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03-06-2011, 01:05 PM
Clone of a thread I started on RLLMUK but I dove love demos!

I love demos. A good demo is almost an artform in itself and I've seen many excellent demos sell average or niche games and many bad demos put me off buying a AAA title. I'm addicted to playing demos, a side effect maybe oof not being able to afford all the games I wanted as a kid, an unrealistic expectation that I'll have time to play every notable game in existance and bad habits picked up by combing through pirate tapes and later demo covermounts. I love the lucky dip appeal, the possibility of picking up a gem you might have otherwise ignored.

So I thought this thread might be a good place to talk about the recent demos you played this year and whether they made you stump up the dosh or if they put you off.

I'll start with Divinity 2 : Dragon Knight Saga (PC)

I generally avoid rpg demos, especially ones that weigh over three gig but the combination of some decent write ups from members of the RLLMUK Steam group along with a recent increase in my download speed pushed me over the line. Even then I wasn't expecting much. SO far the demo reminds me a lot of Fable although I like the feel of this a lot more. It's your standard D&D Tolkien style but there's some interesting quests with multiple possibilities. I am a bit worried about how my character is starting to laugh randomly when she kicks the odd duck or pig. What's really impressed me apart from how pretty and polished it is is the length of the demo. It's quite possible they've been a bit over generous in that I've been playing the demo now for three hours and there doesn't seem any end to it! It certainly makes the Dragon Age 2 demo look stingy by comparison and I'm thinking of stopping play only because I'm worried it might spoil the game for me. (Does anyone know if the saves from the demo import into the game proper?)

Result: Definate purchase once I get my backlog under control or it it ends up in a Steam sale.

This month I've also played the demo of Sanctum (PC) which is a tower defence game played from first person which makes it a bit harrowing when the waves of enemies starting swarming in. During the swarm phase you sit on top of certain blocks and can have a limited effect by shooting at some of the aliens as they push through. Which makes a change from biting your nails. It's not too long with a tutorial and a taste of one of the levels. It's probably about one hour long.

Result: Possible purchase if I ever get time to finish Defense Grid:the Awakening.

I aslo played Cargo...the demo is up on Steam and it's as odd as the RPS post suggested. If Sensible Software still made games I could see them being right behind it.

Result: If it goes on sale for cheaps I'll be sorely tempted.