View Full Version : The Axis shall strike again! (Hearts of Iron 3 campaign)

26-11-2011, 10:27 PM
Right, I propose a campaign of Hearts of Iron 3. But the question more in line is, with what should we play? The options are the following (added poll as well):
1) Semper Fi with mods
a) ICE Mod
b) Historical Probability Project
2) For The Motherland (with mods?)
a) RandomHOI
b) BlackICE

Also, what time we should play at? Rules are not jet chosen, so if any suggestions, go ahead.
Note: If you have bought your Hearts Of Iron 3 with For the Motherland expansion as well, option 1 is out of question for you (unless you go download it from somewhere else). Thats why as a personal recommendation you buy Paradox games from other sources as Steam, to have better backwards compatibility and such.