View Full Version : PSA: Unreal Engine daylight savings time SNAFU

14-03-2012, 12:36 AM
I've been playing The Last Remnant on and off for a couple weeks, and today all my settings files were wiped when I started! The game was launching with all default configs, and even after using Win7's "restore previous versions" to get my old config files back, it would revert to defaults and overwrite them. Setting restored config ini files to read-only would load the game, but that's a poor workaround since you then can't save any config changes in-game.

This wasn't caused by a game update (it's old) or Steam Cloud (not supported by TLR) or a game crash (it doesn't).

Apparently the Unreal Engine has a bug related to the DST changeover that makes it change a section called [IniVersion] at the end of the ini files, somehow invalidating them, and thus causing it to overwrite the config ini files with defaults.

I found a suggestion to replace the [IniVersion] numbers of my restored config files with the numbers from the files that overwrote them. This worked for me (caveat: replacement numbers weren't the same in all the ini files, one file had fewer values listed). The fix info was in the last post of this thread: