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01-11-2011, 06:22 PM
There's a lot I wish I'd known in that first minute. I'm no BF franchise fan so there was lots that was assumed. Here's a couple of tips I've found helpful. Please add your own.

If you havenít already, you can easily add [RPS] to your in-game name, or whatever your platoon is called:

Go to battlelog
Click profile at the top
Click Edit profile on the side
Look for this 'Soldier settings'
Add your 3 letters
The square brackets are added automatically

Itís best to enter the game as a party (or join the party if there are some party members already in game). It keeps us all on the same side and Iím assuming puts us in squads together.

If youíve not used squads before, then you should. J It takes a moment to add yourself to a squad (not done by default) and has 2 great benefits. 1. You can respawn where your squad actually are (including in vehicles if thereís a spare seat) 2. you get bonus points when a friend in the squad achieves various things. Top squad per round gets bonus points too.

You may have heard team mates call out enemy soldiers & vehicles during play. This is done by aiming at the enemy and pressing Q to tag it. It will now show up on the team radar and when itís destroyed you get points.

As points are all important to unlock everything then Iím all for maximizing each opportunity.

Some keys to remember
Q: Tag enemy
F: Knife strike
T: Toggle tactical light/laser (if you have one equipped)
X: Toggle crouch Ė this may also be flares in vehicle if you have them unlocked.
N: Mini-map zoom toggle
C: Toggle camera view to external/internal while in vehicle (if server allows, not all do- the server doesnít L )
V: Change fire mode.

to display an FPS counter in the top right corner:
∑ While in game open up the Console by pressing `
∑ Then type [B]render.showfps 1

On the subject of video settings, if you have an ATI/Radeon card, then turn off MSAA as it has a significant impact to fps for minimal visual quality improvements. Nvidia is fine.

Also, tests show overclocking a CPU gives bare minimal increase in fps. A 2 gig AMD chip ocíd to 4gig only offered an 8% increase. Not that thatís done here, but if youíre doing it at home then FYI & YMMV.

The JG Man
01-11-2011, 06:30 PM
Jet controls with a 360 controller:

Right analogue stick controls most of your movement and starts off inverted. You roll by pushing the right stick left or right. Pushing it in changes your view.
Left analogue pushed left or right will offer gentle left or right movement. Be careful here as it can use gliding which can make you have a weird trajectory the quicker you're going. Pushing it in gives you the afterburner.
Right trigger gives throttle, left opens your air brakes. Remember, unless you still have your landing gear out or have stalled, you can release the throttle and the game will automatically maintain your current speed.

Left shoulder button fires your primary weapon. Right fires your flares if you have them equipped.
Y will change your primary weapon. B will make you eject.

General Jet stuff:

When you want to turn, make sure you're rolling into it. It's the quickest way to do so. In addition, the slower you are, the smaller your turning circle. If you want to lose or keep up with someone, be sure to slow down into the turn and kick out with thrust after.
If you're trying to keep up with someone in a turn, change camera view to the outside view. You'll be able to better keep up.
The main gun will be your primary weapon for most of the time. With most aircraft being equipped with 'Stealth' which increases lock-on time, it can often be more beneficial to stick with your main gun.
Fire your main gun in bursts unless you have an absolutely clear and accurate shot.
In trying to avoid locked on missiles, try flying round terrain or structures that could take the hit. If that fails, kick in your afterburner to try and lose the missile. If that fails, then use your flares.
Be warned that even if you activate your flares, the guided missile can still detonate close enough to you to do considerable damage.
When attempting to hit ground targets, you will need to strafe fun. You need to keep your angle as low as possible while going as slowly as possible. Unload all that you can and then pull up and pick up some speed. Be careful for hitting low or hard to see objects, such as lamps, which can destroy your craft. Unless you have missile pods, the chances of taking out an armoured target in one run is slim, but don't shy away from the helpfulness you'll commit yourself too.

I don't know how helpful that will be, but there you go.

01-11-2011, 10:38 PM
Not sure if you're just adding info from our posts to the main topic, but you can delete this and add the info if you would like. Something that took me awhile to figure out:

Z: Go into prone position

01-11-2011, 11:24 PM
Not sure if you're just adding info from our posts to the main topic, but you can delete this and add the info if you would like. Something that took me awhile to figure out:

Z: Go into prone position

I really have to rebind that to something else. It's so bloody awkward for me to press quickly when I need to.

Good info on the squads too. Having never played a BF game before (or CoD for that matter) I wasn't sure what they were all about. I take it your squadmates are the green ones?

02-11-2011, 12:20 AM
In options, you can make the sight/scope zoom a toggle on and off instead of a key press and hold. This frees up your fingers a bit and makes sniping or tactical aiming easier.

02-11-2011, 01:06 AM
Exploding Silver's quicktips playlist (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwfJjUlOBKo&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PLB1C032A2CC59646F) is really good.

Hold Q to get a basic commo-rose. Move the mouse over what you want to say, then click to say it.

Press Q when looking at a support or medic to request ammo or health.

As squad leader (you will have a star next to your name near the mini-map), press Q when looking at the letter of a flag to mark it for attack or defense. Any actions done within the flag area will score your squad extra points.

When using the Javelin, lock on to an enemy vehicle, then before firing quickly look up and fire. The lock stays for a second or two, the missile flies upwards, then curves down towards the target. The armour on top is generally weaker, so it'll do more damage, and it'll go over medium-sized cover like rocks and walls. (This tip via d0n7bl1nk. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DiC8_bQCcfY))