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12-06-2012, 10:46 PM
A lot of death in this one

Into The Sea

Plus after hours testing

Another awesome turnout. A few technical issues were had, a few emotional issues were had. Thanks for sticking around through both.

One thing - LET THE HOSTS DO THE HOSTING BIT - Otherwise people get confused. They will sort slotting, channel splitting and everything else just let them get on with it.

Thoughts, comments and AARs below please chaps, I need to go pass out.

12-06-2012, 10:55 PM
Alpha squad leader all day errday. I had a blast, can't be bothered to write anything more though as I am tired. See you all next time!

12-06-2012, 11:52 PM

Charlie 3rd Squad Asst Autorifle Grunt. Ordered by Bodge, we took to the far right side through the desert to take out the most eastern MG bunker. We spotted the enemy, waited for orders, sneaking by while the enemy helicopter flying about dropping off more enemies, we carried on to the objective.

We as a group decided to fire upon the vodnik and well... vodnik responded with rage and anger killing the whole squad. Grunt.


Echo Leader with only one comrade in this tense adversarial. We were the attackers who attacked from the north of the circle. Managed to get a teamkill on Gorund (sorry about that!) and 3 enemy kills. Was pretty tense since you didn't know where the enemy will fire.

Apparently it's okay for them to shoot us from the OUTSIDE the circle. Hmph.

Into The Sea

US Engineer. Love being this class for one reason: Freedom... well, almost. Me and my comrade were tasked to use a Humvee and fix any broken down machine spirits. No problem... except the Humvee were locked and couldn't get into it. Must be a script error or something.

So we shackled up with IFV (mark 1). There was some great communications between the commander, gunner and driver. Scored loads of kills while me and the comrade relaxed in the back. Then a giant explosion happened. Friendly tank was down and wolf did apologize for displeasing the machine spirits. The tank was blown to heck and couldn't be repaired or recovered.

I stepped out the IFV and fired a whole mag into the sky. I was supposed to fix these machines but alas, nothing I can do about it. Went back into IFV, they were doing a great job and then BOOM. IFV (mark 1) is now down with 5 of us screaming for help. Lucky enough Bravo squad were in a nearby forest coming to our rescue. After the medics patched us all up, we head back to base to pick up another IFV (mark 2).

Yet again sitting in the back relaxing while the IFV crew were scoring some kills, I noticed the friendly Apache was taking a lot of fire and needed to land. Straight way, I exited the IFV, told my comrade to stay in the IFV (just incase it gets hit and need repairs) while I scout and check out the Apache.

The area was secure while the Apache landed. Spoke to the pilots, fixed up the Apache and... there was no fuel. Meaning it couldn't fly. So we had to hold tight waiting for the IFV to pick us up. Pilots joined the mumble channel and boarded the IFV. Got a distress call from Bodge requiring help. IFV drove towards Bodge while shooting down enemies.

I provided cover while one of the IFV crew healed Bodge. Back on his feet, he boarded the IFV. Everyone was aboard and yet another distress call came in. It was from Joe. As soon the IFV turned, it was hit by a stray RPG. Spotted the git with the rocket launcher, I jumped out of the IFV and took pot shots at the rocketeer. Turns out my aim was horrible and couldn't hit him.

I got killed by a nearby enemy squad near the factory.

Overall, enjoyable experience. Good work there IFV crew.

13-06-2012, 12:00 AM
I'm too tired to do a proper one now, so here's an abridged version


I killed a lot of Russians, and a vodnik.


I killed a lot of sand.

Into The Sea

I killed a lot of trees.

13-06-2012, 10:12 AM
I really enjoyed Roundabout last night and it was nice to see so many people on the server. I think I m really starting to enjoy being a medic, somehow I get killed less. Probably because I m hiding most of the time.

I would also like to re-iterate my request to change the default medic lay-out to: VSS, 10 smoke grenades, RPG-7 with seven rounds, NVGs and the ability to call remote artillery. Thanks!

13-06-2012, 10:36 AM
I would also like to re-iterate my request to change the default medic lay-out to: VSS, 10 smoke grenades, RPG-7 with seven rounds, NVGs and the ability to call remote artillery. Thanks!

I'd like to add my voice to this request. Maybe throw in some Dubstep Glasses (tm) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV9NJqLNuI4), too.

13-06-2012, 12:53 PM

Charlie 1 fireteam. We were ordered East and North to attack the enemy from the side. We didn't have much enemy contact until we got to one of the enemy MG positions, which we cleared out. Looking West, we could see some very distant enemy movement and are ordedred down into a valley, across a road, and up the other side so as to enage them.

So far we've had virtually no cover, but we come across a huge rock which we all take cover behind before moving onwards. We start moving and immediately come under heavy fire from the South. A few of our guys are downed, but luckily I'm still standing so I run out from behind the rock and drag some guys behind it so I can perform first aid. It turned out that we were being fired on not by the enemy, but by another squad in a massive blue on blue incident. After patching everyone up, we carried on to our waypoint but shortly afterwards the mission ended.


Charlie fireteam on Opfor. We had to defend a village, so our fireteam took up residence in a nearby building on the East side. We took up positions so that we could see in all directions around us. I found a nice window overlooking a field, which I spent most of the mission looking out of. Unfortunately I got hit by an unseen sniper in the North, and despite the best efforts of my FTL to revive me, I died.

Into The Sea

Bravo 2 fireteam. We're ordered to take Berezino, so we start heading East on foot. First contact and we see some enemies moving into a forest ahead of us. This is relayed to command who order a nearby friendly tank to take them out, which they do. We enter the forest and shortly after, we get eyes on the city. We charge across a field to get into some buildings and are now in urban combat.

There's gunfire everywhere from other squads, but we don't see many enemies ourselves. After creeping through the buildings for a while, we're ordered south and immediately make contact with some infantry which we make short work of. Some farm buildings are our next destination, which we move into and clear out. As we round the back of the farm buildings we all crouch behind a wall and await some more orders; at which point I am shot in the back and die instantly.

My assassin proceeds to decimate the entirety of Bravo Squad since no-one can get a fix on his position. It turns out that an enemy soldier had spawned on top of one of the farm buildings, which nobody saw, and he was the one gunning us all down. Luckily, his AI must have been feeling guilty, so after killing us he decided to walk off the roof and commit suicide.

13-06-2012, 01:36 PM
After a few minutes of glorious sprinting in Into The Sea, I too felt the pain of not having legs. Its no laughing matter, never again will I mock a disabled BLUFOR sniper.

13-06-2012, 08:02 PM
Don't remember much of the actual session, but my charge with full auto in Intercine stayed in my head. Managed to kill some dudes also, but they were 3 in that house and my trusty AK decided that it is about time I died and all I heard was *click* *click*.