View Full Version : Not really gaming but is technical - Lyrics importer for iTunes

18-04-2012, 09:53 PM
Does anyone know of an automatic lyric importer which plays nice with the PC version of iTunes? I've got way too much music to do this manually and quite fancy tidying up my library. Don't mind paying if needs be.

Google searching turns up many out of date results with defunct or no longer allowed databases. The only one I've got close to working is EvilLyrics (http://www.evillabs.sk/evillyrics/). It is quite good at finding things. It sometimes doesn't deal well with databases which have a lot of junk written with lyrics (skipping over when it has actually found lyrics or importing crap along with them) but I can live with that. The problem is that you have to play songs to get it to work. I used an auto-clicker program to skip tracks every 10 seconds but eventually the program stops importing songs for a bit and displays a "too much leeching - slow down" message, thus rendering it innefective as an automatic solution.

Ideally there'd just be some program that works through my iTunes library without having to play the songs and tags all the lyrics in. It doesn't necessarily have to run through iTunes I guess, as I'm pretty sure the lyrics are part of the ID3 tags (though I'd have to double check whether this works, as I'm mainly doing this because I want lyrics on my iPod).

Any help much appreciated, googling is getting me nowhere.

18-04-2012, 11:25 PM
Think I kind of had the right idea in my post with trying other applications.

Just dowloanded MediaMonkey, which seems more amenable to lots of open source scripts than iTunes and am using a script called LyricFetcher. Like the aforementioned EvilLyrics it requires playing tracks but I can just use the same autoclicker technique (or find some option in MediaMonkey to skip through tracks quickly, I wouldn't be suprised if one exists) and it seems to only use one database which has quite cleanly presented lyrics. Hopefully I can use it for the majority and then fill in the blanks with EvilLyrics wider database checking and/or good old manual copy pasting.


Do not download MediaMonkey if you've got even the slightest hint of OCD, keeping things tidy. There's a filter setting called "files to edit" that you can supplement with a few addons to give further filters like "tagging inconsistencies" which are then sub divided into excruciating detail; from as inconsistencies between "and" and "&" and including "the" in a band name to having multiple artwork files to having unclosed parenthesis.

In searching for something to do things quickly I've just ended up with more things to tidy!