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Comrade Commissar
14-04-2012, 01:44 AM

I am starting this thread to see if people are interested in something I'd like to call a "Free Roam Multiplayer Role Play Project" for GTA IV.

You might ask what that is, so I'll explain.
But in order to do that, I'll have to talk a bit about my past with GTA IV MP and the group of people I used to play it with.
Back in the days, before our "community" disbanded, the people who were involved used to come together for GTA IV Free Roam sessions. In those session, we didn't just drive around, causing mayhem in Liberty City, but we worked out rules and ideas for different sorts of role plays that we then tried to apply to Liberty City.
The group consisted of roughly 15 people who liked the idea of role playing and sticking to rulesets that were discussed and worked out beforehand.

What I am trying to do is to bring back those organised sessions and try to once again do some of the role plays we thought of in the past.
Now I've talked a lot about the people who were involved and about rules and role plays and stuff like that, but still didn't really explain what said role plays would be like.
As everyone who played GTA IV multiplayer before should know, there is a lot of things you can do in the standard Free Roam mode when you have friends to play with, but those things quickly get boring when you keep doing the same stuff like blowing up cars and running from the police.

So people started to use trainers and mods in Free Roam mode, to spice things up and make them more interesting by adding features like spawning cars, objects, player models, by enabling weather change, time change and tons of other features.

The group I played with was using those trainers and mods to create the role plays I was talking about earlier. We spawned things into Liberty City, creating new surroundings for new types of role plays and the ability to change the playermodel enabled us to play as a wide variety of characters such as Police officers, vigilantes, drug lords, biker gangs, car salesmen, normal pedestrians, helicopter pilots and all sorts of other stuff.

Now what I want to do is to bring some examples of 1 or 2 role plays we thought of and describe them, in order to maybe find some interested people and bring those sessions back to life, as the original group that I used to play with disbanded due to various reasons and for most of the role plays player numbers of 8 or more are required to make them really good and fun.

So let me go ahead and describe my two favourite role plays that we though of in the past and tell you what requirements they had:

The first one is one we used to call "I am Legend" role play:

In this, we basically started sessions in which we would disable pedestrians and traffic in the game, recreating the atmosphere of the movie "I am Legend" in which only very few humans were still alive. We would set up a secure location or a base of some sort in one of the enterable buildings or the subway tunnels of Liberty City and would make rules that involve not going out at night (like in the movie), the need of scavenging for food supplies and weapons and other stuff evolving around the idea that at night zombies roam the streets. (Sometimes we used to spawn some "crackhead" NPCs in aggressive mode to simulate the zombies).

We would always have one player who was the designated "Gamemaster". His job was to teleport around the map while being invisible and leave food supplies or weapons scattered around the city, mostly in places like abandoned fast food restaurants, police stations or factories. The gamemaster would also orchestrate "live events" like zombie attacks in dark places or breaches of the base defences at night, in which the other players would have to fight off the zombies in order to survive.
It was always a lot of fun and with a good "Gamemaster" people often didn't want to stop and played for hours.

Another role play that was very popular was the "Drug Dealer vs. Cops" role play that we used to do:

In this, we had one or two people playing as police officers that have to catch and arrest a drug dealer who was one of the other players. Everyone except the policemen (who obviously got police uniforms) would pick a random skin that looked like an average normal guy and decide to chose from one of many normal jobs they would have like car salesman, pilot, bodyguard or cashier in a fast food restaurant. One of them, however, would become a drug dealer. He got a weapon and the task to sell drugs to all the other players, who are all drug addicts and need to buy from him. The police have to arrest him, but don't know which one of the other people is the drug dealer. Drug deals would be simulated by dropping an object on the floor in front of another player and the police must witness one of those drug deals in order to catch the dealer in the act and be able to arrest him.

The players had to avoid being witnessed on their deals, obviously, and so there was a lot of intrigue on the drug addicts side and a lot of detective work on the police officer side. Once a deal got witnessed by the police, the dealer still had a chance to escape by either killing the police and then escaping on a boat to safety or by just getting to a boat and driving far away from Liberty City, so that the police couldn't find him. He only was allowed to do one of those things when he got witnessed while dealing with drugs, though. Otherwise the police would be too easy to defeat.

In all of those role plays we also used to turn off map symbols, so no one knew where the others are and we used to turn off nametags, in order to more easily blend in with the NPC crowd of Liberty City.

Anyway, so much about the idea of role play in GTA IV and what I used to do in the past.

Now to my main question:

Would there be people interested in being part of said role plays and would those people also be okay with sticking to the rules and not making up their own game on the fly?

I am hoping that we can get together at least 10 people for a couple of session of role play, as I can assure you that it is great fun!

So far I know of me and two other people interested in doing this, so it depends on you folk if we organise this and when we organise this.

Just post here if you are interested and if we get enough people, we will work out how to organise this!

14-04-2012, 01:48 AM
I'm (obviously) up for this, as is, I expect, Cpt Eggleton.

14-04-2012, 10:40 AM
Very interested, you got me on Steam, if enough interest is generated I'll re-download the mammoth and hop on in.

14-04-2012, 12:34 PM
I'd join faster then you can say "Head the doucheborn", if i had it.

14-04-2012, 02:00 PM
What version do we need? The latest version, or the "non steam" version preferred by mods?

14-04-2012, 02:20 PM
Only got the steam version, i'm installing it as i type.

14-04-2012, 02:26 PM
Helio: Any version is fine, we'll probably only be using the trainer, which is quite easy to set up. The link to the trainer files are here (http://www.mediafire.com/?tuzt0j5sdjl206q). The install is just copy-pasting the files into their directories, whether they be the episodes directories (in which case, copy the files into the main EFLC directory and the files inside each folder into the respective subfolders, tLAD and BoGT) or the GTAIV directory.

Also, a sample of the justice we deal out on a daily basis in liberty city: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3GgqtRx6qU&feature=BFa&list=ULFBXMB4h7nl4&lf=channel

14-04-2012, 03:42 PM
And by the way, Episodes of Liberty City for only 4 pound here:

Comrade Commissar
14-04-2012, 05:37 PM
That's 5 people + me and Egg, who I know would be interested in joining to. So 7.

3 or 4 more would be great.

14-04-2012, 05:41 PM
And mee!

Thanks you ivan much love german brother.

Comrade Commissar
14-04-2012, 05:55 PM
I already counted you in.

14-04-2012, 06:33 PM
I have Episodes installed, I believe, does that suffice or does it have to be the base game GTA4? I'm guessing the latter, hoping for the former, it is a hefty download.

14-04-2012, 07:04 PM
That does sound fun and when I recently purchased the series on a Steam sale I spent more time playing online with Episodes... than I did the single player.

Will be willing to join in but I do only have the Steam version (can be either GTA 4 or Episodes...) and which one do I install? I do think that they have separate servers - given the Episodes... ones were fairly empty.

14-04-2012, 08:28 PM
You'll want to install EFLC (episodes), which is a 16GB download. Quite daunting.

Comrade Commissar
14-04-2012, 08:31 PM
The Episodes will be sufficient.
Most of the stuff will be done in The Lost and Damned, seeing as The Ballad of Gay Tony doesn't have the option to turn off map markers and all that stuff.

So it's alright if you guys just install the Episodes. (Original GTA IV has better radio stations, though ;) )

14-04-2012, 10:19 PM
Spot on, will do that then.

Do you intend to post some sort of schedule of events to see who will be attending?

Comrade Commissar
15-04-2012, 12:03 AM
I'm going to see who shows interests until tomorrow and then I'll start scheduling stuff etc.

Comrade Commissar
15-04-2012, 01:33 AM
Also, less confusing trainer files link:


Just copy everything from the "Trainer Files" folder into your "Rockstar Games" folder.
And you're done.

15-04-2012, 12:41 PM
Just copy everything from the "Trainer Files" folder into your "Rockstar Games" folder.
And you're done.

There's no such folder for the steam version, but it's fairly self-explanatory.

15-04-2012, 05:59 PM
I assume this all doesnt work for Saints Row The Third, right?

15-04-2012, 06:40 PM
I'm sure you could find some people to play SR3 with you.

Comrade Commissar
16-04-2012, 12:31 AM
Right guys, we had a nice, spontaneous session of GTA Free Roam today with Ayam, StrangLove, Head and me.
We played a game mode we called "Redneck" in which one player would be come a redneck who hides out in a building with tons of weapons and the other people would become Federal Agents who have to kill him.
We also played "Pimp Tag", which basically is a simple game of tag, including cars, boats, bikes and pimp outfits.
And we did some police shootouts, as usual.

As for the more organised sessions, how does Wednesday 19:00 GMT sound?
We could do some more organised RP.

16-04-2012, 12:42 PM
Game of tag captured below, I loved the way the rules evolved as cars felt more and more useless. Didn't get Redneck mode on tape, but the pig gags were uhyuk uhyuk.


16-04-2012, 02:28 PM
Both of those scenarios in the OP sound brilliant, I especially liked the second one. Wednesday at seven should be doable for me, are you considering other days and times?

16-04-2012, 03:29 PM
Hydraulics bro. They're OP

Comrade Commissar
16-04-2012, 05:17 PM
Strang is cheating like a girl.

Also, yes, we can consider different times, the problem here is that I'll have exams at the end of this week and throughout the next week, so I really want to get one session with many players before all that fuss starts.

On a different note, to those people who wonder how to bring up the trainer in game and how to use it:

- F3 brings up the main menu
- Use the numpad cursor keys to navigate through menus (2 and 8 for up and down, 4 and 6 for left and right)
- Numpad 5 confirms
- Numpad 0 gets you to the menu you came from
- Backspace closes the trainer menu

There is also a function to disable the trainer somewhere in the "Options" menu, for those who want to enjoy singleplayer without all the shortcuts going off constantly.
About those shortcuts, by the way, you can edit them in the .ini file for the trainer. I'd suggest to disable most of the stuff, as you can access everything through the menus anyway and shortcuts are incredibly annoying when typing.

16-04-2012, 06:23 PM
I could be a bit interested in getting in on some of this.

16-04-2012, 09:51 PM
Me too, sounds really good. I knew I should have bought the GTA IV bundle on the Steam Sale...

17-04-2012, 09:19 AM
Im in so long as we play episodes (are regular and episodes online compatible?) I did have 4 on ye olde physical media but I lost it ages ago. So long as I'm making good progress on my dissertation that is.

17-04-2012, 12:29 PM
Kill tag: Far too hectic for its own good with 8 people and no countdown between kills. 'Embrace the chaos' can be fun if not overdone!

Zombie Mode: Timothy the 16 year old tennis coach now hates society and can be found smashing the invisible gamemaster with a baseball bat in dark alleys. :p

Regular tag: still a favorite but thinking about it, things that should help the flow of a game in my opinion -
- smaller arenas (using the lobby to limit which island to use)
- no boats or air vehicles (that trip to the island halted any regular tagging last night)
- no two-wheelers (this is a gasp-inducing opinion but thinking about the flow of the game, motorcycles kept people out of harm's way for ages)
- no using the subway (while the chase in the tunnel with 2 motorbikes, a stripper, a German dancer, a fat cop and a doctor was side-splitting, when someone got away, they really got away)
- no using trainer for fixes, hydraulics, etc
- no weapons
- when on foot you should make an effort to get to the nearest roads (swimming way out smashed the flow of the game into oblivion)
- no entering buildings (come on, that run up 40 flights of stairs was funny for the first 10 levels :p)
- if you die, 'it' should be the closest person, dying, respawning and getting away seemed a little unfair
- cops ON!

These are limiting factors on a game that provides so much potential but again, thinking about the flow of the game, those are my recommendations for a smoother experience of regular tag for err'one. Basically, just use cars!

17-04-2012, 02:12 PM
I definately think a grace period is needed when 'it' gets killed in a big crowd. Nothing very long, maybe 5 seconds or so. Long enough to get to a vehicle and a bit of a head start.

17-04-2012, 04:23 PM
Both of those scenarios in the OP sound brilliant, I especially liked the second one. Wednesday at seven should be doable for me, are you considering other days and times?

Your best bet is hanging around in the RPS Steam chatroom. Trying to get us to play anything other than Arma at a fixed time is like herding cats.

17-04-2012, 04:46 PM
Sounds interesting :) Hope this keeps going on during the summer!

17-04-2012, 11:21 PM
C'mon, c'mon!


18-04-2012, 01:33 PM

Post Apoca-truck, made with the trainer.

18-04-2012, 02:03 PM
Haha, based on Strang's picture, maybe have a Pimp My Ride competition, contestants are allowed 10 minutes, 1 vehicle and 10 attached objects to pimp out the vehicle then a judge decides who is the pimpiest!

Comrade Commissar
18-04-2012, 07:04 PM
It is Wednesday and it is 19:00 GMT.

Whoever feels like GTA, get into Steam chat and then into Mumble.
We are about to play.

Mumble details:

Comrade Commissar
19-04-2012, 12:07 AM
We tried Drug Dealer RP today and it needs a couple of new rules:

1. Next time we are going to play on Charge Island, as Bohan was still too big.

2. There will be a designated spot on the island which will be the drug stash (only the dealer knows it), we will spawn an easy to recognize object there like a duffle bag or a white package. The drug dealer will have to go there before every deal and pick up the "merchandise".

3. There will be someone not participating in the game who assigns the roles to you.

4. The drug dealer will be told the location of the drug stash, but he doesn't know which of his customers are undercover cops and which are normal clients.
The normal addicts will get the name of the dealer, but don't know who the cops are. The cops won't get the name of the dealer but no one knows that they are cops.

5. Addicts that bought drugs and successfuly absolved the deal will have to drop of the drugs at their home/workplace without being caught by the police, once they do that, they can then try to find out who the undercover cops are by doing their own detective work. Once they found out, they can "call" the dealer and tell him. They may only tell him who the cops are AFTER dropping of their purchased drugs at their home/workplace. If they get searched before that or find out who the cops are before that, they may not tell the drug dealer.

6. The police may now search people that they suspect of having drugs on them, but will then blow their cover. If the person that is being searched has drugs on them (dealer with merchandise on him or addict that is returning from a deal), they can arrest him. If it's the dealer, they win, but if it's an addict, he has to tell the police who he got the drugs from.

7. When the police find the drug stash, they can use it as a trap to find out who the dealer is.

8. The police may not harm anyone unless they know he is the dealer.

9. The police must arrest the dealer, unless he pulls out a gun and attacks them, then they may kill him. Arresting can only occur when the cop is standing right next to the dealer and takes 5 seconds. In that time an addict that is close can rescue the dealer by running up to the cop an attacking him, which will interrupt the arrest and gives the dealer a chance to run away or shoot the cop.

10. The dealer starts of with a knife, but gets a pistol after 2 successful deals.

11. The police start of with a pistol and a pump-action shotgun.

12. When the police find out who the dealer is, they MUST try to arrest him. They may only harm him if the fights back.

13. When the police witness a deal, they must first announce that they are cops over the voice chat and THEN try to arrest the dealer, giving him a chance to get away or to fight back.

14. The dealer may attack police officers only if he is witnessed dealing with drugs or when they find drugs on him.

15. When the dealer's identity is revealed, he must still try to supply all other addicts with drugs. He may, however, try to escape to a boat and switch to a different island when the police start using lethal force against him, which will end the game in a draw.

16. The police must drive according to the law at all times, so no crossing red lights or ramming into stuff. They may only break the law when in pursuit of a suspect (dealer or addict breaking the law)

17. The other players must drive according to the law when they don't want to get arrested, as the police may arrest everyone who they see breaking the law. (An arrested player will get searched and if he doesn't have drugs on him, he will have to stay where he is for 5 minutes (jail time or whatever))

18. The police may search people only when there is a legitimate reason, breaking the law for example or acting very suspicous around other players, no random searches when just passing on the road. (They may tail him discretely, however)

Optional: If we can get enough players, we also might think of introducing the fact that half of the cops are normal beat cops and the other half are undercover. The normal beat cops wouldn't have to worry about their cover being blown and would have to wear uniforms, but could set up a "traffic check" and stop and search all people that drive past it at any time. Other than that, they would be armed the same way and would have the same rules that the undercover cops have.

So, what do you think? Any additions?

Comrade Commissar
19-04-2012, 12:25 AM
I've just checked and Charge Island is actually a bit too small for this, so we are going to do it on Bohan again next time.

And in order to make it easier for the cops to find the other players, each player will announce his chosen workplace/home before the actualy game starts to all the others.

It should be easier to find players when we actually do that thing with the "traffic checks".

19-04-2012, 09:12 AM
Interesting ideas; I think part of the problem is that this really needs you to know the islands quite well. Can you add mission markers (to indicate people's place of business or whatever) with the trainer?

19-04-2012, 10:30 AM
I'd only scanned the thread for MrWeed's posts and I'd missed the Episodes requirement, oh well. It's donwloaded now so hopefully I'll catch you guys next week.

Comrade Commissar
19-04-2012, 11:26 AM
Interesting ideas; I think part of the problem is that this really needs you to know the islands quite well. Can you add mission markers (to indicate people's place of business or whatever) with the trainer?

Don't think so, we'll have to think of something else.

I am also starting to think that most of the RP stuff doesn't play out like we thought it would because the group I used to play them with back in the days were also die-hard GTA IV fanboys who knew the city like their hometown...

19-04-2012, 11:31 AM
Maybe you just need some scenarios which reflect the comparative lack of "local knowledge".

Just off the top of my head and without knowing some of the limitations you may face, you could try -

An out of town assassin needs to make a hit and escape, local law enforcement/gangs need to stop/help him
A gang is trying to encroach into a new city, add rozzers and rival gangs to taste
Zombie mode fits in neatly, again you can add gangs to taste

19-04-2012, 11:46 AM
I am also starting to think that most of the RP stuff doesn't play out like we thought it would because the group I used to play them with back in the days were also die-hard GTA IV fanboys who knew the city like their hometown...

Discovery of a new gaming landscape is usually more fun than the "game" for me (might explain why I don't finish many games). I'd say stick with it, people's knowledge can only get better.

03-06-2012, 05:33 AM
I would be interested i just dont know how to mod any parts of the game