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14-01-2012, 09:49 AM
How much are you generally prepared to pay for DLC as a price point? Forget the 'extra clothing' or 'horse armour' sort (which is just for completionists), but more the additional adventures sort?

What's your 'I'll wait until a sale and get it on the cheap then' level?

Personally anything over about 5 - 6 is something I'll pass over until a sale on the whole.

14-01-2012, 09:59 AM
<2 - Guaranteed sale if I somewhat enjoyed the game.
<4 - I will buy if I felt the game was good. This is the sweet spot I think - I can be tempted into impulse buying pretty much anything as long as I feel the quality is going to be somewhat worth it.
<10 - The DLC is gonna have to look really good and the original game must've impressed me for this kind of purchase.

Anything above that is a no sale unless I read "wow, this DLC is utterly amazing and is like 5hrs long!"

14-01-2012, 10:01 AM
DLC is a wholly publisher controlled price (except when Bethesda put it on a disc (its no longer dlc really?)) so I can't wait for the inevitable discounts. But steam has trained my dlc buying, never more than a little, say 2,but some dlc breaks the rule by being epic...

14-01-2012, 10:11 AM
I'm pretty much on the same spectrum as FuriKuri. I waited until The Missing Link was under 10, although I then ended up enjoying it so much that I finished it it one sitting.

Map packs I will almost certainly not purchase unless I absolutely adore the game, especially if they're the Call of Duty style packs of two old maps and one new one for a third of the price of the game itself. Utter waste of money. If the next set of BF3 maps costs anything like that then, well, they'd better be damned impressive.

14-01-2012, 10:29 AM
It depends. For something that I think is pretty substantial, I might pay up to 10 - pretty sure I paid full price for General Knoxx and it was worth a good amount more than that. In general though, I'm only getting DLC when it comes down to that "impulse purchase" <2 mark. A lot of the decision however is based off how substantial the DLC appears to be and what (if any) my existing experiences have been. Knoxx being so good made me more than willing to cough up for the OK Claptrap Robot revolution. However, the DLC I picked up for Cities in Motion was so poorly implemented that I have no intention of getting any more, or in contrast the Magicka stuff just seemed so unbelievably limited. Also, I've since grown to detest Magicka so won't be buying that again.

14-01-2012, 12:42 PM
Depends entirely what's in it. Reskins or similar cosmetic stuff and I might pay up to a quid; if I really like the game. Additional gameplay I'll go higher - I thought Fallout : New Vegas' DLC was cheap at 9.99 for what could easily have been a 14.99 expansion.

14-01-2012, 12:53 PM
Anything more than $5: Better be a full expansion.

But then, at this point I have so many games waiting to be played that I just wait for the inevitable compendium edition anyways. And, more often than not, if that doesn't come I skip the game entirely.

14-01-2012, 12:58 PM
Up to $10 if it adds a decent amount of content (say Lair of the Shadowbroker). Up to $5 if it adds a pack of equipment or something. $2 will probably prompt me to purchase if I enjoy the game.

Reskins? Never.

14-01-2012, 01:14 PM
Depends more on the DLC itself than the price, I'd say.

I picked up Realm of the Diggle Gods 'cos it was on sale w/ Dredmor during the Winter Sale. I don't even know what's in it beyond some extra floors, but I'm not bothered. Sanctum DLC I pick up generally when I can (although the latest two maps I waited for as I felt they were expensive) out of support for Coffee Stain, but they're really the only exceptions as of late.

Skin packs I weigh up - do I get enough skins for my money, or does it look like it'll be a rip (e.g. Space Marine stuff) that I won't use at all? I'll more often than not pass on skins unless there's something I want about them (I bought the ME2 ones just for the sake of better looking-ish armour for my companions). I got the Dungeon Defenders one to balance out the character roster, but I've not really played it much.

Weapon packs, again, depends on the price and what you get, but generally as I don't play MP I tend not to bother. I got the New Vegas stuff, though, for completion's sake and for the added variety (plus the starting boost from the Stash pack). Mass Effect 2's weapons pack was alright, and I'd say I got my use out of it.

Maps... generally not, because they're often MP-tied. I got The Settlers 7's campaign/map packs when they were on sale, plus I liked having them there just in case. They remain to be used by me, funnily enough, but I don't regret buying them even after considering Ubisoft's stance on DRM and the quality of TS7 itself.

Civs/playable characters - Depends on the game, the character(s) and so on. I got the Spain/Inca pack for Civ V so I could have Spain again, but largely the Civ V DLC is poor price for content, although when you think about the balancing it's probably not too bad a deal.

Campaigns/Mini-Expansions - F:NV, got them all. Settlers 7, got them all. GTA IV, got both. It depends on the price and the game. NV I wanted the packs just out of support for the high content they have, Settlers 7 I mentioned above and GTA IV I thought had two of the best DLC packs (in terms of quality/content) to have ever been released. If I enjoyed the game a lot, chances are I'd buy it.

If I judged everything on price, I'd only buy grand strategy/economic sims...

14-01-2012, 01:20 PM
I've never actually bought DLC after I bought the game, so this is a trikcy one for me. I'd probably buy DLC if it is individually priced aroudn 5 euros per piece, if it is content that is up to FNV standards.

14-01-2012, 01:39 PM
$2.50 or under.

DLC drops like a rock during every single Steam sale and this is the most I've paid for any DLC pack on Steam (and I do own a lot of DLC.)

It doesn't matter what type of DLC it is -- it could be the best story based DLC pack that the developer has ever done, but I can be patient and wait for the publisher to slash it to almost nothing during a seasonal Steam sale.

I've actually stopped buying DLC on the 360 / PS3 completely because a) it hardly goes on sale and b) when it does, its considerably more than $2.50. Steam has spoiled me.

14-01-2012, 02:19 PM
Depends on the game and what the DLC offers, I don't really have a "sweet spot"; If I believe the game deserves it, and I think the content/fun I will receive is worth it, I'll consider it.

14-01-2012, 03:35 PM
Character skins and Horse Armor etc... I would possibly buy, but only in the context of something I love so damn much I'd punch babies for to defend it, and I know the cash would be going toward further content patches that are given for free and wont sqwiff the ballance of the game e.g. Killing Floor.
I would not pay more then 1.50 for that though.

Trivial content like the above mixed with extra maps and missions etc... I would possibly spend upto 5 on a game thats ok, but only if its a bundle of stuff that includes most or all the DLC available for the game e.g. if all the Magica DLC was squashed into a pack for 3-4 I'm cool with it. I may be buying the Nippon and Wizzard survival kit which are crappy, but they would be priced at about 2p each or something silly with a pack, so no major skin off my teeth.

Map and weapon packs of any price point on for multiplayer games I refuse to buy (unless bundled into a delux edition for a good price) due to it being a ballance and community divider.

Single player mission maps like the Mass Effect ones or Deus Ex? Depends how much I care about it. Never more then 8 unless I know its a HUGE or great quality peice of content.

14-01-2012, 04:08 PM
Up to $10 if it adds a decent amount of content (say Lair of the Shadowbroker). Up to $5 if it adds a pack of equipment or something. $2 will probably prompt me to purchase if I enjoy the game.

Reskins? Never.

Definitely agree. I was actually really impressed by Lair of the Shadowbroker, and less so with some of ME2's other dlc. I think Mass Effect 2 is the only game where I have actually paid full price for dlc, although I can see myself paying for Skyrim's dlc if it is substantial.

I otherwise only buy dlc as part of a steam sale or goty edition, when it is closer to the 2-6$ mark.

14-01-2012, 04:22 PM
Fluff DLC (items, skins, horse armor) never more than $1.

Real DLC (quests, maps, etc) up to $10 depending on how much substance is really there.

DLC that's basically a mislabeled expansion pack goes higher, of course.