View Full Version : You Mates Read a Story Book Called "The Second Conquest"?

06-12-2011, 03:01 PM
By Allen Sharp


More of like an adventure game in form of literature. A very short story book with about 5 endings, but I dont exactly recall. The story is about in near future, people built a gigantic spacecraft named Conquest, the Ark for the imminent nuclear war. The war did break out, and the ship was launched, but too late as some fictions, which were obviously not stake holders of the ship, attacked the ship with nuclear equipped heat seeker, and therefore contaminated the ship with radiation. It is interesting that the craft was run by an AI supercomputer, and whether this computer was damaged by the attacked played some interesting part in the story.

I read the Chinese translation, and I know that there are some other books in the series but I dont know their original English title. I would consider those story book (I read those when I was still in primary school, though some should be rated M for mature, now come to think of it.) to be more enjoyable to some point-and-click adventure video games.

07-12-2011, 09:35 PM
Man I loved those books. I don't recall many specific ones, though.

Wasn't there one with a shrinking device? And I'm pretty sure there was one where you went through a black hole and came out a white hole with bizarro gravity or something... There were a bunch at my elementary school library.

08-12-2011, 02:59 AM
Wasn't there one with a shrinking device? And I'm pretty sure there was one where you went through a black hole and came out a white hole with bizarro gravity or something...

I dont remember that one, but I recalled another two books in the series. I tried to translate the titles back to English from Chinese translation.

One is "The Night When The Comet Comes". The protagonist is a frequent visitor to a remote Scotland island, where was all leased to a retired American industrialist who lived there with his wife, but the government kept an operational observtory there, manned by three technicians. There was a local resident remaining on the island. The couple welcame visitors to the island, so there were another two character: one tourist who was a naval officer, and a book writer who visited the island to study birds. The story occured as in one occasion the US NASA sent an unmanned spacecraft to study an approaching comet, only to have them colluded. The accident may result in a change of the comet's orbit that the comet might come too close or even clashed into the Earth. The island started to experience some abnormalities, like abnormalities behaviors of animals, interference of electronic equippments, and else. Now it's your decisions that determine whether you can survive to tell this horrific story. From my perspectives, sometimes you have to decide to follow traditional wisdom or comman sense.

Another one is "Contract with Mafia", the protagonist was offered a gifted tour to Sicily, totaly free of charge. Turned out it was a trick by a Mafia, with which the protagonist had no affilation, to clean house. The most memoriable scene for me happened to be in the first chapter, a Sicilian having ice-cream for breakfast. I was such a small kid while reading that book, you see. Of course, I would bother to try at this age, I know to myself I dont have a strong stomach like the Sicilian did.