View Full Version : The curious case of the choosey disc drive

Creeping Death
14-11-2011, 09:33 PM
So here's the thing, I recently wanted to replay HoMM V but when it came to installing from the disc it just spun continually in the drive without going anywhere. Once it did pick up the disc... but as an audio cd. I looked around on google and most comments made it seem like my drive was dying. I dug out a few other different discs and discovered the following - audio cds run fine, dvd movies run fine, newer games like lego Harry Potter run fine but slightly older ones like HoMM and Anno 1404 just continually spin. What is even more confusing is they both worked fine before I reformatted by machine and upgraded from vista 32 bit to 7 64bit.

So what do you guys suppose it is? My first thought was that my disc drive didnt like the way the older ones were written to disc, but then I remembered they worked on my old install and so that doesnt make any sense.

Oh, it's not the discs either. I tried them on my girlfriends desktop, which is running Win 7 64bit, and they worked fine. I checked if there was any new drivers for my drive and even removed the device and reinstalled it and still no go :/

I do have the most random pc problems...

14-11-2011, 09:50 PM
Are you getting any sort of errors?

14-11-2011, 11:18 PM
Check to see if there are driver/firmware updates for your drive, that could be an issue when switching to a 64-bit OS.

Other than that you might have to replace the drive, optical discs have incredibly fine tolerances so it isn't uncommon for a drive that's on it's last legs to start becoming more choosey about what discs it'll read.