View Full Version : Motherboard buying advice

03-02-2012, 04:49 AM
So I've been gradually upgrading my PC, on as tight a budget as possible. Next step is to get an SSD for Windows, and a nice big normal HDD for all my files. Before I do this, I need a new motherboard, as I only have two SATA slots right now. Thing is, I have no idea what kind of thing is good for a motherboard, so I'm looking for some recommendations.

It needs to be AMD, socket AM3+, as I'm going to use the same processor. It needs a decent amount of SATA slots, and at least two PCI-e slots, so I can SLI up my graphics card at a later date if necessary. I guess I'll grab like 8GB or so of RAM to go with it. I have a pretty big case, so size isn't really an issue, but ideally I'd like to spend as little as possible :D

03-02-2012, 10:38 AM
It might be cheaper to just get something like:


first one I pulled up, I guess you'll need something with the 6Gb SATA interface (otherwise the SSD isn't going to have room to stretch it's little data-legs).

Personally I'd only replace the motherboard when I replace the CPU, then you are not having to compromise (plus it gives you the option of switching to an Intel processor if it takes your fancy), it's a quick fix to your problem but gives you more options down the line.