View Full Version : Is Raven Games Still in Business?

29-10-2011, 05:07 AM
I would like to ask if the game store Raven Games still in business?


According to its homepage, it's in London. I've never been to London before, but Raven Games operates an online store which is currently not in business:


I bought two original Xbox games (Far Cry Instinct and Unreal Championship 2) from its online store few years ago. Quite reasonable prices and cool that they offered international shipping. Other items were quite pricy though (from my prospective of course, everything in China is always much cheaper). For whatever reason they do not offer PC games, but they do offer (if they are still in business) a very cool gaming device called SuperGun. SuperGun was originated in Taiwan in the late 80s, to convert video signal from arcade game board (mostly in a standard referred to as Jamma, I thought it is from Japan) to be displayable in households' monitors. Though SuperGun may be considered obsolete for practical use nowadays, it's still one cool beauty you may come across in gaming.

I really miss this store very much. Is it still in business? Or they just quit online store business? On the online store's site they maintain that they are still opening their doors but no update for the actually situation. If they are still around, I would definitely give them a visit if I have choice to visit London in the future.