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28-11-2011, 06:05 PM
Anybody know of any turn based strategy games that have massive armies to command? Not just icons or graphics representing a lot of units - like Civ and HoMM - but actually showing all the units on the battlefield. I'm not sure I've ever come across anything like this. I've been obsessed with Total War since the first Shogun game, but I always cringe a little when it switches to real time strategy mode. Ideally, I'd like to see Heroes' battles with Total War's scale. Anything come to mind?

28-11-2011, 06:26 PM
Dominions 3

It's a fairly new (2006) game, but graphics are archaic and the interface is clunky. Yet, armies consisting of sometimes over a thousand of warriors (per province) consist of individual soldiers. Each can lose an eye, leg, gain experience, or be transformed into a leader via the Gift of Reason spell. There are heroic abilities like Heroic Strength, Heroic Precision, Heroic Endurance, Heroic Stupidity, Heroic Obesity and more.

Turns are simultaneous, and battles are not interactive. You assign up to 5 orders in advance and that's it. But it would be a micromanagement nightmare otherwise. The game is very popular in multiplayer.

The game has tons of flavor, both in text and other stuff. At least try a demo. I don't really enjoy it, I bought it mostly to read flavor text.

28-11-2011, 06:28 PM
Dominions 3
Heroic Obesity


28-11-2011, 07:15 PM
Don't forget hydras crippled with Battle Fright. When they rout and try to flee through your army, they're even worse than panicked elephants.

A couple of quotes:

A global enchantment for %s.
An unnatural vigor has come upon the people of the world, their woes, their pains, their very mortality is being sucked away from them. The black lamb, %s, %s has opened the well of misery, making %s the sacrifice, drawing all ills to %s %s providing false hopes to the righteously smitten. The coming of the black lamb of %s is one of the omens of the end. Unless the unholy well dries out the prophesies state that %s will ascend the heavens and lock all pretenders' souls and bodies in the pit of Tartarus.
Destroy the well of misery, give back the mortals their woes and ailments, do not let them cling to the false hope promised by the sacrifice of the black lamb.

* * *

Ravagus, the Master of Flames, has sent his man-born son to serve you. In return he expects you to set the world on fire.

* * *

A demon has possessed a herd of swine and ravaged the province for a week.

* * *

Fallen leaves and magic earth gems have been found in a badger's den.

* * *

This bear claw is enchanted to strengthen its wearer. This is a very manly talisman and it is said that a woman wearing it will get a deeper voice and maybe even a beard.

* * *

This carpet can be used to fly through as many as three provinces per turn. It can carry 7 human-sized units, 4 mounted units, or 3 giants.

* * *

Buer is one of the Demon Lords. He is the Sun of the Inferno and tortures sinners and demons with searing heat. When summoned into this world, his powers are diminished and he takes a strange and fearsome bodily form. Buer appears as a burning, lion-maned goat's head encircled by five goat legs. The mere presence of the Goat Sun causes the temperature to rise to unbearable levels and in battle soldiers will suffer from severe exhaustion and may faint from the heat. Buer is a Lesser Sun and bound by divine laws to stay on the ground when visiting this world, a fact which he much resents.

* * *

Percival the Pocket Knight is, as his name implies, a Pocket Knight. He was made by an unknown craftsman long ago and has since shown up in various battles throughout the ages. Percival looks much like any knight, except that he is made out of tin. He also behaves much like an ordinary knight, except that he lives in a pocket. When the horns of battle call, Percival will charge out of his owner's pocket, land on the ground, grow to full size and deliver fierce battle to the enemies. Percival's main diet is lint, with the occasional shot of tin polish.

* * *

The skin of the long dead troll king Uffga the Barrow Squatter. After Vanlade the Vanadrott slew Uffga, he flayed the ancient troll and inscribed the skin with runes and blessings of Blood magic that preserved in it the character of its original owner. Vanlade, who was already a wise and ancient Van, had not become old through incaution, so he gave the skin of the querulous old troll to one of his favored einheriar and it was with only mild surprise that he found Uffga's quarrelsome stubbornness eventually dominating the will of the einhere. In time the skinsuit almost subsumed the personality of the einhere and his body turned into that of a troll, though one of lesser stature and power. Vanlade was forced to slay this diminished Uffga again and wisely decided to pass its skin on to followers who would not have to spend time in his vicinity, lest Uffga once more try to work his vengeance on Vanlade through his remains.

* * *

Koschei is an evil, shriveled and senile old man who has terrorized young women from time immemorial. Ages ago he was a handsome and wicked man obsessed with young women. When he got older he lost his potence, perhaps through the curse of an angered vila. Desperate and full of hate, he tracked and found the hut of Baba Yaga. He tried to coerce the ancient witch into giving him longevity. She cackled a laugh and taught him the magic of Death. Koschei triumphantly left the hut for new conquests, accompanied by a whispering laughter. He hid his soul in a needle, which is in an egg, which is in a hare, in an iron chest, under an oak, on a distant island in a far away ocean. As long as the needle is unbroken, Koschei cannot die. But he does not get younger. Koschei had been taught the secrets of Death, but not the secrets of Life. Koschei is still impotent, still hateful, still senile. And he still captures young women, hoping that he will find one who will cure his impotence. With promises of a cure to his affliction, Koschei has agreed to aid the New God. Ages of solitude and lack of human warmth have made Koschei a being cold of heart. So cold are his emotions that he is constantly surrounded by an icy wind.

* * *

Baba Yaga is an ancient hag of the woods. She is among the oldest beings in the kingdom and has aided more heroes than any sage, and eaten more children than any dragon. Her appearance is that of a huge, shriveled old crone with teeth, nails and a nose of iron. Some claim her long, pendulous breasts are of iron as well. She is dressed in dark rags and her hair is long and unkempt. Baba Yaga is the most feared of all the beings of the wilderness. Her malevolence is unsurpassed, but so is her wisdom. At times she will aid questing heroes, at times she will eat them. Her boiling cauldron is always full of the tender flesh of infants. Baba Yaga lives in a hut with chicken legs, surrounded by a fence adorned with human skulls. Only very brave or very stupid heroes ever approach the hut. With the coming of the New God, Baba Yaga has seen the wisdom in limited servitude.

* * *

(Early era)
For centuries the seas have been the domain of the Tritons, but recently a nation of beings resembling a cross between fish, frog and human has emerged in the deepest gorges of the oceans. The race is not entirely unknown as there are a few of them who have made shallow coastal reefs their home, but the Triton Kings never imagined that they were numerous or powerful enough to form a nation. These Atlantians of the deeps never stop growing and will live for several hundred years unless killed. The Atlantian society is organized in a strict hierarchy of size and age. The oldest and most cunning Atlantians have made themselves kings and queens of The Basalt City in the deepest reaches of the ocean. The Atlantians of the deeps use weapons of enchanted basalt made by the Basalt Kings.

(Middle era)
When the Star fell into the sea the Basalt City and the Dark Crystal were destroyed, the reign of the Basalt Queens was ended and the surviving Atlantians reformed the kingdom. Atlantis is an underwater nation of strange beings resembling a cross betweem fish, frog and human. Atlantians never stop growing and will live for several hundred years unless killed. The Atlantian society is organized in a strict hierarchy of size and age. The oldest and most cunning Atlantians are trained as priests or mages. Because the Atlantians find it difficult to use magic, they often capture human children and train them in magic in the Coral Towers. The soldiers of Atlantis use spears tipped with living coral shards and wear armor made of coral chunks. The coral is poisonous and is cultivated solely for purposes of war.

(Late era)
With the Second Fall of Atlantis and the demise of the Coral Queens at the hands of R'lyeh, the Atlantians were forced to retreat from the seas. A few surviving Kings of the Deep entered a pact with a sleeping God at a forsaken coast of ice and bones. The Atlantian Angakut, Shaman Kings, lead the Bone Cult and practice Death magic previously unheard of in Atlantian history. The Angakut have coerced captured Caelian ice crafters to yield the secrets of their skills and now most of the Atlantians use arms of enchanted ice. Even their great city is built on interlinked ice floes.

For people with Linux (yes, the game runs on Windows, Linux and Mac) it's a simple matter of running "strings dom3" to instantly extract all the text.