the stuff on the web is outdated or not very concise so has anyone got any suggestions? Free stuff, paid stuff, realistic graphics, indie projects, whatever!

10-09-2011, 08:18 PM
I don't have an Iphone, and I only played this on an IPad, but is Game Dev Story an Iphone game too? If so, then that. Game Dev Story is -awesome-

I think that's the games name.. Game Dev somethingorother, anyway.

11-09-2011, 12:22 AM
Just going through some of the games I've got (some may be iPad-only, and for that I apologise)

Strategery -- Dice Wars/Risk-esque game
Lux Touch -- Pretty much a straightforward Risk clone
Slay -- 90s Windows shareware strategy game ported to iOS
Dungeon Raid -- Like a roguelike version of Puzzle Quest. The free version lacks the class/race customization, but the game was launched without it and was a MAJOR TIMESINK back then so you could quite conceivably get hours of play out of it without paying a penny
Bookworm -- Popcap wordgame goodness
Marple -- Logic puzzle game, very close to an old DOS shareware game called Sherlock
Solipskier -- There's a free Flash version but the iOS version works very, very nicely
Tiki Totems 1/2/Lavalanche -- Tap blocks to remove them without letting the golden idol hit the ground. 1 is nice enough, 2 adds further blocks and Lavalanche puts a slightly different twist on the gameplay
Block Breaker Deluxe 2 -- Very nice Arkanoid clone
Magnetic Billiards Blueprint -- If I had to sum it up as "x meets y" I'd say "Pool meets E-Motion".
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney -- Sublime game. No idea if the other games will be coming to iOS but the original remains a wonderful treat
Tilt to Live -- Nice tilt-controlled avoid 'em up
Trainyard -- Lovely puzzle game. The free version, Trainyard EX, has a completely different (and quite extensive) set of levels to the paid-for version so you'll get plenty of play out of it before you have to spend any money
Wolfenstein RPG / Doom 2 RPG -- Takes the classic id titles and turns them into Dungeon Master-style RPGs
Eliss -- Awesome indie multitouch game.
geoDefense /geoDefense Swarm -- Tower defence games with the Geometry Wars glowing vector aesthetic. I'm not normally much of a TD fan but these are really good
Candy Train / Unpleasant Horse -- Two free titles churned out by Popcap's experimental wing, where developers are given a random two-word game name and a limited time to create it. Definitely worth checking out.
lilt line -- Guide a line through levels by tilting. What you think of this game may well depend on your tolerance for dubstep btw
XOR -- Classic 8-bit puzzler ported to iOS. Like a more logic-driven version of Boulderdash
Piczle Lines -- Hugely addictive puzzle game, based on the Japanese magazine puzzle "Link-a-Pix". If you've ever played the ace DS puzzler Pic Pic, this is the same as its Drawing set of puzzles
Plants vs Zombies -- IT'S PLANTS VS ZOMBIES
Peggle -- IT'S PEGGLE
Osmos -- IT'S etc.
Quell -- It's a lot like Amiga puzzler The Power.
Dungeons & Dice -- Clone of the Games Workshop game Talisman. Can't recommend it right now because you seem to lose your game whenever you exit the app, but definitely worth keeping an eye on in case they fix this
Quarrel -- Ace word game, like a cross between Risk and Countdown with Scrabble scoring
iSlash -- Slice bits off a shape while avoiding the bouncing things inside. At it's heart it's pretty much Qix/Jezzball, but that's not bad thing
Crimson: Steam Pirates -- Turn-based game a bit like Flash game SteamBirds (slightly controversially, as the original dev has accused Bungie of cloning their game). Has its own twist on the formula though, and the first 8 levels are free (further scenarios purchasable as DLC)

11-09-2011, 08:57 AM
Bejewelled 2 - About 7 hours under my belt of this. It's pretty much all I play. That said...

Civilization Revolution - It's not Retina, but it's still fairly good looking. It's Civ IV redux, really, and I think it plays very well.
Risk - It's a modern version rather than the original Imperialistic-type setting, but I find it fairly enjoyable from time to time
Canabalt - iOS version of the Flash game, but suffers from a shorter horizontal span. Still worth getting, though.

04-10-2011, 09:12 PM
It's iPad, not iPhone, but SpaceChem Mobile has just hit the App Store...