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14-03-2012, 02:16 AM
Also known as RANSRACACG or simply Wolfenswan's Assassins.

Did you ever wander the streets of Zargabad, contemplating that all those simple civilians just ran away on sight or went stoically prone? Did you miss the sweet breath of a fresh bullet to your face, the experience only BLUFOR or OPFOR could deliver (or your fellow comrades in certain circumstances)?

Well your silent wishes for even more death have been heard! With this neat little script it takes simply one copy and paste to make one, a few or ALL civilians potential gunmen that act perfectly innocent until the exact moment of strike!

What does it do?
In the light version it equips the civilian of your choice with a random small arm and two mags. As soon as a unit of the side you choose comes in it's radius (again chosen by you) he will stop, pull his gun and start slaying.

The advanced version lets you play with lots more parameters, including the Weapon. But most importantly it lets you designate a specific target instead of simply a side, so the assassin would wait for that specific unit to enter his vicinity. Even better you can set it that he'll fire only his target and ignore everyone else!

Readme and detailed explanation included in the file:
Most recent upload: 27.10.2012

Now works with the ALICE module! Dynamically created civilians can have a x chance of being deadly threats!

14-03-2012, 04:01 PM
I've created a mission with this script. There'll be a playtest later today at 19.00 GMT.