View Full Version : If Being Ill, the Last Thing You Should Do is to Stay in Bed in the Afternoon.

30-11-2011, 08:19 AM
Sigh, today my stomach is killing me. I thought it to be okay when getting on the bus, but stomaching got worse and worse. Once it reached the bus terminal I immediately boarded the returning bus. After taking prescribed med, in stead of getting better I got even worse. I went to bed and expect the stomaching to go away, and in fact it grew more violent. Damn. Once I let it all out (you know what I mean), then I felt much better.

Maybe I do not get enough exercise. From now on I should rearrange some of my video gaming time to do physical exercise. Plus, whatever what you do during illness, try to avoid staying in bed, unless you are in fever. In Chinese medicine, we believed that liver would not function properly and therefore toxic substance would stay in your body. I know that the very first symptom of illness is tiredness, but once you resist the tiredness in day hours, you would feel recovered at night.

And more importantly, try to be in sleeping mode between 11pm to 1am. This would ensure all liver problems going away.