View Full Version : Let's welcome RadianGames to the PC - be nice eh?

26-01-2012, 12:10 AM
Luke (RadianGames) made a name for himself making games for XBLIG (7 in a year!!) but he's sensibly decided to branch out from that lost and lonely dying corner of the gaming world and he's arrived on the PC (another win for our format!!)

Super Crossfire (as seen in the last Indie Royale Bundle) is Space Invaders with the simple addition of the ability to switch to the top/bottom of the screen - it's highly addictive and really rather good (out own Lewie is already in the Top 10 players - you could knock him out of that tho couldn't you?) :)

Ballistic is a twinstick arena shooter - one of those "oh I must just have one more go" shooters we all know and love for it's glorious focus on "just killing stuff".

Inferno is twinstick shooter Gauntlet and all the more lovely for it's upgrades and stuff

Fireball is a simplified (for the better) Every Extend Extra - it's my favourite of the XBLIG games because I appear to be not entirely crap at it!!

Lastly there's his only (thusfar) PC exclusive - Slydris - which is simple variant on Tetris which I can't stop playing - hell I see it when I close my eyes, it's one of THOSE games.

Anyway - it's good when people leave the horrible console markets and join us nice PC Gaming folks so welcome him and do try his games - they're awfully cheap and all that!!

www.radiangames.com has all the dirt you need - 15 for all 5 games or $20 with the soundtracks thrown in (or $12 if you already have Super Crossfire) is very very cheaps IMO

Hell I got my moneysworth out of Slydris alone!

Lewie Procter
26-01-2012, 12:22 AM
Yup, Luke is a cool guy. Everyone buy his games.

26-01-2012, 06:17 PM
No takers thusfar?

Cmon ppl - Lewie and (for Fireball at least) my scores are WITHIN YOUR REACH! :)

26-01-2012, 06:25 PM
I love the Geometry Wars-esque art styles. I'll pick these up in a few weeks, assuming the Super Collection thingy is still available.

Though wow, only 215 bundles sold? Poor guy.