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Weather and the usual black down slowly.

Wu Yun busy is somewhat absent-minded, cooking, and even forget the salt, until the guests clamored Wu dad came nagging, she smiled and pushed him out, rallied his spirits.

Dad. "

Wu Yun-back, wanted to <a href=" http://www.jerseyfantastic.com/ (http://www.jerseyfantastic.com/) "> nfl jerseys china</a>call him to dish want to change the food handed out in amazement.

A man is through the narrow channel, a piece of bread in her kitchen came, followed behind her father, his face could not conceal the surprise and excitement.

"Wet, Wet, you see who it was?"

Wu dad when she was not seen, straight throat barking.

WU Run a spoon handle and release the untied the apron thrown Wu dad arms, without saying anything to go toward the backyard.The man smiled at her father, and then followed up.

"Hey, you both talk a good talk. I package.

Wu dad a little bit happy, shiny forehead light.

A door, separated from the front of<a href=" http://www.savemalls2012.com/products/Coach-handbags--s385_p1.html (http://www.savemalls2012.com/products/Coach-handbags--s385_p1.html) "> coach outlet store online</a> the lights and noise.The backyard also cool the air a lot.

Xie silent, not with that, I need to time, why do you ......

Wu Yun-while to ask one side to look up to him.Even if the light is not good, is evident on his face the kind of gloomy.She hesitated, and finally did not say anything more, the heart is slightly and some tightening.

"I said, I can not wait for how long, may be tempted to come looking for you now is, could not."

He stared at her, Yiziyizi said, voice low, but it contains a force to be reckoned, as well as ... a trace of pain, or say, is to launch <a href=" http://www.jerseysauthenticcheap.com (http://www.jerseysauthenticcheap.com/) "> nfl football jerseys </a> an attack?

Wu Yun's throat some dry the heart Putongputong jumped ten fingertips has been slightly cold.

"So ... you say something?"

She whispered, and their voices are weak.

He spoke not a word that suddenly reach out and grabbed her hand, took her to the back door.

"What you say ......"

Wu Yun struggle, <a href=" http://www.nfljerseywholesaleauthentic.com/ (http://www.nfljerseywholesaleauthentic.com/) "> nfl jerseys cheap</a>but his grip was too tight, she broke open, forced to follow a few steps away.

"I did not change clothes ......"

Pull him out, she spoke again to try to get him to let go.

He turned a deaf ear, and continue to move forward.

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I laughed, I cried, I lost eight pounds, I reported as spam. An emotional rollercoaster.

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A+ for effort!

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10/10, would read again

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Enlightening, hope to see more.