View Full Version : I would love to know wot you think about Shoot Many Robots!

08-04-2012, 02:29 AM
I already bought the game out of spite because IGN gave it a terrible 4.5 out of 10... What I've come to find out is the game is actually quite fun. Most of the things they fault it on are because whoever they chose to review the game is apparently terrible at side scrollers... He said the bosses take 10-20 minutes and the game throws too many enemies at you and overwhelms... I've found all of that to be completely false. My friends and I played through the entire normal mode in 3 player co-op and barely died at all. Hard mode is another story... =P It drives me crazy every time I go on IGN and read them giving a 10 dollar game a 4.5 because it is too hard and because there isn't enough level variety... The game is 10 dollars... I demand justice in the world! This game should get a review from a real gamer. Not some kid who is probably fresh out of school and never even played a classic like contra, mega man, bionic commando, metal slug, etc.