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16-03-2012, 04:35 PM
Unfortunately Arma 2 can be a really pain when you try and place items inside buildings. While it's okay fiddling with the 3D Editor for one fixed item, it becomes a horrible and painful endeavor if you have more than one item.

This is script offers an abstract workaround for the issue:
By creating a trigger of the same size over a building it will simulate a thorough "search" of the building as long as a player is in it and if successful will add an item of your choosing to the player.

1. Place one or more triggers named search_x where x is a number from 0 to 1 in your mission. The trigger area should cover the building it's placed on.
Place a game logic named ws_searchchatlogic

2. Put ANYBODY and this && {isplayer _x} count thislist >= 1 in the condition

3. Put nul = [search_x] execVM "scripts\ws_search.sqf" in the activation, where search_x is the name of the trigger

4. Put the names of all triggers in the ws_allsearches array in the ws_searchinit.sqf

5. If you want to randomize the max amount of searches for each session edit _max in ws_searchinit.sqf or use a parameter

6. Call the ws_searchinit.sqf from your init.sqf.

Boths scripts are fairly well documented and most stuff can be altered by flipping a few vars at the beginning of each script.
This script obviously works with every type of item so e.g. you could use it to simulate scavenging a building for weapons and ammo in a survival type of mission

Note: The markers only work on dedicated servers. When testing locally everything will properly besides the markers.

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