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05-11-2011, 03:12 AM
I probably got the creepiest email ever from team Wurm stating that the game is being relaunched after a rework to make it marketable, so bo check it out and stuff. In this game was notch working for before leaving to improve Infiniminer.



My name is Rolf Jansson and I am the server developer of Wurm Online.

We just opened new servers and it is time to tell people what a good idea it is to check Wurm out now.

In case you forgot - Wurm Online is a Multiplayer Fantasy Simulation. It usually falls under the category of Sandbox MMOs though. In Wurm you can decide to play on PvP servers or non PvP servers.

Since last friday our brand new Epic cluster is up and running, and everyone has a chance to start fresh from scratch. Nobody has skills and everyone starts with a set of basic items on Epic. We have been hard at work debugging the release since then and even though the last mission bugs will be sorted out next week it's stable and we can invite people.

These are a few comments on the release:
Jagadid: "The faster skillgain and skillgain curve really helps players starting out. It gives a sense of empowerment over my start in Freedom, since I could actually dig in 3-slope right near the beginning."

Fernando: "Well I have to admit I've never had so much fun in Wurm. I guess none of us will regret starting over"

If you have existing account they still remain where you left them. You use portals to get to the Epic cluster where you get a new inventory and skill set. From there you can take a portal back and find everything as you left it. You can even build a simple portal to travel between your current location and the Epic cluster yourself if you wish.

If you don't already have an account just register and then use the Epic portal just after the tutorial area.

A lot of improvements are coming soon and it will make Wurm marketable. This is a chance to get a head start into the new lands.

For me, Epic is the beginning. It has the functionality I have been striving for since I started working with Wurm since I don't think it would be complete without an end game engine. I feel I can start helping the rest of the team make fun and visible improvements now.

Some of the features on the new Epic cluster:
Long term global scenarios, with shorter kingdom wide collaborative missions. The missions and scenarios have effect on the plane of the Gods and the outcome flows back to you - good or bad!
Player made kingdoms!
Faster skillgain combined with a new algorithm that makes skill 70% effective at skill level 50 (instead of 50% effective).
The new servers seem very popular and from what I've heard this is what a lot of you have been waiting for for a long time.

You can play on most of the new servers for free for as long as you wish, and our player based economy aims at making it possible to earn enough silver coins ingame to pay for your subscription as well. We want to remove any economic barriers for you to enjoy Wurm.

I'd like to extend a warm welcome from me and the Wurm staff in case you decide to check us out again!

My next letter will probably be about the upcoming graphics improvements. We have a lot to release soon, including a new animation system and character customization and are working on removing performance bottlenecks and updating graphics for it. About time!


PS: Next time drop the picture from your emails, Rolf.

05-11-2011, 04:35 AM
My name is Rolf Jansson and I want to offer you some candy. You like candy, don't you? Come, here's my van.