View Full Version : Help with some research

16-11-2011, 06:03 PM
Hello folks, my friend is doing some research into links between driving games and road rage for her Uni dissertation, and would appreciate it if you could fill in a quick survey if you both:

a) play games and
b) have a driving license.

I'll share the results here when it's done too:

In the mean-time, so this isn't just advertising, we can speculate. I'm not a fan of 'video-games influence real-life behaviour' stuff, but road rage is a common thing (even if most people don't act on it) - I wonder if the joy of being able to drive how we like in games can make the real-world road feel more constricted. It sounds feasible, though not being a driver, I have to acknowledge I have no fucking clue.

[And yes, you are welcome to take those last five words and quote them back at me out of context next time we're arguing in a different thread]