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A Napoleon: Total War after action report in which I attempt to lead a madman to victory over all of Europe

Russia is a giant, if it can be mobilized to face the deadly danger to peace that is Napoleon Bonaparte.

It is also a nation that is recovering from the assassination of the reforming Tsar Paul in 1801, a man who was too interested in reform to be left on the throne. Rumour has it that Tsar Alexander was complicit, at the very least, in his father’s death. Paul had taken Russia to war against revolutionary France. Now Alexander is beginning to realize that a French, or rather, Napoleonic hunger for victories will drag Russia into war once again. If Russia is to be seen as a major power in Europe, she must behave as a major power, or accept French domination of Europe.

This is why Russia now contemplates war against France again. There may be incidental gains to be made in Poland and Prussian-dominated Germany, but the threat of the new French Empire is real. Napoleon has set himself up as the equal of the Tsar, and that is an implicit challenge. There are potential allies and some, like the English, have very large treasuries.

Russian soldiers may be tough and ready, but her generals are cunning commanders. Russia also has the advantage of time and space, should a war go badly. No invader from the west can comprehend the emptiness of the steppes, deal with the vast distances of Russia, or survive the merciless campaigns of “General Winter.”

-Introduction to the Russian campaign

Tsar Paul I


To receive the Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath achievement by declaring war on all nations immediately upon starting the game, accepting no peace and still being victorious.

Victory Conditions

Capture and hold twenty five regions, including Ingria, Greater Poland, Moldava & Bessarabia, East Prussia, Finland, Galicia and Moscow Guberniya by the end of December 1812.

Start of the campaign - victory regions to be captured are shown in red


Hard campaign/Hard battles

Nation Selected


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Tsar Aleksandr I

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/TsarAleksandrI.jpg

Also known as Aleksandr the Psychopath, he is a man with much to prove after his suspected role in the death of his father. With the coalition severely pressed by Napoleon in the west, Aleksandr broke off ties with his former allies and opportunistically declared war on all the nations of Europe in an act of supreme hubris.

In order to successfully achieve his goals of grabbing as much land from his neighbors as possible, Aleksandr will need more than an appreciation of soldiers in uniform; he will need help from a number of great men from military, social and less reputable circles. Fortunately for Aleksandr, those men are willing and able to help him pursue his dreams of conquest.

Chancellor Adam Jerzy Czartoryski

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/AdamCzartoryski.jpg

Every monarch needs good men supporting him, and Adam Czartoryski is such a man. As Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Empire he is responsible for increasing the lackluster support the government has with the Russian people. His rabid support for maintaining the status quo does not make him beloved of the downtrodden, though his knowledge of all things farming helps offset this with the peasants somewhat. Unfortunately for them, he doesn’t much care.

Lord Treasurer Aleksey Vasilyev

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/AlekseyVasilyev.jpg

An army might march on its stomach, but every prince knows that the sinews of war are made of money. With no nations to trade with, Vasilyev has the almost impossible task of raising enough money to keep the Russian army armed and supplied. It surely weighs heavily on his mind that more than his job is at stake if he fails to raise enough money to pay the armies of the man who declared war on all of Europe!

Lord High Prosecutor General Pavel Lopukhin

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/PavelLopukhin.jpg

Lopukhin is in the unfortunate position of a man who is more qualified than one of his peers to do their job, but will not speak up because of the status quo. Each day he dreams of fulfilling his potential, and every day he awakes to the same tedium. Still, he toils away as best he can in his duties as there are far worse things to be than Lord High Prosecutor, just the average Russian peasant.

09-02-2012, 02:39 AM
Lord Secretary of the Army Sergey Vyazmitinov

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/SergeyVyazmitinov.jpg

Armies are led by generals but they’re raised by men like Vyazmitinov. The rise or fall of the Russian Empire will surely rest on his skill as Lord Secretary of the Army just as much as it does on the men in uniform themselves.

Lord Secretary of the Fleet Yuriy Olevsky

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/YuriyOlevsky.jpg

There’s nothing more useless than a Lord Secretary of the Fleet of an empire without a fleet except the same man who embezzles money. Bad for finances and bad for morale, this man’s not long for this world with his hand in the cookie jar while his nation is at war with everyone and their standing armies. Finances will be tight enough without freeloaders such as him draining the coffers.

General Count Levin August von Bennigsen

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/LevinAugustvonBennigsen.jpg

At sixty years of age, General von Bennigsen is the most experienced offer in the Russian army. Beloved by the men for his habit of always being at the front and never shying away from the action, he is known for reliving his glory years as a cavalry officer by riding down fleeing enemies himself! This is cause for great concern among his staff, but rank does have its privileges.

Sharing dreams of conquest with Tsar Aleksandr, von Bennigsen was complicit in the death of Tsar Paul. If the Russian empire is to have success on the battlefield against not only Napoleon but all of Europe, this old war dog is going to have to have one more brilliant campaign added to his storied career.

General Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/MikhailKutusov.jpg

A member of the Order of Saint Andrew the First-Called, Kutuzov is the general after von Bennigsen that Russia will lean on most heavily in the coming storm. A courageous leader, Kutuzov leads from the front in the finest Russian army tradition.

Strong willed as only a leader of Russian men can be, there is little on the earth that can keep this man from his duty leading Russia to victory over her enemies.

09-02-2012, 02:54 AM
General Fyodor Fyodorovich Buxhoewden

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/FyodorFyodorovichBuxhoewden.jpg

As not only a harsh drillmaster but also a drunk, Buxhoewden is liked by neither his soldiers nor his staff. Somehow he is going to have to overcome this dislike if he is to get out from under the shadow of his far superior fellow generals. That is if he doesn’t end up with a musket ball in his back during a particularly chaotic moment of an upcoming battle.

Mikhail Speransky

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/MikhailSperansky.jpg

Known as the father of Russian liberalism, Speransky is a close advisor to Aleksandr. One of the youngest Russians to receive a doctorate, he is destined to one day be a professor of mathematics and physics. Russia is going to need this brilliant young mind to perform miracles of innovation if it is to keep pace with the major powers on the European stage.

Oleg Trubachev

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/OlegTrubachev.jpg

With all of Europe aligned against her, Russia will need to use every tool at her disposal to overcome the challenge of pissing everybody off at the same time. Trubachev is one of those tools. Most at home when operating abroad, he excels at hindering enemies where they can least defend themselves with their field armies: at home. Trubachev’s motto is “As the size of the explosion increases, the number of problems it is incapable of solving approaches zero.” He intends to prove it to be true.

09-02-2012, 03:21 AM
Early January 1805

My advisors want me to form an alliance with Prussia to stave off the French, but I say to hell with them! The Imperial Russian army is second to none; we need ally ourselves with no nation as all are beneath us. Not only do I dismiss their advice, but I send messengers far and wide to take notice to all the nations of Europe, letting them know of my intention to take my rightful place as the only Emperor in the land. Napoleon be damned! If those coalition fools knew what was good for them they’d ally against me. But no, they cannot look past their own petty squabbles to see their doom fast approaching. No matter, soon enough all shall fear Russia!

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/smallerwar.jpg
Current Russian regions are shown in white, future Russian regions are shown in red

With the empire at war, now is the time to remove excess weight. Since all of my income is going to be funneled into the army, I have no immediate need for a navy, less still for that useless minister Yuriy Olevsky. He has grown far too comfortable in his role and is known to be skimming something for himself off of the navy’s budget. No longer, for him it is a public execution. Let this be a lesson to his replacement, Eduard Sazhin.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/EduardSezhin.jpg
Sazhin has small shoes to fill

Sazhin has no more than one year to get his office into shape as by then I plan to start building a navy to make even the arrogant British quake on their little island. If Sazhin fails me as his predecessor did, no force on earth will be able to spare him from my fury. Learn well from the mistakes of your predecessor Sazhin!

With the ministry in order for now, it is time to look to my military campaigns. The largest immediate threat is Austria to my southwest. They are not too pleased with me breaking our alliance right as Napoleon makes his grab for land, so I shall treat them as a priority. Vienna will make a fine base of operations for further incursions to the west as well as into the Italian peninsula.

Next in order are the Prussians to my west. I’ll refrain from taking their lands unless they make a move first as I need to concentrate all available forces against Austria. They should not take this as a sign of weakness on my part, lest I turn my mighty armies in their direction sooner rather than later.

To the south lies the Ottoman Empire, sure to be a nuisance to me as I execute my plans. They shall be eliminated last as our border is small and easy enough to secure once I take Iasi. In order to help facilitate this Oleg Trubachev has worked his way into the city and is in position to feed me information about their defenses prior to General Buxhoewden’s attack. It is only a matter of weeks now before Iasi is taken and my southern border secure from the Ottomans.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/infiltration.jpg
Trubachev sneaks into Iasi

Mikhail Speransky has been sent to the Imperial College at Nizhny Novgorod to study. The sooner he can acquire new knowledge the better positioned I will be to exploit the ignorance of my foes. Knowledge is power, and other than money, power is what I shall need the most in order to achieve my conquest.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/college.jpg
Imperial College

One Pigeon
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I love these kind of AAR's. Particularly as I own N:TW but stopped playing once I got to Egypy.

Looking forward to the next update!

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Late January 1805

Treachery! An assassin gained access to General Kutuzov in the dark of night and made an attempt on his life. Being of stern body as well as mind, the general lived but was wounded. He had to be transported back to Moscow and the absence of his commanding presence has caused a delay to his army’s march on Lemberg.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/assassinationattempt.jpg

Although the would-be assassin escaped capture, I am confident that this was the act of Prussia in retaliation for the sacking of Cracow by Kutuzov the previous week. In particular, the burning of the member’s club there no doubt annoyed Prussia greatly. This attempted assassination shall not go unpunished; Prussia will be made to pay dearly for this.

Seeing an opportunity to shine with Kutuzov temporarily out of the picture, Buxhoewden sprang into action and marched on Iasi ahead of schedule. The information gained by Trubachev was put to good use as Buxhoewden made his move just after Ottoman forces left the city heading south. When Buxhoewden arrived the remaining Ottomans were so cowed by him that the city surrendered without a shot being fired. The few soldiers remaining left the city with their tails between their legs. With Russia barely managing on its current income capturing territory without losing any men is a great boon to the empire. This wise move by Buxhoewden is a good sign that he has many more great deeds in service to the Empire yet to come. I await them eagerly.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/surrender.jpg
Iasi surrenders

Early February 1805

Kutuzov has recovered faster than his physicians could have hoped for and is ready to rejoin his men at the front once more. Unfortunately he will not be able to reach Lemberg in time for the attack but he will surely be greeted as a hero when he arrives in the soon-to-be-captured city.

The general’s speedy recovery cannot but help make we wonder if he was as grievously wounded as he made himself out to be. Kutuzov knows that Buxhoewden is looking for any opportunity to replace him and this may have been an opportunity to see how Buxhoewden would react with Kutuzov out of the picture. This man is craftier than I originally gave him credit for; I shall have to keep a close eye on him during the course of these endeavors.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/generalconvalesced.jpg
Kutusov returns to action

For once my ministers do something useful. They advise me to capture Aobo from the Swedish. This is indeed a wise plan as it would secure my northern border from invasion by land. I shall send men as soon as I am confident that the Prussians will trouble me no more in the west.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/missionissued.jpg

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A fine start. I hope the AI is aggressive and - don't laugh - clever enough to keep you from steamrolling.

And may I just say that I love the portraits in this game. Especially those of the spies.

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The Prussians have taken umbrage at my forces massing just inside the border of East Prussia and sent a probing attack to test General von Bennigsen. Outnumbered almost three to one and without the proper leadership of a gentleman soldier, they stood little chance of dislocating von Bennigsen from his chosen position. Though his guns had yet to arrive from the east, von Bennigsen easily destroyed the Prussian force with little loss of his men. On the snowy plains of East Prussia the first blood of my enemies has been spilled. Rest assured that it shall not be the last.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/interception-resized.jpg

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/firstblood-resized.jpg

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/1stbattleresults-resized.jpg

11-02-2012, 06:16 PM
Honoring their absent commander’s wishes, Kutuzov’s men continued their march on Lemberg. Though they were outnumbered two to one, the glorious Russian forces would not be stopped by a professional army, let alone the peasant rabble left to defend the city.

With no guns to stand off my forces, the Prussians were forced to come to me under heavy cannon fire. Their losses were heavy as the frozen fields outside the city offered no cover from the murderous fire. It was only a matter of time before the undisciplined rabble ran for their lives.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/Lemberglineofbattle.jpg
​Battle lines are drawn

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/underfire-resized.jpg
Nowhere to hide

With Lemberg mine I have taken the first step on the road to domination over all of Europe. Now let all nations recognize the power of the mighty Russian Empire!

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/regioncaptured.jpg
Lemberg is captured

11-02-2012, 06:45 PM
A fine start. I hope the AI is aggressive and - don't laugh - clever enough to keep you from steamrolling.
This was a bit of a concern for me too, as the AI leaves something to be desired. However, since I am taking on every nation and thus have zero trade income, I think it will all even out in the end. I really need to pay attention to how and where I spend my money as well as my men, as both are slow to be replaced.

18-02-2012, 01:33 AM
http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/suspiciousdeath.jpg
von Bennigsen meets an unfortunate end

Early March 1805

Today misfortune has befallen Russia. General Count Levin August von Bennigsen has been murdered in his field camp just outside the East Prussian border. It would seem the work of the same man who made an attempt on Kutuzov just south of the region several weeks back. No doubt the Prussians saw greatness in the man who defeated them so soundly on their own soil. With the loss of her finest general, Russia has suffered a setback that she can ill afford. I must make finding this assassin a top priority lest he wreak more havoc on my plans.

In more pleasant news Trubochev has been causing his own chaos deep within the Ottoman Empire in recent weeks. In the Ploesti farmlands he set fire to several key buildings under construction, destroying the food stockpiles gathered there and no doubt causing a shortage for the Ottoman people in the coming months. In Caroiva he used explosives to great effect in a weapons manufactory, destroying much of its capacity for producing armaments. The college in Sofia was set to the torch also, sending the feeble old men there running for their lives.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/sabotage.jpg
​Weapons manufactories make excellent kindling

Late April 1805

Seeing how immensely useful the underbelly of society can be when applied intelligently, I have obtained the services of one Stephan Ogienko. I shall employ him much as I have done with Trubachev and sow destruction in my enemies’ heartland. I think I am developing a taste for this kind of shady business. It is only a matter of time before all of Europe’s will to fight is broken on the might of Russia!

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/StephanOgienko.jpg

The Austrians have proven to be the spineless cretins I always knew them to be; they surrendered Klausenberg to Buxhoewden without so much as a fight. That makes two cities captured for him, each victory confirming the trust placed in this man’s hands. At this rate I shall conquer the whole of Europse simply by having him march along all its roads, like a bee flitting from flower to flower, spreading Russia’s pollen across the land. Soon enough the buds shall bloom and the glorious meadow of the Russian Empire shall radiate upon all mankind.

In one week I have received envoys from Sardinia, Hessen and Portugal. All asked for peace and all were turned away. I have no patience for men of little spine and the dogs they send to do their bidding. It was all I could do to refrain from having them killed on the spot. No, this conflict will not end until every last drop of blood has been spilled from my enemies.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/hussars.jpg

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Just popping in to say I'm waiting for the next installment. And that this place could use a subforum for AARs.

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I'm waiting for the next installment

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Early May 1805

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/agentexecuted.jpg
​Trubachev faces the music

Alas, poor Trubachev was finally cornered by the Ottomans at the Burgas Dockyards attempting to sneak barrels of explosives into a storage warehouse. The trail of destruction he left behind all the way from Edirve College to the Ploudiv Mines was so vast even the backwards Ottomans could not help but follow it. It would seem he was too enthusiastic for his own good. He was put against the wall before he could detonate his deadly goods in one last act of defiance; that’s no way for a man to die. You will be missed, Trubachev.

Rallying his forces to avenge the murder of the slain General von Bennigsen, Kutusov marched on Königsberg to add it to his list of conquests. Realizing they were outmaneuvered, the Prussians attemped to march to the city’s defense but were too late to save the city. Their forced march caused them to arrive on the battlefield piecemeal, making it possible for them to be defeated in detail, a tactical blunder of the highest order. Time after time the Prussians prove to be no match for the brilliance of Russian generals on the fields of glory.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/konigsberg2.jpg
Hussars engage Prussian infantry

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/konigsberg1.jpg
Prussians trading volleys with the Russian line

Late May 1805

A man by the name of Yaroslav Chaikovskay has come to my attention as a possible replacement for Trubochev. Recruited from the seediest parts of Moscow he should be quite suitable for the job. I wasted no time in sending him off to see what he is capable of doing.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/YaroslavChaikovskay.jpg
Chaikovskay joins the cause

28-02-2012, 01:12 AM
Late June 1805

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/danzig.jpg
The calm before the storm

Kutusov wasted little time in making his next move. Next on his list of targets was Danzig. Once again his experienced troops made quick work of the city defenders and another victory added to his ever-growing list of accomplishments.
The scene before the battle was idyllic, one could even call it pristine. Soon enough the city would be a scene of death and despair. The Prussians, in an act of supreme desperation, sacrificed part of the city in order to slay a troop of hussars that were pursuing them through the streets. Deviously they filled a house with explosives and waited for my cavalry to approach. Once the horsemen were near they opened fire on the house with their cannon, detonating the explosives inside and instantly killing the majority of the troop in the streets outside; a clever tactic that I shall not fall for a second time. Knowing they cannot defeat me in a stand up fight this is what they’ve been reduced to.

Early July 1805

In a futile attempt to retake Klausenberg, the Austrian general Karl von Österreich-Teschen was ambushed by Buxhoewden on a lonely road through Transylvania. With double the Austrian numbers, Buxhoewden made quick work of his hapless foes as they marched along the road. With the Russian cannnon on a small hill overlooking the field of battle, the Austrians had no chance to avoid destruction. The Russian army suffered very little losses while von Österreich-Teschen was broken and sent running back down the road, tail between his legs. With the Austrian field army in disarray, Buxhoewden is now free to push further into the Austrian homeland. Having so many impressive victories under his belt, Buxhowden has grown in confidence and daring and is sure to continue to impress me and bring glory to the Empire.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/buxambush.jpg

Russian artillery takes part in ambushing the Austrians

Late July 1805

A gentleman by the name of Nikolay Ivanovich Novikov has offered his services to the Empire. He shall be of great use in assisting Speransky in discovering new and interesting ways in which to spread the dominance of the Russian Empire over all of the lesser European nations. I have sent him to the Imperial College at Nizhny Novgorod to study.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/NikolayIvanovichNovikov.jpg

29-02-2012, 06:45 AM
How the hell did the AI put explosives in a building? Not in my hundreds of hours have I seen this!

01-03-2012, 12:53 AM
How the hell did the AI put explosives in a building? Not in my hundreds of hours have I seen this!Consider it my interpretation of why the AI would fire their cannon into buildings mere meters from their position.

06-03-2012, 01:09 AM
Early August 1805

Wasting little time after his successful ambush, Buxhoewden marched west towards Budapest. Realizing that his superior number of cavalry would be of better use in the field rather than in the streets of the city, Austrian general Johann von Österreich marched out to meet Buxhoewden just east of the city in the Hungarian grasslands. Supporting him was Karl von Österreich-Teschen with a small replacement army, no doubt eager to get revenge on Buxhoewden for the humiliating defeat at his hands the previous month. Though he has not yet had time to fully rebuild his army, he should not be underestimated. The time has come to put this uppity Austrian general down for good!

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/Budapestsetup.jpg
Austria marches to defend Budapest

The Russian cannon were set up on a hill overlooking the battlefield, with excellent fields of fire and not much cover for any approaching Austrians. To the left and right of the guns musketeers formed the line of battle, with the bulk of the men on the right side. To their right, hidden is a copse of trees the Russian Jägers waited for the enemy to approach. With lots of open ground to my far right and the opposing force made up of so much cavalry, I ordered my grenadiers (led by the stalwart Pavlovsk Grenadier regiment) to form squares and remain out of sight until the enemy approached. They were spaced such that no unit could pass between without drawing fire from at least one of them. If the enemy cavalry attempted to come around my right flank they’d be in for a nasty surprise. Finally, furthest to the right were my Cossack cavalry. They were tasked with remaining out of sight in some trees to see if an opportunity to get behind the Austrian lines would open up. Even if no such opportunity presented itself, they could be used to delay the reinforcements sure to arrive and give me time to adjust my lines.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapestminimap.jpg
The battle lines are drawn

As I suspected they would, the Austrians sent their cavalry to my right flank, suspecting a weakness there. My grenadiers did their job, fighting off the majority of the Austrian cavalry and sending them running for the hills.

The Austrian infantry advanced straight for my lines under withering cannon fire, seemingly unconcerned about their mounting casualties. Their own cannon were no match for mine, being on lower ground. Thus they were unable to provide much cover for the infantry. Still the Austrian men marched to their doom, knowing that their probe with cavalry on my flank failed and their guns were outranged.

During this mad attack across open terrain my cannon zeroed in on General von Österreich-Teschen and unhorsed him. As he was rushed to the rear of the Austrian lines a cheer went up among the Russian men. This must surely have disheartened the Austrians but still they came at me with a fierce determination.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/Osterreich-Teschenwounded.jpg
Austrian General Karl von Österreich-Teschen is wounded

When they clashed with my lines they were all but already broken. They soon broke and headed to the rear. Seeing an opportunity, I activated my own cavalry and ordered them to head off the fleeing infantry. At once the Austrian commander on the field, Johann von Österreich rallied his men and they reformed their lines. My Cossacks were able to do little to the infantry other than harass them as they reformed, but in the confusion von Österreich left his guns isolated and soon enough my cavalry were able to overrun them. A costly mistake as he now had to attack a second time, now with neither his cavalry nor his artillery.

During this second attack my cannon once again made their mark upon the battlefield felt by the Austrians as a cannonball struck von Österreich and killed him instantly. With the loss of a second general the remaining Austrians were finally routed. The reinforcements that arrived on the field had little effect and were destroyed in turn. Once again the day was won by the indomitable General Buxhoewden.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/Osterreichkilled.jpg
Austrian General Johann von Österreich is killed in action

06-03-2012, 01:15 AM
http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapest1.jpg
The Russian cannon have good fields of fire

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapest4.jpg
A view of my right flank

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapest3.jpg
Grenadiers lie in ambush

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapest5.jpg
​Charging the Austrian cannon

06-03-2012, 01:27 AM
http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapest6.jpg
Austrian infantry advance under heavy artillery fire

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapest7.jpg
Russian Jäegers reload between volleys with the Austrian line

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapest8.jpg
Austrian artillery provides covering fire for their advancing comrades

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapest9.jpg
Smoke obscures the battlefield

06-03-2012, 01:31 AM
http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/budapestvictory.jpg

With the Austrian army defeated outside of the city, Buxhoewden was free to march into Budapest and take control of it for the glory of the Russian Empire.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/6-lberfootartillery.jpg
6-pounder foot artillery

06-03-2012, 03:23 PM
I have never played Total War of any sort, but still i enjoy this AAR
Nice write-up.

11-03-2012, 03:34 PM
With the bulk of my forces occupied in the west, Swedish General Ǻne Topelius marched on St. Petersburg in an attempt to threaten my northern border. He must have been extremely confident in his numbers as the only men he brought with him were ill-trained militia. All that was standing between St. Petersburg and the Swedes was a single regiment of musketeers, a handful of Opelchenie and some citizens who would rather die than face Swedish subjugation. Leading these men was Captain Sevastian Nebogatoff and his two batteries of 6-lber cannon.

Realizing that the enemy had superior numbers and the citizens wouldn’t stand a chance fighting in the open, the decision was made to fight it out in the streets. If the Swedes could be forced into the maw of my guns I might just be able to hold them off long enough for their morale to decrease enough to make them break off the fight.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/StPetersburg.jpg

To this end the guns were placed on my right flank, one in the city streets with a clear lane of fire down two approaches and the other just outside the town covering the open fields on that flank. Between them the musketeers took up a position such that they could move to either side to defend the guns. My Opelchenie formed on the right flank outside of town behind hastily constructed barricades. The citizens were tasked with waiting inside various buildings in the town proper to fight from cover and harass the Swedes as they moved through the streets.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/petersburgminimap.jpg
Seriously outnumbered

The Empire surely owes a debt of gratitude to the very brave Captain Nebogatoff as he was able to heroically hold off the Swedish invaders and save St. Petersburg from capture.

Exactly as planned, the inexperienced Swedish militia marched down the streets of St. Petersburg right into the kill zones laid out for the Russian guns. Though one battery was overrun and most of the armed citizens were killed or ran for their lives, victory was not to be denied the Russian Empire this day.

General Topelius was sent back home in shame at being defeated by so small a force comprised primarily of peasants. Now all of Europe knows than even the lowly Russian peasant is mightier than the highest born Swedish gentleman soldier. Soon enough Sweden will be made to pay for this affront, though they are spared temporarily as my forces are all tied up on the western border.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/petersburg1.jpg
Artillery firing down the streets of St. Petersburg

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/petersburg2.jpg
Opelchenie face the oncoming horde

11-03-2012, 03:43 PM
http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/petersburg3.jpgMusketeers in melee with Swedish militia

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/petersburgvictory.jpg
Victory against the odds

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/petersburgkills.jpg
My artillery became veterans overnight thanks to cannister shot

Not all news from the northern border is good, however. Enemy agents are still loose in my lands and have caused destruction at the Danzig tax office as well as the Bromberg farmlands. Soon enough these saboteurs will be made to pay dearly by public execution.

Late August 1805

Chaikovskay has proven himself to be utterly without morals and has assassinated the Swedish gentleman Jonas Carlsson Dryander in Ingria. This was done on my orders, of course, and not a single tear shall be shed in Russia for the fallen citizen of such a nefarious country as Sweden. No doubt he was on his way to steal some of my secrets in any case. Now the Swedes shall think twice before crossing my border.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/assassinationsuccess.jpg

17-03-2012, 05:53 PM
Early September 1805

Kutusov moved south from Königsberg into Greater Poland. With Warsaw defended by only a few professional soldiers, it was no match for his army of seasoned veterans. Again the Prussians show ineptitude by leaving their capital open to such an attack. It is well that I destroy the fools, the world shall be a better place without them. Such a pitiful defense was put up that it is scarcely worth recounting. With Warsaw conquered, I am yet another step closer to my goal of dominating Europe.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/warsaw1.jpg
Warsaw falls more easily than anticipated

Late September 1805

It would seem that the Polish were chaffing under the rule of the Prussians. No sooner had I taken the city than the citizens started volunteering for service to the Empire. Pyotr Gorbachev immediately offered to spy on his former masters and I have decided to take him up on the offer. I shall send him west to Berlin in advance of Kutusov’s inevitable taking of the city. Let’s see if he can be of use to me there.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/Gorbachev.jpg

Early November 1805

Not content to stay still for long, Kutusov marched on the Prussians yet again, this time intent on capturing Breslau in Silesia. As has been the case time and again, the Prussians were simply outmatched. Using his cannon to good effect he softened up the Polish line while harassing with skirmished and cavalry. Once the Prussians were sufficiently demoralized the infantry was ordered to move in and finish off the hapless foe. Yet another feather in Kutusov’s cap was added as Breslau fell like all the others before.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/breslau2-1.jpg
The Prussian line being shelled

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/breslau1.jpg
A dangerous road to walk

17-03-2012, 06:10 PM
In the north the Swedes have once again set their eyes on St. Petersburg. Another army of militia has been sent into my lands, only this time instead of attacking they laid siege to the city. If they think Russia will ever surrender any land to them they are gravely mistaken.

Even though the Russian forces stationed there have not yet had time to fully recover from the previous battle, I decided to have them sally forth and break the siege. Riding high on the previous victory Captain Sevastian Nebogatoff once more bravely led his fine men into an engagement with the hated Swedes.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/citybesieged.jpg
St. Petersburg is beseiged

This time the my men were deployed mostly outside of the city, as the Swedes did not seem likely to fall for the same trap laid for them earlier in the city streets. I would need to rely on my guns claiming as many Swedish lives as possible before they could get into musket range.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/peters2.jpg
Opelchenie will once more need to hold the line against the Swedes

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/peters1.jpg
Can my guns perform a second miracle?

Realizing that the greatest threat to them was my cannon, the Swedes quickly rushed their men into contact with my forces. With more men on the field it was inevitable that I would be overrun. I ordered some men into buildings on the edge of town, as only so many foes could enter at a time to engage them and the walls would offer cover from musket fire.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/peters3.jpg
The Swedes learned from the previous battle and overwhelm me with their numbers

17-03-2012, 06:17 PM
http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/peters4.jpg
Seeking what shelter the local buildings can provide

Having overrun my positions outside the city, the Swedes reformed their lines outside of musket range from buildings my men were taking cover in and proceeded to taunt them. With nothing left for it but to kill as many of the enemy as possible, my badly outnumbered men were ordered to fix bayonets and engage.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/peters5.jpg
The Swedes occupy my initial position outside of town

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/petersburg3.jpg
Rain begins to fall, befitting the mood surrounding my dire circumstances as I attempt one final attack

Captain Nebogatoff was unable to hold as he did previously, falling while manning his gun as a good soldier must. With the loss of the guns the battle was all but decided. The second Battle of St. Petersburg was my first defeat of the campaign, and I vowed to make it my last. Though I was bloodied, the Swedes did not press their advantage, but rather maintained their siege, no doubt waiting for reinforcements from Finland before attacking the city again. I would make them pay for their hesitation.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/petersdefeat.jpg
​This humiliation at the hands of the Swedes shall not go unanswered

19-03-2012, 06:57 PM

Swedish dogs.

24-03-2012, 05:09 PM
http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/Musketeers.jpg

Late November 1805

With reinforcements raised, I was able to relieve St. Petersburg from the siege. Cowed once again, the Swedes retreated to Finland. This time I would not let them regroup and make a third attempt on the city; I would take the battle to them and secure my northern border once and for all.

Once again my spies have proven useful and have managed to set up a network of informers to provide information on the habits of my enemies. Ogienko has accomplished this in Olmütz and Chaikovsky has done the same in Åbo.

Late December 1805

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/endof1805.jpg
The Russian Empire at the dawn of the new year

The Prussians have marched on Danzig and taken it by surprise. The men there died valiantly defending it, but were so vastly outnumbered it was inevitable that the city would fall. Not content to let this insult go unanswered, Kutusov immediately marched north from Breslau to come to the city’s aid. On New Year’s Day 1806, he forced the Prussians from the city and reclaimed it in the name of the Russian Empire.

With the retaking of Danzig, the Empire is in a glorious position to continue dominating Europe at the start of the year, just a short twelve months after this struggle began.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/basicroads.jpg
I still have a long road ahead of me

07-04-2012, 07:09 PM
Early February 1806

Things are not going well in the Russian Empire. My forces have become spread too thin to protect all of my lands. The Austrians have taken Lemberg, one year to the day after I claimed it for myself. Prussia has taken Breslau and even the Ottomans are getting in on the action by taking Bucharest and then marching towards Iasi. I need to consolidate my forces and come up with a plan to push back against these three nations. With the Swedes being a pest in the north this won't be possible as I barely have enough money to fight in the west and south.

I decide that there's one sure way to have a sudden infusion of cash into my coffers: Vienna. Though the Austrians have a large force defending the town and more a short march away, I figure I can assault the city, loot it of everything of worth and head back to Russian lands before the Austrians can march enough men to stop me. I know I cannot hold the city, but that's no concern as I just desperately need cash to reinforce my armies and remove the Swedes from Finland.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/Pavlovskgrenadiers.jpg
​Pavlovsk grenadier

Buxhoewden marches on Vienna and takes it with sizable losses. The pillaging makes it worthwhile though as I claim over twenty thousand rubles. This is more money that I've seen since this campaign started and is exactly what I need. I immediately order some units trained up all across my lands - in a month or two I shall have an army that will be unstoppable. I also take this opportunity to hire a general to lead my men on their mission to remove the Swedes from my northern border once and for all. The remainder of the money is invested in some of my infrastructure as well as to commission a sloop in Ingria. Once the Swedes have been expelled from Finland this sloop shall ferry my men south to continue the fight against the hated Austrians.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath/SergeiKamensky.jpg
General Sergei Kamensky

11-04-2012, 07:10 AM
Glad to see the other nations are starting to give you serious trouble. Not because I hate you, but because it makes the story more interesting.

Do you have any militia hanging around in your eastern provinces? You could use them to pad the frontline ranks or disband them to ease maintenance costs. That could cause unrest at home, but, again, it'd make the story even more interesting.

12-04-2012, 05:41 AM
Every available man is at the front or on his way there. I haven't had any trouble with unrest in my home regions as I've kept taxes moderate. Once I feel secure in newly conquered regions I move any militia up to augment my professional forces. Meat shields, basically.

I had to reinstall Windows a while back and forgot to save my screenies, hence the lack of images for three major battles in the last post. How I managed to remember to keep my save but not those I'll never understand. Hopefully this doesn't have any consequences for getting the achievement. Either way I shall keep plugging away.

24-06-2012, 03:52 PM
It looks like the adventures of Tsar Aleksandr I may be at an end.

My PSU died a during a power failure a few months back so I decided to build a new rig since my previous one was about four years old. The old PC was Win XP 32 bit on an HDD and the new is Win 7 64 bit on an SSD. I have the HDD set up as a data drive and it still has all the old files intact, but I am unable locate the saves from the XP user profile. I can navigate to the Documents and Settings/Profile folder but the Nappy files do not show up. Both accounts are administrator accounts.

Any suggestions on how to retrieve it would be much appreciated, otherwise I may have to end this tale woefully incomplete.

24-06-2012, 06:59 PM
Any suggestions on how to retrieve it would be much appreciated, otherwise I may have to end this tale woefully incomplete.Does Windows make a backup of the user profile before a new setup? If so, maybe the files are still stored somewhere else? Maybe you've got some old setback points?

It would be such a shame if this would have to end here.

Edit: I guess you didn't use Steam file synching (obviously this only applies if you've got the game on Steam)?

24-06-2012, 07:57 PM
I do have it via Steam and I guess the file synching would be in use if it's a default setting as I certainly do not remember opting in to anything like that. I haven't reinstalled it yet but I'll do that tonight (it will take several hours to download the entire thing) and try tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip.

24-06-2012, 08:01 PM
I bet this is the work of the Swedes!

25-06-2012, 01:09 AM
Hey! That sucks. I liked reading this.

28-06-2012, 12:51 AM
Good news everyone! I managed to finagle my save file and Tsar Aleksandr I is back in the saddle once again! Soon I will place my boot firmly across the neck of the hated Swedes and the rest of Europe shall follow.

28-06-2012, 02:41 AM
May you never be cursed with peace.

29-06-2012, 03:05 AM
Late February 1806

The Austrians did not take too kindly to General Buxhoewden sacking Vienna. Their ire took the form of an attempt to retake the city while it was still burning. Before Buxhoewden could fall back to Budapest he was forced to hold off the Austrian assault while suffering casualties I could ill afford.

Eduard Sazhin has not used his time as Lord Secretary of the Fleet wisely. He has been replaced with Daniil Poushkin who will now be responsible for growing the Imperial fleet to a size large enough to conduct commercial raiding in the Baltic Sea. If this is successful the fruits of this labor shall be used to grow the fleet even larger for eventual expansion into English waters.

Early March 1806

It would seem the Viennese people are still loyal to their displaced oppressors as they have taken to the streets in large numbers. This lawless rabble is not worth the time and energy it would take to discipline them, so Buxhoewden has retired to Budapest to replenish his losses.

General Kutusov has retaken Lemberg from the Austrian incursion. It would seem he has acquired quite the reputation for commanding well when attacking; this is perfectly aligned with my plans for domination as I do not plan on sitting back to let my enemies break their armies on my walls. This marks the last time liberating my territory from Austrians will be necessary as they have become too big of a hassle to allow to exist on my border. They shall be dealt with shortly.

During an attempt to slow the Ottoman army marching on Iasi, Gorbachev was captured and executed by firing squad. I shall have a hard time replacing such an experienced man. Now Iasi is all but undefended, as Kutusov cannot reach the city in time if the Ottomans continue to march north. Still he presses on, as his presence may be enough to discourage the Ottomans from angering me further.

30-06-2012, 04:57 AM
Late March 1806

General Kamensky has made his way to Aabo in Finland and has laid siege to the Swedes holed up there. Now that they're cornered they can be starved into submission. Soon enough my northern border will be secured and Kamensky can cross the Baltic Sea and march on Prussia.

The Ottomans have done what I feared and have assaulted Iasi. The stalwart Opelchenie and citizens remaining there made a valiant attempt at holding the city but there was not much they could do in the face of such great numbers as the Ottomans have thrown at them.


Barricades are erected to deter Ottoman cavalry

My captain moves around the flank to take the Ottomans by surprise

​Ottoman infantry storms my buildings

Iasi is lost but Kutusov is mere days north of the city. The Ottomans shall be removed from my lands soon enough.

30-06-2012, 05:28 PM
Early April 1806

The sloop Gavriil has been launched into the Baltic Sea and will ferry reinforcements from St. Petersburg to General Kamensky. She will then carry his army south into Prussia to reignite my feud with those hated curs. Though she is the first of my Imperial fleet she shall not be the last. Russian might shall be projected into lands far and wide now.


General Kutusov has done his duty and retaken Iasi from the Ottomans. Their army of peasants was no match for the professionals in Kutusov's ranks. Now Kutusov is poised to march further south towards Bucharest. From there it is on towards Istanbul and a port from whence I can launch fleets carrying my armies into the soft white underbelly of Europe.

With my recent rash of successes even more men are offering themselves up for my service. A General Karl Karlovich Sivers has offered to lead my men in the field of battle. I shall consider hiring him should his services become necessary. Losing Gorbachev was a great blow, but a man named Yakov Komorov has presented himself for my service. He shall immediately be put to use against the Prussians to aid Kamensky's inevitable attack.

General Sivers offers his services.


Kamensky has decided not to let the Swedes die of starvation or by their own hands, so he has assaulted Aabo and captured it with minimal losses. With the Swedes ousted from Finland I am now free to move his army south across the Baltic Sea and take the Prussians unaware. It would seem the Finnish people have been under the yoke of the Swedes for too long, for as soon as Kamensky marched his men into the city the people there greeted him with flowers strewn across the roads.


02-07-2012, 01:33 AM
Late May 1806

In an act of cowardice typical of their people, the Ottomans have surrendered Bucharest to General Kutusov as soon as he marched his army up to the city gates. That such a ripe prize be given over to me with nary a shot being fired shows that they realize they cannot withstand the might of Imperial Russia. Soon Istanbul will be mine and Kutusov will be able to send his men to the west to fight less craven opponents.

Early June 1806

With General Buxhoewden resting his men in Budapest the French have taken this opportunity to send an army against Vienna. They are spending time ravaging the countryside and harassing Austrian forces. This is my first observation of the famed Grande Armée and I shall have to proceed with more caution as Napoleon has quite the reputation as a leader of men. My advisors tell me that the French are not to be taken lightly as they are perhaps the only nation that can begin to rival the might of Russia.


Early July 1806

The sloop Gavriil has unloaded the army of General Kamensky north of Warsaw and continued west to raid Prussian shipping lanes. While one sloop will not be enough to strangle their economy it does give the Prussians more cause to be concerned about the mighty Russian Empire to their east.

​Gavriil becomes a headache for Prussia

02-07-2012, 10:44 PM
France marches on Austria

With the French harassing Austrian forces, General Buxhoewden takes this opportunity to move west from Budapest and into Vienna. His plan backfires though as before he can reinforce his position none other than Napoleon Bonaparte attacks him in the largely ruined city.

I am outnumbered but my men have become quite experienced on the long hard road to Vienna

The Russian forces are deployed to the east of the city in an attempt to divide the French attack into two parts - one which can march directly on me under fire from my artillery and a second that can will be broken up and slowed by the constricting streets of Vienna. In order for Russia to win this fight the French will have to be defeated in detail.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/The%20Medallion%20of%20the%20Imperial%20Psychopath/balloon.jpgAn observation balloon gives Napoleon a good view of the upcoming battle

Upon seeing my army's deployment, Napoleon wisely shift his line to match mine. He does however send several units through Vienna, no doubt in an attempt to try and flank me. I immediately send my grenadiers into the city streets on my left flank to prevent the French from getting behind my line of battle.

Two armies clash

02-07-2012, 11:01 PM
Jägers doing what they do best

When the smoke clears, the death toll is great for both sides

Victory over the French upstart!

Though many men were lost, the French Emperor has been humbled. He will think twice before tangling with the might of Russia again. This victory may prove to be Pyrrhic as the Austrian people have decided they have had enough of both French and Russian soldiers in their homeland. A rebellion has begun and a large army has been raised, from whence it came I know not. General Buxhoewden will need to fall back to Budapest once again to replenish his losses.

Austria continues to be a pain as a rebellion erupts

03-07-2012, 12:32 AM
Gavriil sails to meet her destiny

The Danes have objected to me raiding their shipping lanes with Prussia and sent several ships to sink Gavriil. Seeing as how they sent two merchantmen instead of warships, this fight should have ended differently than it did. Gavriil's captain's inexperience showed when his ship was lost with little damage to the Danish ships.

Russian sailors leap into the sea

​Russia's first and only warship now rests at the bottom

To make matters worse, an enemy agent was detected attempting to infiltrate General Kamensky's camp but escaped before he could be captured and interrogated. I shall have to increase security as the last thing I need is another general assassinated. My foes continue to attempt to defeat me with trickery as they know the Russian army cannot be stopped by giving battle.

Run little rabbit, run

04-07-2012, 05:38 PM
A pretty disappointing showing from the man himself. Especially considering the odds they gave you in the pre-battle screen.

05-07-2012, 04:47 PM
Late July 1806


Word has reached me about a mutiny in the faraway land of India. Though the mutineers have been executed, the British have suffered a black eye from the locals. If this so-called empire cannot tame savages they deserve to be conquered by the likes of me.

General Kamensky has marched into Selesia, setting up camp at the bridge on the Oder River. The Prussians know he is intent on capturing Breslau and have marched against him in an attempt to remove him from their lands. They must have less sense that I thought as the army they sent is primarily undisciplined militia.

Prussian infantry cross the river ford...

... into the fire of Russian musketeers

Prussian ulans attempt to defend their cannon from Russian hussars

The battle is won without too much difficulty, but something strange happened. The Prussians seemed very intent on reaching my cannon and sent cavalry through devastating volleys of fire to reach them. Though the cavalry was slain, they did manage to kill some of my gunners. The reason for such seemingly irrational behavior would become apparent to me the next day when the Prussians send an even larger army at Kamensky's position. This time they have reinforcements and I am vastly outnumbered.

05-07-2012, 04:58 PM
Day 2

The second Prussian army is made up of professional soldiers, and in larger numbers. My battle-weary men will have to fight desperately to hold back the Prussian tide once more.

Attacked from three sides at once

Perhaps the Prussians were not so foolish as I first thought. The attack yesterday was obviously a probe to test my strength, and to destroy my guns to prevent their use in the real fight. Though I retained all of my guns their crew were sufficiently diminished to give me concern for being able to hold off attacks from the Prussians at both the ford and the bridge. Now I must also face a contingent of Austrians attacking from the rear. Truly this day's battle shall test Kamensky's mettle like no other before.

The Prussians try the ford in greater numbers

Smoke and bodies cover the battlefield

05-07-2012, 05:22 PM

Early August 1806

Though Kamensky prevails, he has lost half of his men. With the loss of so many experienced soldiers, his army is in no shape to continue on to take Breslau. With his offensive thus stalled, he marches his army east to Łódź in Greater Poland to recover. It would seem the Prussians have done the same as the battered remnants of their armies have marched west towards Berlin.

Enemy forces have been loose in my lands, sowing destruction where they march. Salzburg and Debreczin have both been put to the torch. I vow that henceforth, when presented with the opportunity, my foes shall be treated in kind. Their farms and villages will not be spared my wrath. All who oppose the Russian Empire shall learn a hard lesson about my power.

What's so civil about war anyway?

In brighter news, my gentlemen at university have been successfully discovering new ways to help their empire. Their most recent discovery is a new system of land drainage. This should increase the output of Russia's farmland and raise more money for the war effort. Things are starting to look slightly better for my economy.

Industry is the heart of any civilized nation

05-07-2012, 08:19 PM
A lynchpin of commerce and culture, Istanbul is the key to my strategy in the south. Capturing the city will not only secure my southern border and free General Kutusov to proceed west against Austria, it will also allow me to construct a mighty fleet to sail into the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Whether raiding shipping lanes or establishing them for myself, capturing this city represents a major opportunity to fuel my money-starved empire. With the future of the empire hanging in the balance, Kutusov marched south to secure his nation's destiny.

The Ottomans find themselves in a crossfire

Victory comes easy to Kutusov these days, and capturing Istanbul proved to be no different. Performing a half-encirclement the Russian army exacted a heavy toll on the Ottomans. With cannon on one side and infantry the other, no matter which way the Ottomans turned they were faced with an unsurvivable hail of lead. It didn't take long for their leaderless army to quit the field in the face of such superior firepower and command.

With the city captured, the temptation to loot it of everything of worth was high. Such a large amount of booty would be an instant injection into my war machine, but the resulting unrest in the surrounding region would not have been worth it. Such a rich city as Istanbul would better serve as a long-term addition to my economic growth. Repairing the damaged infrastructure in the city has drained the last of my coffers, but soon enough its wealth will start contributing to the glory of the Russian Empire.


A key part of holding Istanbul and preventing the people of Rumelia from rebelling against me is the destruction of the universities at Edirve and Sofia. The less educated the people of my conquered lands are the easier it will be to keep them in line. Such acts surely upset the upper class in my own lands, but I must do what is best for the empire. Heavy is the crown indeed.

05-07-2012, 08:30 PM
With several impressive victories in recent weeks, the future of the Russian Empire is looking brighter.

Finally a net gain

My people are happiest when their armies are near

Tsar Aleksandr I's popularity rises with every victory

05-07-2012, 10:49 PM
Late August 1806

Not content to let me hold his former capital, General Alemdar Sadik of the Ottomans has rallied the remaining forces in Rumelia and marched on Istanbul to displace General Kutusov. Veterans each and every one, Kutusov's men aren't going to give up their prize without a fight.


With the Ottoman force being made up of so much cavalry and artillery, I decide to station my infantry in the city streets. With the buildings sheltering them from enemy artillery, they hastily construct anti-cavalry barricades to channel the enemy horses into killing zones should they dare to enter the city. Jágers are to screen the bulk of my army, and set up ambushes with improvised explosive devices on the main approach to the city.



05-07-2012, 10:59 PM
The trap works as intended as Ottoman light infantry are lured into pursuing my jágers as they retreat to the city after lighting the fuses. The resulting explosions cause many casualties among the enemy.



Ottoman infantry eventually make it into the city, only to be confronted by volleys from my musketeers. Once engaged, the hussars are sent in to mop up the remaining men.


With the enemy infantry out of action, all that remains is their cavalry and cannon. The cavalry are being held in reserve as their massive 18-pounders shell the city from well outside the range of my own 6-pound guns. It falls on my own cavalry to convince the remaining enemy to cease their hostilities or die by the sword.


05-07-2012, 11:13 PM

My hussars get behind the enemy line and attack. They manage to slay the enemy general and break through to the gun crews. Though they suffer heavy casualties, the hussars escape annihilation and fall back to the safety of the city, hotly pursued by Ottoman cavalry intent on avenging their slain general.


Ottoman sipahis make it into the city only to find their route blocked by barricades and angry musketeers. There's not much they can do other than swear impotently as they fall like flies. The streets run red with blood as the day once again goes to General Kutusov.



05-07-2012, 11:31 PM
General Kutusov is named a Hero of the Army for his actions in Rumelia. Such an aggressive attacker will soon be put to use against the Austrians and remaining Ottoman forces to the west.


A saboteur is loose in Hungary, as the militia I sent to secure my gun manufactories there are consistently having their baggage train tampered with. It looks like I may soon have to send in someone to permanently take care of this persistent irritation.


Early September 1806

With money flowing into the royal coffers I have ordered a 38-gun frigate to be built in the Burgas Dockyards in Rumelia. As this is where Trubachev was captured and slain over a year ago, I shall name the first ship constructed there in his honor so he can have revenge on his slayers from beyond the grave. Soon Trubachev will sail the Black Sea and sink or capture enemy trade ships found there.

Early November 1806

General Kamensky has taken the opportunity created by the Prussian withdrawal from Breslau to capture the city. The citizens there surrendered the city after realizing their precious Prussian army has moved north chasing after a small force I sent razing the local farmlands. These fools have no hope to stand against me if they try to defend against every action taken by splinter groups of my army. Soon enough Kamensky will be able to strike at the heart of Prussia itself: Berlin.

05-07-2012, 11:34 PM
This is great.
I'm loving every bit of this AAR.

06-07-2012, 01:24 AM
This is great.
I'm loving every bit of this AAR.Thanks, it's encouraging to know people enjoy reading what I enjoy writing.

06-07-2012, 05:04 PM
In an act of amazing audacity, Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz has marched an army through the mountains and forests of Eastern Europe and launched an attack into Transylvania, deep behind my lines. Klausenburg did not stand a chance against such a formidable foe and fell quickly. Such an act of unchecked aggression will not stand, and General Kutusov is just the man to answer in kind. His army moved north and west from Istanbul a few weeks prior and he is in a position to strike at von Clausewitz in just a few days time.

Saxony has decided to throw their men into the fray now that General Kamensky is within striking range of Dresden. This marks the sixth nation that has opposed me on the field of battle these past two years, and it shall not be the last. Like all others before them, they shall be swept aside on my march to glory.

Kamensky's work is never at an end

The right flank

The left flank

The Saxons brought many men but no cannon, leading to a very bloody fight on the open fields of Silesia. While the Saxon army was annihilated, Kamensky lost more than two thirds of his men in the fight. This time he shall not retreat to Poland to recover, he will hold the city that has changed hands so many times. Though the foe continue to throw men in his way, Kamensky will not be deterred and will fight on until Berlin belongs to Russia. Such dogged determinism coupled with heavy losses has led his men to nickname him The Bloody-Handed General.

Late November 1806

Kutusov has reached Klausenberg to remove von Clausewitz from Russian lands forever.

"War is the continuation of Politik by other means"

06-07-2012, 05:25 PM
Not much room to maneuver

Both sides exchange volleys

General von Clausewitz attacks the center of my line with the bulk of his infantry. With my cannon on the flanks he knows this is his best chance to break my line and the fight at the center comes down to a bloody melee with bayonets. Though they suffer horrible losses, my men there do not break and fight on for their beloved General Kutusov as they would for no other general, for Kutusov is a Hero of the Army. To a man they die as good Russian soldiers must - facing the enemy. With the center collapsed, the Russian wings turn inwards and catch the Prussians in a crossfire that no man can stand for long. Soon enough the Prussians all lie dead on the field as they too chose to die for their general rather than quit the field. Though supporting Prussian general Gebhard von Blücher is wounded in the fight and whisked away to the safety of Berlin, the fate of von Clausewitz is unknown. His army has ceased to be, but somehow I doubt this is the last time he will tangle with Russia.

"The power which money gives is that of brute force; it is the power of the bludgeon and the bayonet."

The day has arrived where Trubachev can gain his vengeance. The 38-gun frigate named in his honor has left the slipway and now sails the Black Sea looking for Ottoman sailors to haunt. They shall soon fear the name Trubachev again, as they once did two years ago when he sowed destruction deep in their lands. No merchant vessel shall be spared his wrath!

​Trubachev rises from the grave in a new body

06-07-2012, 08:18 PM
Early December 1806


Once again my gentlemen scholars have discovered a new way to improve the empire. They have designed a new way of supplying and maintaining the army in the field, which they have named logistics. A system of supply houses to store weapons and ammunition will allow my armies can march more efficiently.

With General Kamensky remaining in Breslau the Prussians have decided to march on Warsaw. Though there are few defenders there, the Prussians have to endure harsh winter conditions as they besiege the city and attempt to starve my people into submission. The Russian people are made of stern stuff and shall not be cowed so easily. Let the Prussians freeze to death in their camps, they are few enough in number to be of no major concern and will be fewer still as the snow piles up around them.

Further to the south in more temperate lands, the Austrians have marched against General Buxhoewden in Budapest yet again. Buxhoewden wins the fight without too much loss to his own strength. When will the Austrians learn that their resistance is futile? Soon enough I shall take Vienna and hold it once and for all. That ought to put an end to the Austrians' delusions of pushing me back.

The Russian defenders are well entrenched

Soon the sun will set on the Austrian army

Late December 1806

The frigate Trubachev has come across two Ottoman dhows trading furs off the coast of Trebizond. The Ottoman ships have been sent to the briny bottom with little difficulty and now the Black Sea is free of enemy ships. In time Russian merchantmen will ply these shipping lanes, laden with furs to strengthen the Russian economy.

Early January 1807

A trading port has been constructed in Sevastopol, Little Tatary. From here merchant ships will be launched into the Black Sea and beyond to bring riches from faraway lands to add to the coffers of the mighty Russian Empire.


06-07-2012, 08:59 PM
Late January 1807


The brave people of Warsaw have risen up and fought off the army outside the gates. The fight was long and hard, as the majority of my men were untrained rabble, yet still the Prussian invaders were defeated. During the fight their general Johann von Thielmann was slain, no doubt taking his own life in shame at having been defeated by civilians.

Early February 1807

The frigate Nabokov, sister ship to Trubachev, has been launched from the Burgas Dockyards. Together they shall terrorize the Mediterranean in the name of Russia. Just as she was completed an Ottoman army marched towards Burgas, no doubt in an attempt to destroy her before she was completed. They failed as they were too slow; perhaps if they knew as much about logistics as Russia they have have been in time. Failure cannot be said of General Kutusov, who marched south to intercept the Ottomans before they could cause trouble.


The Ottomans were defeated without incident, as is Kutusov's wont to do. This victory over the Ottomans has earned Kutusov the reputation of a glorious general, his men willing to march into Hell itself on his orders for he always gives them victory. Truly I could ask for no greater man to lead the Russian Empire to victory.

06-07-2012, 09:07 PM

Having had enough of Austrian audacity, General Buxhoewden has captured Vienna once again. This time he will hold onto it until the Viennese people are cowed into submission. The Austrian nation is now split in two by Buxhoewden, so no doubt they will make many attempts to retake the city and reunite their lands. Much looting has happened, to the chagrin of the Austrian people. It was unfortunately necessary as once again the Russian coffers were running dry.

Vienna is looted once again

With Austria joining my previous conquests, the Russian Empire has grown to a truly fearsome size and now matches the rest of Europe combined. That these quarrelsome nations have yet to band together to resist me only shows their lack of intelligence.


06-07-2012, 09:13 PM
Exciting progress! Keep it up Fumarole!

06-07-2012, 10:44 PM
Late February 1807

The merchantman Pavel

Trubachev and Nabokov have encountered a large contingent of Ottoman ships in the Aegean Sea. With nary a scratch to themselves, they sank seven vessels and captured two dhows and a brig. The brig Tursun Osman is immediately dispatched to Burgas for repairs, while the dhows Faouish and Masudiya are sent to the trade lanes of the Black Sea. To complement them the merchantman Pavel, recently built at Sevastopol, is also sent to trade in furs.

http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/brig.jpg http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh538/Fumarole/dhow.jpg
left: The captured brig Tursun Osman
right: dhow pressed into service

With unrest rising in Austria once again, General Buxhoewden's spies report that the Austrian-held city of Olmütz is lightly defended. Leaving no one to defend Vienna from the growing mob, he strikes out for Olmütz and his destiny.

​The Viennese are a rowdy bunch

06-07-2012, 10:54 PM

General Buxhoewden captures Olmütz with little trouble, making the size of the Russian Empire total twenty five regions, thus achieving the last of my objectives for the campaign. Tsar Aleksandr I has reached his goal of becoming a man to be feared around the word, a true Imperial Psychopath.



07-07-2012, 12:37 AM
Congratulations! This was a good read.

07-07-2012, 02:49 AM
Thanks for reading, it has been quite the experience! I was starting to get a little burned out by the end, but I had this week off from work (happy birthday America!) so I ended up playing quite a lot of the game. Now Nappy has been uninstalled and Shogun 2 is downloading. I've been waiting to play this for a long time; I'm considering doing an AAR for it but sometimes it's just more fun to jump in and play. Maybe once I've played it some I'll see if there's any hard or unusual achievement to strive for and I'll do an AAR about that attempt.

07-07-2012, 03:18 AM
Congrats sir. And I would like to encourage you to please come up with another AAR after you spend some free time uniting (conquering) Japan.

07-07-2012, 08:58 AM
Yeah, congratulations. Great success! Right now I am trying to get into Shogun 2 (my first Total War game), but I find it really hard to grasp how everything is supposed to work and find it difficult to keep track of all the stuff going on. The tutorial isn't a great help either. Maybe I just should dive into the campaign and see how it goes.

08-07-2012, 03:28 PM
Awesome write-up. I allways enjoyed this thread showing up in bold letters.

08-07-2012, 08:12 PM
Great read, well done.


10-07-2012, 01:26 PM
Gotta love the portraits in this one... the spies are totally cool

10-07-2012, 11:24 PM
Thanks for the nice AAR, and congrats for the brilliant success :)

10-07-2012, 11:36 PM
This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

11-07-2012, 01:08 AM
Thanks again for the kind comments all. Although at the end it felt like I was starting to steamroll (as Total War campaigns are wont to do) I have retained my save file in case I ever decide to revisit Tsar Aleksandr's Russian Empire. Who knows, maybe I'll go for the achievement for having three maximum rated generals at once. General Kutusov has got to be close, being a Hero of the Army and all that jazz.

I'm finding when playing Shogun 2 I miss the firearms and will probably have more fun playing battles in Fall of the Samurai. I've played one battle so far and I have to say those Armstrong guns are fierce! There's just something immensely satisfying about firing cannon into massed infantry. Shogun 2 does have a huge improvement in the AI though, that's for sure.

11-07-2012, 10:26 AM
This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.



You are a good man.

11-07-2012, 05:07 PM
Just finished reading this, and I found it highly enjoyable.

The main mistake of your enemies was that they did not automatically surrender when Russia declared war on them.

12-07-2012, 12:32 AM
The main mistake of your enemies was that they did not automatically surrender when Russia declared war on them.That's The Creative Assembly's AI for ya.

02-02-2013, 03:49 PM
For those interested, I have started a new AAR (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/forums/showthread.php?9582-For-the-Emperor!), this time playing Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai.

26-10-2015, 11:36 PM
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