View Full Version : Weird motherboard problem - does not save FSB

28-11-2011, 09:44 AM
I'm having the weirdest problem with my GIGABYTE-P965-DS4 (F12 Bios). CPU is a Q6600.

I've been running a stable OC at 333 FSB for ages now but recently WIndows froze on log in and after a reset the FSB was set to it's default values (what the board sometimes does when it thinks the OC settings caused a reset). I changed them back to their OC values but the boot POST still showed the default values. I disabled the failsafe and tried it again with no luck. Other FSB values won't work as well; changing the FSB on a running system with software tools works apparently.

So i was thinking it might be the battery but none of the OC-related settings are reset, it's def. not running with all default settings.

Any ideas?

28-11-2011, 07:22 PM
power issues. (if the overclock fails and it can recover, it will run the CPU at defaults)

You need to up the voltage on the FSB, and the processor. When I was running my Abit AB9, I would have to have around 1.4V through my processor (E6600) and an extra 0.5V through my northbridge.

Also, why aren't you going for a 400Mhz overclock on the FSB with a 2:1 ratio memory strap? are you using 1066mhz or 800mhz DDR2?

28-11-2011, 07:28 PM
I've been thinking the same but it has been running fine without altering the voltage. When i was overclocking the same board a long time ago I experienced the resets caused through lack of power and they were different (usually it would try to boot several times, fail and then reset itself instead of booting perfectly fine but not saving the FSB).

i have 1066 mhz DDR2. problem with the BIOS is that i can adjust the divider only in the given 0.5 steps.