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12-12-2011, 12:02 PM
Hi everyone,

I recently discovered that behind RPS there's a forum with awesome people on it, so I thought this could be a great place to look for like-minded people.

I like variety in terms of games that I play. If I play 1 game too much I get burned out on it and stop playing it for a while (sometimes a very long one). This often results in me not finishing singleplayer games, but that's not a problem cause I can always come back later and finish it whenever I feel like it.

With multi-player games it's not that easy. I love multiplayer games, especially team or co-op games, but most of the time I have no one to play them with. The main reason is that low-level players don't group up. Of course there are clans (or similar) in almost any game with at least some degree of competition, but to get there you usually need to get at least decent and play regularly. I don't blame them, cause if the didn't that usually be no different than playing with random people. So I'm stuck with that which can be frustrating. When it comes to co-op games there are usually no organized groups, so if you don't have friends who play the same games you're bound to look for strangers if you want to play.

You could say that playing with strangers is not that bad. Not always, but how often do you get people that's fun to play with ? Even if you do find somebody, you play for a while you add him to your friends list, it turns out that it's only this one game that you both play. That's it. So after you're done playing he's just sitting in your friends list until someone decides to clean his list up.

One more thing before I get to my point (I warned you, didn't I?). The thing that bothers me the most when it comes to strangers is that you can't talk with them. You TYPE. During the game this comes down to the essential communication because you came there to play, not type all day long, and after the game it's mostly just "That was fun, bye". This leaves no place for the usual chit-chat that happens when you TALK with people. You can't socialize with fellow players in-game, and doing it after consumes a huge ammount of time, cause typing is a very slow way of communicating and people don't have the time.

This leads to the playerbase of a particular game getting divided into 2 groups. The first one is people who are either new and/or unskilled, don't feel like trying to get into a clan cause this usually requires a lot of time and effort or just like to play alone. This guys usually don't experience much teamwork or cooperation, so it's not so fun for them to play (they have a hard time winning, don't feel like they make a difference, get bored easily etc.) The second are people in clans who have more fun with this game, but they either play it exclusively or at least put a lot of time into this game.

I don't like to put too much time into one game. There's too many great games out there to focus too much on just one. No matter how good it is, at some point I'll have to search for a new group/clan etc. I'd like to have a way not to start over every time I go to a new game (or come back to an old one).

So here's my solution:
Let's gather like-minded people. As we get bigger it's gonna get easier to find people to play games that you like (or feel like playing right now). Maybe you'll find people who never tried to play a game you like and are willing to try. Maybe they'll get hooked up. Who knows.

You like playing a variety of co-op or team games ? This is the place for you.
You like to play less popular games that have low playerbase ? This is the place for you too.
You play a popular game buy you would like to play in a somewhat coordinated team but don't have time to play in a clan ? Still in the right place.

I don't expect anyone to be good at anything except for the ability to communicate.
So I have only ONE big requirement - having a MICROPHONE.

I've learned from my experience, that even if the game is not so good, being able to talk to fellow players makes it much more fun. If you are new to the game, you can get better very fast, because you can get some advice from other players on-the-fly. Finally if there's not much going on (loading screens, early game phases, no enemies areas etc.) you can just chat, learn a thing or two or maybe discover you both like to play another game. And you DON'T HAVE TO TYPE ! I personally despise typing when I can talk. It takes so much time to type the things you want to say. Think about how easier it is to communicate something by talking rather than typing.

Please make sure that it works properly though. It's of no use if no one can understand what your saying because of static, loopback or whatever.

I don't want this to be a strictly co-op community. Playing against people you know and can talk too is also fun and I intend to do all the fun stuff !

If you're interested, reply in this thread. Put some info about yourself and which co-op/team games you like playing (or would like to play with someone rather than alone). If there'll be enough interest for this I might think of a Vent server or something similar, but for now use this thread or PM me.

If you got here I'm proud of you :D
See you in-game !

12-12-2011, 12:03 PM
<reserved space>

12-12-2011, 12:14 PM
About me:
I'm 24. I'm from Poland. I play something almost every day. I love games, especially co-op games and team multiplayer games but with people who actually cooperate in them !
Games I like to play:
Starcraft 2, Men of War: Assault Squad, Magicka, Section 8: Prejudice (new there), League of Legends (I'm in DotA 2 beta but I suck at it :D), Left 4 Dead 2, World of Tanks, Minecraft, Terraria, Magic The Gathering, Assassin's Creed Revelations ? (I played Brotherhood MP, but didn't get to ACR MP yet), INSURGENCY (source mod), Alien Swarm, Defcon, Multiwinia, Ace of Spades.
That's all I could remeber for now. I have more of this, but I didn't get the chance to play some of them at all so I don't know how good they are (f.e. AI War: Fleet Command) or didn't have money to buy them (Portal 2).

12-12-2011, 12:27 PM
Erm, I think you're trying to formalise something which already happens spontaneously in these here forums. We've a multitude of unofficial groups who organise things, and there's already an unofficial RPS Mumble server as well.

Not that it's necessarily a bad thing to try and do.


12-12-2011, 01:04 PM
Well, I was gonna check the Mumble server, but it dropped out of my memory. I'm pretty new here and I might not have done enough research. If it's so similar to what I'm trying to do here then I might just go there :)
This idea was floating in the back of my head for a while and I decided to vent it.

I was aware of the number of different groups here. I don't mind that. I'm already part of one and will probably join more of them. What I wanted to avoid is the "multitude" part. Each time I want to switch to a different game, I have to go elsewhere, search for new people, reply in a new thread and so on. Maybe I'm trying to put too much stuff into one place. Who knows. But from my experience, when you join a certain group that is focused on one game, you can either play this game with this people NOW, or go look for people to play a different one, which takes time. Sometimes a lot of it.

I wanted to get a group that is not focused on any particular game to maybe make this transitions smoother and to see if there are people like me around here.

And yes, I'm lazy and I have too much free time at the moment ;)

12-12-2011, 01:30 PM
lazy + bored is a dangerous combination :)

Personally I think it's an idea with merit, but it would probably be better served by one of the admins stickying a post with a list of all the groups which are knocking around here. However from re-reading your post(s) I suspect you're more after either the RPS Steam ChatRoom or a similar channel on the Mumble server where you could just pop in and see who is around and if they want to play anything?

But I still like the idea of a sticky post with a directory of RPS Interwebs Games Groups

12-12-2011, 02:18 PM
I've been on the Steam Chatroom a few times, and it's awfully quiet in there. As for the Mumble server, I can't connect right now (can't find any current thread on it). Problem with Steam Chatroom is that even if I find someone to play there, the chance of him having a mic so we can TALK to is low. Did I mention I hate to type ? Especially ingame.

I think the picture I had in my head is to find some people interested in this sort of stuff and decide to hang out in the same place while online and willing to play and schedule some meetings for certain games at convenient times.

I did put some popular games in there but I should emphasize that my goal was to gather groups for the less popular ones. F.e. if I ask in some chatroom "Who wants to play <insert a good but not so popular game> ?", I probably won't find anyone willing to play it. "I don't have it installed", "I don't feel like it today" etc. I can ask everyday, but how many people am I gonna find at once (let's say I need 4)? To get a full team at once I need to schedule it. It's less of an issue if it's a popular game, but it's still more fun to play with people I've already played something with and that I can talk to.

Also some games are not worth starting a separate group. How many games of Sanctum, DEFCON, Magicka can you play toghether ? How long will you stay active in such group ? Some people will join you for one session and that's it. You gotta start over. If you can find good teammates in one game, why not try playing other games with them ? A group like this would make it easy to find people willing to play different games. Did I mention talking ?

Damm my post are long. That's the most stuff I wrote at once since high school.

12-12-2011, 07:17 PM

Instructions for mumble, which I only came across via the DDO thread.

I think this thread is a good idea for ecclectic games, if there's an existing group or one forms then put a link to it in the first post (afterall things keep falling off the front page and not every thread can be active).
Get enough of those threads together and enough activity in here and this thread will probably get sticky'd or will stay up by itself.

Personally at the moment I need to find someone to play portal 2's co-op levels with - they can't have played them before since they'd be waiting for me the whole time, no both of us need to be fresh to those levels and theres at least a few games of a similar nature.

12-12-2011, 07:28 PM
I'll think about editing the first post. I could link to all the active grouping threads and the thread itself would be for what you called "ecclectic games" :)
I managed to find the Mumble server after all, but this required help from some people on Steam Chatroom. That thread could certainly use a sticky.

I'd be totally onboard for Portal 2 if I had it. I might grab it if it goes on sale for Christmas (which is very likely).

12-12-2011, 07:48 PM
Spreadsheets - they are the answer to all the world's problems ;)

Also - I need to play the co-op missions for portal2.

13-12-2011, 04:56 AM
Double also: I too have yet to play the co-op missions for Portal 2. Or Portal 2 itself, for that matter, but the holidays might just be the perfect time to remedy this. Also, I'm down for general co-op/multiplayer shindigs; I like the idea of playing games, that although they no longer have much of an online presence, still have multiplayer capabilities that could be exploited with a little organization.

But I should check out this Mumble Server as well, it appears to more than the ARMA-related tool I first imagined it was.

13-12-2011, 08:24 AM
I think it's a great idea to start up a group that plays a multitude of games instead of focusing on one like most groups do in this forum. I also tried to find some people to play with in the steam group chat room a few months back but with little to no success over the course of several days so I have given up on that.
I would love be part of a group that regularly plays different games because just like you I tend to burn out on games fairly quick when played to much.

So I am definitely down for some multiplayer/co-op games although admittedly my collection of multiplayer games isn't very big these days. The only multiplaying I have done lately is minecraft and some older games like Baldurs Gate and NWN1 with this guy I know from the internet. I certainly wouldn't mind playing some more modern games like terraria with a group.

You can add me on steam (Cakeaddict) and chat me up sometime for a random game. I have a mic and have skype, vent and mumble installed so no problem there. I will probably be up for a game or two in the weekends most of the time and if you are willing to play some older games you can join me and my friend playing stuff like NWN1.

13-12-2011, 09:50 AM
Managed to play a few of the Co-op levels of Portal 2 with Jarvis last night. I'd forgotten how great that game is, but they *really* don't ease you into the difficulty - either that or I've got more stupid since playing Portal 2

Once again apologies to Jarvis for my abysmal feedback issues in Mumble, it's definitely an issue with my PC, I'll try and fix it before we try and knock off the next few levels.

13-12-2011, 07:00 PM
There's a thead here on RPS for Portal 2 that I posted in, may I add the lot of you on Steam for some co-oping?

13-12-2011, 08:46 PM
Sure! Steam name is the same as the forum name.

15-12-2011, 03:47 PM
Getting something organized for getting coop games going sounds like a great idea to me. I have many games that I have putted off playing or started and quite because they seemed like they would be much more fun playing with other people. I have also had the problem of finding someone to play with only to find out they don't have a mic. To me this isn't really much different than going solo if you can talk to each other.

The mumble server is very nice and has the channels setup for different games. I would say that is the best way to communicate but Steam chat works pretty well too.

Some games that I have that I'd be looking to play some coop in: Battlefield 3, Splinter Cell Conviction, Magicka, Borderlands, Renegade Ops, Dungeon Defenders, Dungeon Siege 3, Nation Red (can never find a lobby for this), Sanctum and Terraria. I'll most likely pick up Portal 2 and Dead Island during the holiday sales too.