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15-02-2012, 05:41 AM
I need a program to control my GPU fan. I have a Gainward GTX 590 card with the newest non-beta drivers (285.62) installed. The post is a bit longer, but please read if you have the time, 'cause I would really appreciate your help.

So far, I've tried using:

- Gainward Expertool -
Has no manual settings for the temperature / fan speed, and automatic mode sucks, it let my card go over 100'C a few times without increasing the fan speed, forcing my PC to restart.

- NVIDIA nTune -
When I install it, I get a blue screenof death, and have to do a system restore.

- RivaTuner -
Doesn't recognize my card.

- MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision -
That's what I'm using right now, but it's not perfect since it recognizes the card as two cards because it has two GPUs, and adjusts the fan only according to the temperature of one of them. So, if for some reason only GPU1 is used, and GPU2 stays idle (and therefore cold), the program tries to increase the speed of a nonexistant GPU1 fan and the real fan stays at 40% because it's considered a GPU2 fan. There is no way to link the fan to both GPUs. This happens mostly in console ports and older games and the only thing I can do then is manually set the fan speed to about 60% while I play, and put it back to auto once I finish. Thank God EVGA Precision has the ability to sound the alarm when the card reaches critical temperature.

I need a program similar to these that can help me monitor GPU temperatures and adjust the fan speed accordingly. Thanks in advance!

Oh, and on other forums I've been getting answers that I need to contact the manufacturer and get a new card because it should have two fans, or something, so just to let you know, before you post something like that - The card is working fine, it has, and should have, only one fan, and that fan is working as intended.

15-02-2012, 09:08 AM
Not sure but SpeedFan may be woth looking into.

15-02-2012, 09:17 AM
Curious, I had the *exact* same issue this week. My Catalyst control center was refusing to auto-adjust fan speed based on temp, and I was hitting 95C and the PC was getting a force shut down while playing a new game.

After some searches on Tom's Hardware, I ended up using MSI Afterburner, selecting GPU 1 in the Settings -> General tab, then under Fan tab setting up a user defined graph of heat/fan RPM. So far it's working great and temps never go above 60C.

Not sure if this will work for your 590, but it did great for ATI. Good luck!

15-02-2012, 09:51 AM
SpeedFan can see the temperatures of both GPUs, but it can't control graphics card fans. I'm using it for processor and case fans, though. As for MSI Afterburner, it doesn't matter which GPU I select as default, the fan is always linked to GPU2 and the games that only use one GPU will always use GPU1.

The temperatures of both cores are usully equal, but some games (mostly console ports) use only one core, and they cause the problem. The best thing I can do then is to manually increase the speed if the critical temperature alarm goes off, because the software doesn't react to the change of GPU1 temperature.

That's why I'm looking for alternatives to the software I listed above. From the worst to somehow usable:
NVIDIA nTune - crashes my system
RivaTuner - doesn't recognize the card
Gainward Expertool - works, but not always as it should
MSI Afterburner - doesn't respond to temperatures of core 1
EVGA Precision - same as MSI Afterburner, but atleast has the option to alert me if the temp is too high
*Something* - the program that I'm looking for, that can increase the fan speed automatically to the set percentage based on the temperature of the GPU that is currently the hottest

15-02-2012, 03:18 PM
There is Nhancer http://www.nhancer.com/ But I can't remember if it has fan speed control.