View Full Version : My gaming rig is back!

19-11-2011, 12:22 PM
So I've had this rig for 3 years now, and the total "uptime" for it has been around 5 months. The original rig, after losing the receipt, couldn't have any warranty rights used. One at a time, ALL of the components I bought broke and had to be replaced to the point that, right now, from the original PC there's only the processor. Several months saving money, waiting for another shop to fix it just to find a new crash a couple of weeks later. A year-long trip I couldn't take it with me only increased the unrest of never seeing it fixed, being stuck with a netbook I've squeezed to his last drop.

Yesterday, after breaking on early October, La Bestia is back with all his parts rehased, and I hope this time is for good.

PS: Skyriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim.