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03-11-2011, 09:33 PM
I'll make this short and sweet chaps, as I know this isn't strictly RPS related.

My clan has been running small 4-8 player Blood Bowl leagues for over a year now, and we have 4 main leagues ranging from TV1000 to 2000. However, we've just had a few people pull out of our TV1000 league at the very last minute, leaving us with an odd number of people and a rather annoying situation for those who had signed up. Knowing RPS has a large and friendly BB community, I was wondering if any of you fine gentlemen or ladies would fancy joining us?

Unlike most BB leagues, we tend to play our games over Ventrilo, in a friendly atmosphere where we can laugh and joke about the game over the beverage of your choice. Cries of elation and desparation echo through the halls of our vent server most nights - we're from all over Europe and the US, so time zones are not a huge issue. I'd be great if you had a mic though.

Anyway, as I said I know RPS has its own BB leagues (which I've participated in myself before), but if anyone is interested then feel free to pop over to teamsao.com and say hello, or hit me up on steam (Frenz0rz).

- Frenz

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