View Full Version : [MISSION] [adv46] Hunter Hunted

03-01-2012, 12:08 AM
A Spetsnatz recon team has been advancing into CDF territory and has been instructed to take out a CDF Major that is going to pass them on a nearby road.But they have been spotted by local farmers and the local CDF officer has sent his men into the woods.The Spetsnatz are heavily outgunned but have to take out the Major and escape the forests to meet up with a friendly helicopter.

Map: Chernarus
Scripts: F2, some custom stuff
Requires: Combined Ops

- randomized starting locations
- Trip Flares that react to player movement speed; they fire only when running and on a 1 in 10 chance when going slower
- Every 5 minutes the Spetsnatz trigger a trip flare, a marker will tell BLUFOR their position
- BLUFOR only has flashlights and flares, OPFOR have NVGs (but much less ammo)- OPFOR's escape heli is player controlled.
- The Predator Theme.


03-01-2012, 10:57 PM
Changes after the first playtest:
- time of day is now past 5am so the sun will rise eventually
- weather options changed - now includes clear night, dark night and clear night + light fog
- trip flares are now triggered by crouched jog as well
- reduced the time when markers are placed for the flares to 1 minute
- AI patrols now spot as well
- all CDF now have a G17 as sidearm (flashlight)
- some changes to the briefing
- hopefully fixed locality problems

Changes after the second playtest:
- fixed a script
- less triggers throughout the forest. I'm a bit torn on their placement