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15-02-2012, 08:16 PM
Hi all,

*OCB* clan are looking for some rival clans to scrim with on a casual basis we don't mind if you want to play a one off match or if you want to play with us on a regular fixture.
When; Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings would be best though as long as we get a bit of notice a week day would be fine as well.

Where; we have a 16 player private server that can be used and adapted to any rule set that rival teams would like to use; for big matches we also have a 32 player server which we can use if necessary.
Rules: We will usually play on standard public rules for a casual scrim but if you would like to use Eurodom softcore rules we are happy to oblige.

We are also recruiting so Join the *OCB*, we are a PC clan and have been going for a fair few years now have a good pool of servers and other resources at our disposal. We are a relatively laid back clan though we do like winning if we scrim. We donít really do rules and there isnít much of a hierarchy. We are an international clan primarily based in Britain though we have members from North America, Asia and Europe.

We only require that you have a mic and you are over 18, though we have made exceptions to this on more than one occasion.

If you would like to arrange a scrim or become a member please use one of the methods listed below.

Email: Guardian99@hotmail.co.uk
Go to our website: http://ocb-sgs.co.uk/
Join us on Teamspeak: ts63.gameservers.com:9280 No password
Server: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/16e5b642-0e64-4c07-8095-64ef93af9335/