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28-01-2012, 10:08 PM
Always up for any Tower Defense sorta of game, indie game being in the top 20 top selling, and the RPS slight comparison to Z, I became interested in Oil Rush.

I have only played the first chapter, which is mostly Tutorial and introducing game concepts, but have enjoyed myself so far.

The basic premise is the world is under water and Oil is still gold, with apparently lack of any investment into Solar or Tidal generation technology. And there is people on Jet Skis wielding machine guns. You play some army recruit of the Sharks, the dominant military corporation. That apparent has/wants all the Oil. The leader raised you as a father when yours died and he is proud to get his adopted son into some action. The Rebel Raiders are rebels, so as any rebel they do not like being under the evil empire. With Shabby cribs and rusted tug boats they fight to live in the world as they want.

The game plays out as a RTS and control Points. The various other similar games elude me, but they have been popular on touch devices with send, capture and hold with simple fleet numbers. You send unit types point to point, which no direct control where they move around the map itself. Defensive structures are permitted around unit factories, providing solid defenses or a delay for other reinforcements. Oil is required to build your defenses along with activating different abilities that you can research into. Unit production is constant with no cost, but each factory has a hard limit on the max number of that unit type may exist at a time.

I had fun with it so far. Game looks good, normal exploding sounds and nice music. If you are looking for a Point-to-Point RTS (PPRTS, yes we need more acronyms) conquest game with a bit more depth, this may interest you.

I streamed for the first time on my new PC of the first chapter. Do not quite have the mic and game sound levels to a happy marriage nor used to talking into a mic to myself. Hope this gives people an idea if they may like the game or not.


29-01-2012, 08:42 PM
I've also been playing this. Found it rather addictive, and very pretty. The controls feel a bit counter intuitive but that may change once a I'm a bit further in. Highly reccomended for any tower defence fans who are bored of the same old same old.

01-02-2012, 03:38 AM
I just completed the Campaign on Normal. 5-6 hours. Seemed to end to soon. Of course you can play back on Hard. There is a couple tower defense like levels. With just 3 towers and only a couple tower centric abilities they tend to drag on. I prefer the Point-to-Point RTS parts. I guess the game description did say 16 missions.

There is also AI Skirmishes and Online. The one time I refreshed online for games, there was none. Be interesting try it. When I get time will have to try to recruit some games here.

Still $18 for 12 hours for those having thoughts on picking it up. Or waiting on the eventually $10-15 price deals.